Say Cheese! Anomalous Orb in Aura Photo?

November 27th, 2016

This is a digital image of an original Polaroid “aura photo” taken for fun at a metaphysical fair some 10 or 15 years ago.

minimal enhancement

minimal enhancement

maximum enhancement

maximum enhancement

Enhancement reveals dimension in what appears to be an orb or ball of light (BOL) as it emerges vividly from the solid yellow over my left shoulder.  The manifestation  distorts the colour field, so it’s not a film imperfection.  Nor did orbs show up in other aura photos taken that day.

I believe what showed up in my picture could well be the manifestation of the unseen, energetic, and often playful presence I sometimes sense around me – but I’m open to any well-argued skeptical viewpoints.  With that said, if the orb in this photo has a mundane explanation, I haven’t found it yet.


Enoch, the Pleiades, Inanna and Ur: Ancient Clues in Crop Circle Communications

November 19th, 2016


Enoch and the Pleiades are two aspects of the crop circles that have been showing up year after year since at least 1995, in the formations themselves and in associated synchronicities.

According to ancient texts, Enoch lived on Earth for 365 years until he was taken around 3000 BC to live elsewhere, indefinitely, as “messenger of God.”  Enoch’s age wasn’t unusual in those days, when many people lived much longer than that.  The Egyptians recorded similar long lifespans in their histories, as did other civilisations that sprang from the ancient Near East.  That’s because they’re all based on the records of the Sumerians, with whom I think Enoch had an association – but we’ll come back to that.

Enoch may have been taken to live somewhere in the Pleiades or to another physical place, possibly even within our own solar system, after leaving Earth.  Perhaps he exists in another dimension parallel to ours.   Whatever the case, if Enoch is communicating with us today, it’s through crop circle synchronicities.   2014’s crop circles gave us many clues about the process, but the finer details are still a bit past mankind’s science horizon.

Still, playful microsynchronicities happen every single day urging me forward in this work.  For instance, recently I was pacing, deep in thought, reflecting on the possible relationship between Enoch and the Pleiades, when the lyrics to a song playing in the background jumped out:  “he’s a thousand miles away and still standing in front of your face.

The correspondence was unmistakable, yet still cryptic – typical of these communications.  Is Enoch transmitting from a planet in the Pleiades, some 400 and some odd light years away – or are the messages arriving from an Other dimension side by side with but invisible to us?   On the surface, the song’s lyrics describe a man looking at himself in a mirror, but could also adequately describe the experience of an “Other Intelligence” – Enoch? – viewing itself from afar, working through us here on Earth.

Whoever is sending the messages, and from wherever, we’re being told to look back to the ancient past, to the earliest beginnings of what we know of civilisation – back to the high civilisation of the Sumerians.  We’re being told to closely follow the shifting boundary between mythological fiction and history, including the place referenced by the interdimensional goddess who materialised in my room, who woke me from a deep sleep to speak of the brilliant city of Ur at its height, when the gods of antiquity and creation were fresh in mind.

At Ur and the other ancient Sumerian cities we get closer to the earliest known written histories, when gods from elsewhere became the ancestors of many human beings today.   Less than a hundred years ago, the rich tomb a Sumerian royal we know as Puabi was excavated at Ur by Sir Leonard Woolley after having lain undisturbed and with her tomb unlooted for 4500 years.

Clearly, Puabi was someone very important – we don’t know who – in a city that had a great temple dedicated to Inanna. Could Puabi have been a demigod, born of Sumerian royalty (the gods) crossed with Earthly beings?  The question is pertinent because Sumerians established the great city of Ur around 3800 BC over the flood-buried remains of a prehistoric people we now call the Ubaid.  ubaid The Ubaid artifacts found under 10 feet of flood deposit depict multiple otherworldly figures in regal uniforms with distinctive dot patterns at the flared shoulder.  The most mysterious of all, perhaps, is the figure of a serpentine humanoid nursing a serpentine humanoid baby.

