Consciousness, Crop Circles, and Interdimensional Contact

A few days ago I wanted to find a replacement for the word surmision, which I was using in the context of science’s general tendency to ignore phenomena such as flat-map alignments and magnitudinous synchronicities.

I’m a logophile; what can I say?

So I googled conjecture “the act of surmising”, which put me on page 3947 of the Anglo-American Dictionary and Encyclopedia, 1904 edition. Conjecture was marked in yellow a few times, but what really stood out was the description in the next column over of the reproduction of Surinam toads:

The species is propagated in an extremely curious manner. When the eggs are laid, the male impregnates them, takes them in his paws, and places them on the back of the female, where they adhere by means of a glutinous secretion, and become embedded in a series of cells which then form in the skin. When the process is completed, a membrane closes over the cells, and the back of the female bears a strong resemblance to a piece of dark honeycomb. In these cells the eggs are hatched, and the young undergo their metamorphosis, bursting through the protecting membrane as perfect frogs.” (emphasis mine)

I reflected on how the word perfect is almost exclusively used to describe approximations of the concept of perfection – two different but related things, two definitions of one word. What, exactly, is a perfect frog, or a perfect sonata, or a perfect watermelon? What is a perfect triangle or circle?

When I moved the cursor just a bit I landed on page 3999 – and the illustration for tangent:

The circle with lines running tangent to it immediately reminded me of the Triangle Alignments map with its triangle resting on the TIP Line.  The triangle represents our three spatial dimensions, and the tangent TIP Line represents a higher dimension which appears to be a one-dimensional brane touching our  reality.

I scrolled a bit more and the cursor stopped at page 4047 and this tetrahedron:

Overlaying the tetrahedron on the visualisation just described, an even more elegant representation of the link between 3D and a higher dimension arises in the image of an animated tetrahedron connected to a tangent brane.

So the Triangle Alignments map is effectively a symbol of interdimensional communication. What a trip!

Of course Inman is the connecting point in the FMA model of the Otherdimensional braneworld touching our 3D world. In other words, the nexus point is in man, and in man is Consciousness.

Taken as a whole, this perfect little string of microsynchronicities seems to say that consciousness enables communication with the Other Intelligence residing in an Other, parallel dimension touching our 3D reality.

And if that’s true, it brings real magic back to crop circles.


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4 Responses to “Consciousness, Crop Circles, and Interdimensional Contact”

  1. Tom Sanger says:

    Yes, our off world pals have a way of giving little hints that if carefully read can lead to “Ah-ha!” moments. Beware those who say they have the “perfect” full bowl of rice since it appears a grain here and a grain there are given out and we’re just beginning to fill the bowl of understanding the ET phenomenon.

    I think Stace is being given little lightbulbs of information that she is then plugging into a flat map circuit board and as more lights are added, more electricity flows through the connecting wiring until one day the whole board lights up and will probably say “We’re here!” or something to that effect.

    I think that the honest people like Stace have been given very specific tasks in this overall game plan and those tasks may not seem to be fully understood when one is in the midst of their evolution but I guess we’ll just have to see where this all goes!

  2. Stace says:

    The circuit board imagery is interesting, Tom. All the bits work together as a unit, revealing ever more detailed information about our connections to a cosmos made vaster – yet more accessible – via conscious awareness.

  3. Ron Russell says:

    Good Stace, you’re on a roll. This is a fine example of esoteric revelation coming through you. The interconnections seem random but they are not. Hidden lies a deeper wisdom. Keep exploring!

  4. Stace says:

    Ron: The night we saw Wakan Tanka was one of so many confirmations. Finding the medicine wheel instead of a crop circle was another!

    THANK YOU for your contributions to this work.

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