Pineal Waveguide Depicted in Ammersee Crop Circle

Charlton 2014. Image:Maya

Charlton 2014. Image:Maya

July 2014’s crop circle at Charlton at left depicts parallel slices of a tetrahedron shown as waves.  If this is understood as the tetrahedron from the IIC symbol set forth in Consciousness, Crop Circles, and Interdimensional Contact, then Charlton shows 3D reality being drawn to rendezvous with the Other Intelligence through a waveguide of sorts.

The recent circle at Raisting, near Lake Ammersee, Bavaria agrees with that view of Charlton, and responds with a more complex communication.

Amersee 2014. Image: Maya
Amersee 2014. Image:Maya

Ammersee’s design, at right, depicts the meeting of three different conscious beings or groups of consciousness – whoever put the formation into the field, the Other Intelligence, myself, and possibly others – all being drawn together to co-create a crop circle whose every detail embodies that selfsame message:

The EMC logo on the satellite dish nearby draws gives a clear nod to the Forest Hill circle’s spiralling waveform being drawn to a waveguide, and reiterates the role of directed electromagnetic waves in crop circle communication – both of which confirm comprehension of my recent post, Crop Circle Synchronicities as Waveguide Phenomena.

Pine Cone

Pine Cone

Once again, with each communication, the Other Intelligence reveals an amazing cleverness in delivering vast amounts of information with each and every detail.  Even the diamond pattern on which the circles are overlaid carries essential information.  It answers the big question from the aforementioned post as well:  if the waveguide exist in man, as the IIC symbol suggest, the what exactly is drawing us all together?  Ammersee seems to be saying that the waveguide is the pineal gland.


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2 Responses to “Pineal Waveguide Depicted in Ammersee Crop Circle”

  1. Ron Russell says:

    OK, what do you mean by waveguide? Show some concrete examples of various waveguides in use so we can see how these crop formation patterns relate.
    And show us how the pineal gland relates to a pinecone. Many of us are aware of the symbolism but it’s assumed it refers to the pinecone shape not the fractal design of the petal like elements.
    And then how does this all relate to various crop formations which may, or may not, be made by non human intent.

    Keep thinking!

  2. Stace says:

    Excellent questions, Ron!
    As you well know, I don’t have an extensive physics and engineering background, so as these ideas come together please know that this isn’t based on formal knowledge of specific waveguide technology, but more on the concept. A waveguide, as it’s name suggests, guides wave, and I’m suggesting a waveguide function within man may create the space in which occurs the SYNCHRONICITY that is ubiquitous in the circles experience. Synchronicity like the FMAs I’ve been writing about for the last several years. Synchronicity like you know within the circles experience.
    No other area of research that I’m aware of is saturated with synchronicity the way crop circle research is. Every croppie you know has at least one tale of extreme synchronicity, right?
    Simply: Something functioning as a waveguide is combining waves or wave signatures from co-creators into interference patterns which give rise to the Other reality in which these synchronicities are set in motion to do their magic.
    As the IIC symbol shows, that waveguide is IN-MAN.
    Seems to me that the waveguide was activated when I asked for a crop circle in Kansas. First off, it happened right then, second it created the TIP Line, and third, it became the anchor of the Triangle Alignments map, which is the basis for the IIC symbol which describes our interactions with the Other Intelligence.
    The Triangle becomes 3D reality in the IIC symbol, connected to the Other which is represented by a line – the TIP Line, so important, essential, in all of this.
    What seems most apparent and most mysterious is this: Whether they are balls of light, other UFOs, or people with boards and ropes and GPS in the field – whatever is working on the ground is being directed by an Other Intelligence. How does that happen?
    What’s coming through right now is that somehow EM frequencies become entangled during crop circle communications via the waveguide (however it works), and from this arises a temporary dimensional portal that can produce effects remaining in this reality, even after it dissipates.
    It’s very difficult to describe, but once you tune in to the idea I think you’ll begin to get it.
    So to go back a few steps:
    When I first saw that the connecting point between our 3D reality and the Other dimension was Inman, using the Triangle Alignments map as an analog to the IIC symbol, it occurred to me that the pineal gland may be implicated as the connecting point, based on what I’ve learned from Terence McKenna and Rick Strassman, for instance. So that was high in my mind, but not yet spoken.
    So when I first saw Ammersee, it didn’t take long to see the resemblance to a pinecone, which seems to confirm my suspicion that the pineal is somehow integral to this entire process.
    The waveguide in question is an abstract concept at this time; it is what allows the frequencies to combine – which is how we get interference patterns, which can give rise to the hypothetical co-creative holograms or “dimensional splits” that I am conceiving, which give rise to the synchronicities and other guided magic that is part and parcel of the crop circle phenomenon.
    That’s why I’m thinking of the connecting point as a waveguide.
    Now, the pineal has a very long history in consciousness research and theories of consciousness and cosmic awareness – for good reason. The pineal gland is where human beings create their very own “magic molecule” – DMT. I suppose to get the most out of this article, my reader would need to maybe take a look at some background info on the pineal gland, but I simply can’t go into that detail here. I very highly encourage you to take a look at Rick Strassman’s book DMT: The Spirit Molecule, in which he describes how, with hypersaturation of DMT, a human test subject will see and interact with other beings, and an other reality, which is overlaid on their normal 3D reality, though the exact mechanism by which this happens isn’t yet known.
    At this point things are both advanced and still very muddled by the dominant scientific paradigm, which is gradually opening to the reality of extraordinary experience.
    Interestingly various ancient cultures from Africa to South America chose to memorialise the pine cone as an apparent sacred offering, always accompanied by a small handbag carried by the winged offerer. I believe that this depiction depicts an abstract reference to a mysterious technology bestowed by higher beings on man.
    Going back to the Ammersee formation itself: So we have a fibonacci spiral on a torus as the background of the formation’s inner design, which gives us the same growth pattern as we see in a pine cone, a symbol long used for the pineal gland due to it’s general shape, not because the pineal is crosshatched. Fibonacci spirals and abstract symbols are obviously not new to crop circles – but that it appared as a backdrop on which were overlaid 3 points reflecting the same parallel wave slice feature we see in the tetrahedron slices from Charlton, then it actually makes a lot of sense.
    But you really need to understand my view of Charlton in order to get my interpretation of Ammersee. Please read prior posts, and there are many of them, leading up to the communications coming through today.

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