Interestingly, one of the primary goddesses in ancient Sumer was Inanna, who was memorialised as a human-looking demigod associated with snakes and birds.  Echoes of the Ubaid serpentine mother goddess?   And it may well have been Inanna who visited warkainterdimensionally to draw my attention to both the Ubaid and Ur.

Inanna and Enoch were contemporaries in an area of widespread travel and trade, so it’s likely Enoch interacted with the Sumerian royals, including Inanna.  Crop circle synchronicities and encounters spanning 21 years involving Enoch and the goddess speak to some kind of connecting thread and a growing urgency related to the  ongoing excavations of ancient Sumerian cities, and the secrets of humanity that remain hidden there.





Anatomy of a Synchronicity: The Winged Disk is Back in Flight

November 24th, 2015

So this morning, like almost every morning, I’m sitting at the computer about to get to work writing. Choices, choices: I’ve got a couple of science-fantasy novels in progress as well as a new article about the ancient Winged Disk symbol emphasised in 2015’s crop circles. But I’ve been neglecting my fiction work so I type “fiction workshop” into the search box for some inspiration.

The first site on the list of results is Literary Fiction Workshop with free instruction by author William H Coles – something that fits into my budget and is immediately accessible, so I google Coles and land on his Wiki page, where I choose a short story from the bibliograph so I can sample his writing before submitting any of my own to him.

Googling coles “the gift” pdf I land on a page offering a number of stories to read or listen to. I scroll down and stop at “The Indelible Myth.”  I scarcely notice the small illustration accompanying the link until I open the page and am greeted with a much larger version of it:

It takes a few seconds to dawn on me:  it’s the image of the bird again, both my blue jay friend and the winged disk, just like at Hampton Lucy, just like I found my jay friend on the grass. And someone is putting it on paper.

Synchronicity again:  pointed and clear.  Just like Chomsky and Chualar and Wilde Thompson and all the others I’ve shared here at IIC, this one flew straight at me this morning by virtue of seemingly random choices made on the fly. Of countless possible searches, the “random” clicks I made this morning led straight to an image resonant with the winged disk of ancient myth (resonant even with the title of the story I clicked:  The Indelible Myth), as well as the blue jay friend I lost:  the two things foremost in my mind these days.

For now let me not leave you high and dry. The 2015 circles used the methods they described in 2014 to co-create multiple magnificent images of the winged disk, a symbol that originated many thousands of years ago and which was depicted with great reverence all around the world.  What was being described 5000 years ago, and what does it mean today that the winged disk and other ancient symbols are coming through via extreme synchronicity in 2015? Why are crop circles drawing our attention precisely to the most ancient written histories of the mysterious high civilisations of the ancient Near East?


Crop Circles 2015: More Evidence of Interdimensional Co-Creation

November 16th, 2015

My friend the blue jay

My friend the blue jay

The morning after my cat died in April of 2014, I was sitting on a blanket in the a corner of the back yard feeling quite blue.  After some time I looked up and noticed a robin, a squirrel and a blue jay nearby, watching me in silence. The jay seemed especially tuned to my sorrow, as though it knew what was meant by the fresh dirt patch where a candle had burned all night.

While the neighbourhood was home to many jays, I believe this one in particular sought me out after that first encounter.  He began showing up whenever I was outside, perhaps prompted by the sound of the screen door shutting.  I always greeted him with a smile and a few words about how beautiful he was.  Sometimes he’d offer soft clicks or purrs while he waited for a piece of walnut from my pocket.  If I was inside the house and he wanted to interact, he’d fly about in the tree near the kitchen window and look in to get my attention.

Then early on the 3rd of July this year I went outside to refresh the birdbath before leaving on a road trip and was stopped in my tracks by something out of place in the dawn’s half light.  I inched closer, afraid it might be the remains of a blue jay fledgling that had been hanging around, unable to fly.  But when I got up to it I could see it was an adult jay lying on its back, head upward and wings outspread, long tailfeathers fanned out below.  It had very recently suffered a mortal wound to the chest.

Crop circle near Brandenburg, Germany.  August 2015

Crop circle near Brandenburg, Germany. August 2015

And so it appeared that my friend the jay had lived and died as jays do. The image of his body on the grass was burned into my mind and each day I cried for his loss – and I’m not known for being weepy.  A month passed and I was still in a deep depression when the whimsical crop circle at Brandenburg, Germany (left) appeared like a sympathy card from the universe.  The bird in flight instantly made me smile.   Though it didn’t erase the pain, this circle reminded me of the natural cycle of life and urged me to work on healing so I could move on with my own.

Not long after Brandenburg, another crop circle appeared, speaking even more directly to my painful experience and once again nudging me along in the direction of resolution.  Hampton Lucy (below) was created by the linking of different consciousnesses in co-creative interdimensional communication as described by 2014’s circles and summed up at Ammersee.   At Hampton Lucy, a painful image was plucked from my mind and transformed into a majestic, radiant, healing crop circle.

Image: Air Experiences

Image: Air Experiences

As with other messages directly from an Other Intelligence communicating with us through crop circles, multiple resonances abound at Hampton Lucy.  For one, I first saw the Hampton Lucy circle while in the house in Plevna that is the “P” in the TIP Line, and more precisely in the same room wherein the goddess had appeared with her ancient incantation (and which is associated with the Clearbury Ring formation).  The shape originated in my mind’s eye – which is the pineal waveguide – as well as in the mind’s eye of whoever or whatever put the circle in the field.

Hampton Lucy even cleverly revealed the jay’s killer:  the neighbourhood owl that caught the jay unawares.  Notably, the jay’s heart is the owl’s pineal, emphasising the importance of the heart+brain system that provides the electromagnetic juice for waveguide-driven consciousness.


Mega-Synchronicity Spans Several Millennia

October 15th, 2015

The 2015 crop circles were slow to talk, though the early-season circles at Newton Barrow and Luxenborough were intriguing.  The resonant opposing arc designs hinted at an emerging theme – but after 2014’s lively discussion of the mechanics and implications of our co-creative role in interdimensional communication, I wasn’t feeling at all clear about this summer’s direction.

It wasn’t until mid-July that I saw what was, for me at least, the real season opener at Clearbury Ring (left, bottom).  This was the real deal, no doubt about it conversation starter.  I couldn’t wait to get going with it – but wait I would, for my schedule for the rest of the day was packed.

Later that afternoon I popped into the library at closing time to return some books.  With no time to browse I was about to leave emptyhanded when Beneath the Seven Seas caught my eye. The cover depicted underwater archaeology, a fascination of mine, and its title reminded me of Atlantis and the Seven Stars which has been informing my work since the beginning.  Perfect!  I rushed to check it out.

Perfect indeed.  The image I saw when I opened the book at home that evening answered my earlier ponderings about the crop circle at Clearbury Ring:  on the frontispiece was a photo of a 3400-year old gold pectoral, its two arcs positioned alongside four rays, complete with a ring of studs around a small central circle – exactly as at Clearbury.

Soon vast amounts of communication began to unfold in a series of related synchronicities, like a download, confirming the direction my work had taken over the past year.  Before long I had another key realisation: the opposing crescents around a small central circle exactly mirrored the shape that appeared to me during a crop circle meditation in 1997 and materialised in a subsequent crop circle at Oliver’s Castle.

That I visualised the crescents while in the Goddess crop circle is part of the synchronicity:  The Upham Goddess was located at the edge of a WWII bomb crater, and many of us who visited it and felt a protective energy radiating from it.  Perhaps the symbols I received there represent a shield, just like the ancient pectoral – and the Clearbury circle.

Clearbury Ring draws our attention to a time thousands of years ago – the time of the gods and goddesses and the real historical roots of mythology which we’re rediscovering today.  Physically absent and forgotten by most, perhaps the gods who had so much influence thousands of years ago have found a way to communicate through the crop circles – just as we approach the ability to comprehend such phenomena in the age of post-LHC physics.

We were even shown how it happens with the circles of 2014.

Seen together, these individual high-magnitude synchronicities comprise a megasynchronicity that continues to unfold as a living dialogue.  Answers often bring questions.  Why did I see the crescent shape so vividly that day in 1997, and how did it become the basis for the Oliver’s Castle formation that showed up in response?  Where did those who assembled the grand formation at Clearbury Ring this year get their design?  And what inspired the same design on the 3400-year old pectoral that fell into my hands with perfect timing?

Once again:  interdimensional communication arrives through crop circle synchronicities.  The harder we listen, the louder they speak.


Crop Circles Echo Interdimensional Visitor’s Ancient Message

August 23rd, 2015
Ancient Imagery Arrives in Crop Circles of 2015. Clearbury Ring. Image: Nyako Nakar

Ancient Imagery Arrives in Crop Circles of 2015. Clearbury Ring. Image: Nyako Nakar

All summer I’ve been reliving the night some twenty years ago when I was stirred from sleep by an indescribably beautiful voice speaking an ancient, sacral language.  Instantly I sat up, wide awake, face to face with a being I can only describe as a goddess.

That she was present was crystal clear, though I couldn’t see her through the pitch black.  She enunciated her words precisely, in a distinct syntax, as though I should understand everything she said.  Indeed I felt I should try.  I stared through the dark toward her, focussing on her message – which was a bit of a challenge since I was also fully aware I was in the presence of an apparently interdimensional being of timeless power and grace.

Her intonation went on for some seconds until her message came to a close and she was gone.  With only the sound of my breath in the dark, I replayed what had just happened and tried to hold on to her words even as they began to scatter like so many birds.  By the time I’d found the lamp and then a pen all I had were the last three syllables she spoke.

I wrote them UR.BAE.HEE.

It’s hard to describe how I felt at that moment, having just met an otherworldly being – not in a dream or a hypnagogic state, but while I was entirely conscious and awake.  Clearly it was my charge to understand what she said, but I had little to work with – especially without having seen her.

An explication of all the clues I’ve found encoded in just the syllables ur bae hee might take volumes, but what’s most important right now is that after two decades I’ve finally translated them.  After scouring complicated lexicons for hours upon hours, I now know the goddess spoke Sumerian, and that I heard her say the words Ur bahiy.  She had closed her message with a reference to the brilliant, shining city of Ur.

Though I still don’t know for sure who she was, I have to wonder what her association might be with the Sumerian goddess Inanna who was lavishly memorialised at Ur,  or with the possible demigoddess Puabi, whose remains were unearthed at Ur in the last century having lain undisturbed in the Royal Tombs for 4600 years.

Whoever she was, the crop circles of 2015 are speaking the same language.

Canaanite pectoral, from Uluburun, Turkey shipwreck, circa 1400 BC

Canaanite pectoral, from Uluburun, Turkey shipwreck, circa 1400 BC

UPCOMING:  From the star-and-ray designs at Newton Barrow and Clearbury Ring to the winged disk at Hampton Lucy and the goddess imagery at Hoo Mill, the 2015 crop circles affirm that the ancients are back, and you can bet they have much more to say.


Mystical Science, Crop Circles and the Small Hadron Collider

October 16th, 2014

Telepathy, flying saucers, and parallel universes are all within reach as 21st-century neuroscience and theoretical physics approach a new science of the mystical.

A kind of ESP in dolphins is being studied.  And in a recent success with technology-assisted telepathy, neuroscientist Giulio Ruffini documented brain-to-brain communication of the words ciao and hola from India to France, “without the intervention of the sensorial system.” That’s right, telepathy has been achieved with little more than non-invasive brain stimulation and wireless internet.  You could almost do this at home.

Now that quasi-ESP can be made to happen on demand, let’s see who can wrap their minds around the idea of real, spontaneous telepathy in humans – even telepathy between humans and Otherdimensional consciousness.

Last year’s crop circles, starting with Chualar, showed us that interdimensional, telepathic communication is a reality, and the late-season circle at Ammersee revealed the pineal as the waveguide antenna driving that communication.  The cascade of synchronicities that has accompanied this conversation over two decades demonstrates a pulling effect, as hinted at by the tractor at Inman.

I see it this way: our electromagnetic field and our pineal gland are a self-regulating engine of consciousness – our unique Small Hadron Collider, which is ultimately responsible for connecting our  electromagnetic emissions with those from an Otherdimensional consciousness.  

Michio Kaku has called the brain “the most complicated object in the known universe,” to say nothing of the way telepathy works to connect our brain and our consciousness with an Otherdimensional consciousness, which brings us to the realm of the really far unknown.  With that said, the more abstractly you can think about this, the more sense it will make:

When the frequency of emission is compatible with the frequency of transmission, corresponding waves are drawn together into a co-creative space – such as that depicted in the Ammersee circle. This is where a portal linking two or more consciousnesses sparks to life and then disappears, sometimes leaving behind actual physical traces of its transient role.

Think of the way negative ions in a raincloud are drawn to a positively charged object on the ground, creating a flash of lightning. Cosmic rays linked to our own DNA activation play a key role in the creation of lightning by the downward-reaching filament. In this we can also find a resonance with the twisted magnetic ropes that have been found to connect the Earth and Sun, massaging our individual electromagnetic fields and creating flashes of altered reality.  As lightning leaves evidence of its passing through, so do these altered states during co-creation events leave their calling cards in various forms of communication.

These affinities found in nature reflect connections between our own consciousness and consciousness originating in an Other dimension.  In interdimensional communication, the pineal waveguide system acts as an engine of consciousness and each being’s unique and dynamic electromagnetic emissions that are essentially filaments of energy pulling in complementary waves.  When the interface occurs, that’s where we get the flash of synchronicity or other telepathic communication.  Some get more of these flashes and others fewer because individual waveguides are unique.

Now exactly how the waveguide works exactly is another matter altogether. Right now the message seems to be to look at very high energy quantum interactions driven by chemical and electromagnetic changes regulated by the pineal gland’s orchestra of neurotransmitters – but hey, I’m not a scientist.  The satellite dishes standing over the Ammersee formation emphasise that waves with high directivity are the product of a finely tuned pineal gland – the state we’re in when we’re feeling “in the flow” so to speak.  In these moments communication occurs more readily.

There are far too many unknown variables at this point to predict telepathy or synchronicity to the satisfaction of science, but we may soon see experiments regarding exploring the pineal gland’s role in electromagnetic fine-tuning and interdimensional communication.


Pineal Waveguide Depicted in Ammersee Crop Circle

July 29th, 2014
Charlton 2014. Image:Maya

Charlton 2014. Image:Maya

July 2014’s crop circle at Charlton at left depicts parallel slices of a tetrahedron shown as waves.  If this is understood as the tetrahedron from the IIC symbol set forth in Consciousness, Crop Circles, and Interdimensional Contact, then Charlton shows 3D reality being drawn to rendezvous with the Other Intelligence through a waveguide of sorts.

The recent circle at Raisting, near Lake Ammersee, Bavaria agrees with that view of Charlton, and responds with a more complex communication.

Amersee 2014. Image: Maya
Amersee 2014. Image:Maya

Ammersee’s design, at right, depicts the meeting of three different conscious beings or groups of consciousness – whoever put the formation into the field, the Other Intelligence, myself, and possibly others – all being drawn together to co-create a crop circle whose every detail embodies that selfsame message:

The EMC logo on the satellite dish nearby draws gives a clear nod to the Forest Hill circle’s spiralling waveform being drawn to a waveguide, and reiterates the role of directed electromagnetic waves in crop circle communication – both of which confirm comprehension of my recent post, Crop Circle Synchronicities as Waveguide Phenomena.

Pine Cone

Pine Cone

Once again, with each communication, the Other Intelligence reveals an amazing cleverness in delivering vast amounts of information with each and every detail.  Even the diamond pattern on which the circles are overlaid carries essential information.  It answers the big question from the aforementioned post as well:  if the waveguide exist in man, as the IIC symbol suggest, the what exactly is drawing us all together?  Ammersee seems to be saying that the waveguide is the pineal gland.


Forest Hill Crop Circle: Spiralling Waves of Pleiadean Communication?

July 27th, 2014

The Forest Hill crop circle mirrors my pondering lately on a possible waveguide function in crop circle communication, and the roles electromagnetism and gravity may play in wave attraction.  The spinner provides a dizzying look at a waveform spiralling in toward the waveguide (the spinner effect is seen at around 30 seconds into the video below, which I found on YouTube):

The psytrance track Pleidean Communication was absolutely central to my first circles experience 19 years ago, and is featured on A Positive Life’s album Synaesthetic, on the Waveform Records label.  I’ve been listening to the entire album quite a lot recently while immersed in my work, and I can’t help but notice the similarity between the album cover and the Forest Hill crop circle:

Considering the Pleiadean influence on my work and its heavy presence in the flat-map alignments, could Forest Hill depict waves from the Pleiades being pulled toward us?   Is this crop circle thereby confirming a Pleiadean influence entrained with and acting through our consciousness?


Crop Circle Synchronicities as Waveguide Phenomena

July 23rd, 2014

The Thompson Waveguide. Might a waveguide facilitate crop circle synchronicities and other consciousness-related phenomena? Image: Stace Tussel

The Thompson Waveguide. Might a waveguide facilitate crop circle synchronicities and other consciousness-related phenomena?  

Last month a series of synchronicities led me to record the image of a tetrahedron with a parallel tangent line, depicting the interaction of our 3D reality with an Other Intelligence.  I see it as a symbol for Inter-Intelligence Communications and refer to it as the IIC symbol.

Using the Triangle Alignments as a key, we see that the connecting point is the crop circle at Inman.  In-man.  The IIC symbol thus suggests that the connecting point is literally in man.

What else is in man?  Consciousness. Conscious beings emit electromagnetic waves; we are wave producers, then.

The message that’s becoming more clear all the time is that the connecting point in the IIC symbol – the place of contact between us and the Other – is a waveguide of sorts, tuned to frequencies that are then focused into coherent interference patterns, creating a platform for inter-intelligence co-creation.

We can’t always control when contact occurs, but what seems clear is that we can pursue states of consciousness – EM signatures – that invite contact.  I’ve described the feeling of locking in with an Other Intelligence as vaguely similar to the sensation of gazing at a page of unremarkable dots until a virtual 3D image suddenly and inexplicably emerges.  There the image remains easily observable for some time, suspended in a strange other reality before dissolving once again into a static field of dots.

Think of this space created by the waveguide as a fleeting, holographic bubble of reality.  Maybe it causes a dimensional shift that blends discreetly into our reality.  However it happens, what’s really cool is that what occurs there leaves something tangible here – flat-map alignments and other high-order synchronicities, for instance.

And crop circles – sometimes even ones made by people!

Though its true elegance was lost on most, the circle at Chualar in December was the product of many conscious beings, including myself, the whole Nvidia bunch, the location scout, the team of circlemakers in the fields, and the Other Intelligence.  But what better utility than a waveguide to steer intelligent co-creation?

Charlton 2014. Image:Maya

Charlton 2014. Image:Maya

The crop circle at Charlton which appeared a couple of weeks after my last article also restates and elaborates on each of the components of the IIC symbol.  Accessing a larger version of the black and white diagram may be helpful in visualising what I’m trying to describe:

Staring into the central tetrahedron for some time, a minute at least, should bring to peripheral vision a shimmering multidimensional chiaroscuro.  From this perspective, the tetrahedron appears divided into parallel, concentric slices, representing our reality interacting with the parallel Other dimension through the waveguide.  All of this occurs in what appears to be an otherworldly multidimensional space.

Fourteen years ago, The Thompson crop circle demonstrated the waveguide concept through a high-level synchronicity that connected me with it, through its shape, and even through its map placement.

Early that Sunday morning I was intent on finding the crop circle rumoured to have appeared near Thompson on the plains of North Dakota.  With nobody up and around yet, my friend and I drove through the landscape hoping to chance upon the unconfirmed crop circle in the hundreds of square miles of fields surrounding Thompson.

Eventually the town began to wake up and we managed to talk to a good few people, but still, no one had heard of the crop circle.  Finally we resigned ourselves to abandoning our search and turned our attention to the fourteen-hour drive ahead of us.

I literally had one foot in the car when I was stopped by the vision of a ponytailed man putting gas in his old pickup, this dog wagging from the back window.  This fellow was my last chance lottery ticket, so what else was there to do but scratch?

“Have you heard about a crop circle around here?” I must have looked a mess after two hours of sleep in the last fifty.

“It’s in the field across from my house,” he said, flabbergasted I’m sure.

Waveguide activated; synchronicity achieved.

Thompson’s shape hints at the waveguide: a circle and two arcs, three of the ends of which are truncated, with the fourth gradually tapering to a point leading toward the circle:

At one point I was dowsing the formation, and continuing on toward the circle after leaving the tapered arc, my rods drew together to mark a delicate grapeshot in my path – a small detail which may have been lost in the stubble of the harvested field.

The single tapered point drawn toward the big circle via the smaller circle lends the feeling of waves not only interacting with the waveguide, but somehow also being pulled into it.  Electromagnetogravity? Whatever it is, the taper is crucial to the waveguide clue, and our attention is purposely drawn to it.

If I’m processing all of this correctly, then these synchronicities are specialised arrangements of reality occurring within the interference patterns generated by a waveguide of sorts.  The waveguide ensured that Thompson circle was put into the field when and where it was, and subsequently that Scott Wilde and I were both present at the same place and time so that the crucial message shared there could be understood.

If meeting Scott Wilde at the last minute isn’t high-order enough, check out the beeline that links where Scott and I crossed paths to his house and that beautiful crop circle just across the road:

The waveguide brings the TIP Line back into the conversation to emphasise the importance of the message.  The Wilde Thompson line is identical to the line that clued me in to the first communication that manifested in with Inman in 1995, which is one and the same that pointed out the fourth raised dot in the Braille Number Sign map glyph that arrived with the 2014 season opener at Chualar.

Remember that the TIP Line keeps reappearing, along with all the other synchronicities and geometries and FMAs, to remind us that this conversation is fully intentional.

Others who are pursuing contact might be experiencing the waveguide effect in various synchronicities and other crop circle phenomena as well.  Last year, for instance, fellow circles experiencer Roger Sugden saw a cloud formation that he felt sure would be reflected in a new crop circle. A few weeks later, feeling the circle was imminent, Roger drove from Indiana to Madisonville, Tennessee, where crop circles had appeared previously. Just short of his intended destination he got a call informing him that a new circle had appeared a couple of hours from him in another direction entirely.

The Gray circle was indeed resonant with the cloud circle Roger saw week earlier.  The relevance of this detail can’t be overstated, as it seems to reflect a common origin with the cloud circle encountered by Ron Russell and myself just moments after discussing the unhoaxability of such a thing (!).

There’s one more clue to be found in Roger’s experience, one that might easily be overlooked.  Roger’s got his own TIP Line, reflecting the same criteria as two points in the original 3-point TIP Line:  one of the points shows where Roger heard about the crop circle, and the other shows where he found it.

Through some type of waveguide effect, we’re able to interact with this Other Intelligence so that the co-creative magic of crop circles may continue to amaze and instruct us.

Once again:  “Pay attention – this is important.”