The Chualar Crop Circle is NOT Just a Hoax – and Here’s Why

Flipped on its side, the Chualar relays the Braille character from the formation itself

Flipped on its side, the Chualar alignment relays the Braille character from the formation itself

The crop circle at Chualar sparked worldwide interest, just as intended, when it appeared at the end of December.  Since Nvidia claimed responsibility for the human-made circle, however, Chualar has largely been relegated to the round file of crop circles.

As it turns out the Chualar circle wasn’t trash – it’s an absolute treasure.

The Braille that showed up in the map glyph created by the alignment was pretty impressive, and I knew right away that Chualar could seal the deal by providing the critical mass to verify flat-map alignments as a way of communicating with the non-human intelligence behind the circles.  But one potential caveat bothered me from the start: might Nvidia have chosen the location specifically as part of the prank?  Was I duped by my own method? I didn’t think so, not by a long shot.  Surely Nvidia wasn’t interested in my maps – after all, to achieve their goal, a fringe theory like mine wouldn’t need to play a role. But I still needed to do a little more research before expressing with any certainty that what came down in Chualar was more than just an advertising scheme.

I tried reaching Nvidia’s Brett Murray, who led the Chualar project, but repeatedly got his voicemail and I didn’t want to leave a message. I needed an answer, and I wanted to talk candidly with the right person at the right time to find out why the formation was put down where it was.

The all-in-one map with Chualar, lower left, connecting with the Pleiades in the upper left and the Gray TN crop circle, lower right.

The all-in-one alignments map with Chualar, lower left, connecting with the Pleiades in the upper left and the Gray TN crop circle, lower right.

Yesterday afternoon I finally tracked down the person who could help me out – the independent location scout hired by Nvidia to find the perfect spot for their crop circle stunt. After a brief introduction and an acknowledgment that I was writing an article about Nvidia’s circle, I asked the million-dollar question:

Of all places to put a crop circle, why Chualar?

Matt told me that his search comprised a wide area as far north as Milpitas down through the Salinas Valley, where he drove hundreds of miles searching for the flat, grassy, and accessible landscape that would make an ideal canvas for Nvidia’s advert. Chualar won the honour because it was ultimately the only place with a suitable field.

Diagram of Chualar circle with the line echoing the TIP Line overlaid

Diagram of Chualar circle with the line echoing the TIP Line (ovelaid.) Notice the repeating Braille Number Sign in the inner box of the formation.

But was it really just that simple? As shown, when placed on the map, Chualar and only Chualar results in the Braille Number Sign (which resembles a backwards capital L), itself an essential symbol appearing multiple times in the formation. The Braille symbol is made up of four raised dots, but the alignment initially appeared with only three place points. The fourth point arises, not surprisingly, by following the TIP Line – a line that continues to live up to its acronymic name!

The TIP Line, the first predictive stemming from the Inman, KS crop circle of 1995

The TIP Line, the first predictive alignment stemming from the Inman, KS crop circle of 1995

How did I know to use the TIP line?  Because I know its function, for one thing… and because it was alluded to in the crop circle design.

In summary, let’s consider one more time how this crop circle came about and how it connects with the alignments map as a communication:

Last month, Nvidia spontaneously came up with the idea to use a crop circle in a tightly budgeted and rushed advertising campaign.   Also last month, I posted an installment in my alignments research for the first time in over a year. (For all I know, both their choice and my article occurred on the same day….and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.)

The marketing team came up with a design that fit their advertising objective – and in the process created a design with multiple details confirming specific components of my ongoing alignments research.

Additionally, they chose a location that was adequate to pull off their advertising – which happens to be the only location that combines perfectly with the established alignments to create the map glyph depicting the all-important Braille letter.

I can only conclude that Nvidia’s team was nudged along by the Other Intelligence that continues to engage us in ways that we cannot yet explain.

Far from being mundane and inconsequential, the Chualar formation is part of a complex language used by a non-human intelligence to transmit information through crop circles. Once again, the Other Intelligence comes through as only it can, showing an awareness of us, an ability and desire to respond to our requests for communication and validation….and from Nvidia’s perspective, a willingness to collaborate in unexpected ways for truly out-of-this world results.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are new to Flat-Map Alignments, please see FMAs: FAQs.


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6 Responses to “The Chualar Crop Circle is NOT Just a Hoax – and Here’s Why”

  1. Stace Tussel Colligan
    Thank you for sharing all your experiences and work with the Crop Circle mystery. I was just introduced to your website through my friend and colleague Roger Sugden.
    You sure bring a lot of good things together!
    I am curious as to how these alignments might also be involved with Sacred Geometry? For the last 10 years I have been walking the fields in England and have been having similar experiences. Next week I am headed back there for a walk in the winter fields as well as participate in a workshop on crop circles, sacred geometry and dreams. You can see information about this winter workshop at:
    When you have time I would certainly like to talk with you on email or better yet – live on the phone.
    Happy new year and looking forward to what the new season will bring.
    Dr. J Paul De Vierville 210 912-9907 CST

  2. Tom Sanger says:


    This is exactly what crop circle researcher Colin Andrews found out after many years of ignoring people who acknowledged making circles. He finally began to interview them in depth and found that they did not primarily go out to make the circles as a hoax but were instead almost obsessed with a certain design that they were compelled to place in a certain field at a certain time. Thus your comment “Once again, the Other Intelligence comes through as only it can, showing an awareness of us, an ability and desire to respond to our requests for communication and validation…” is spot on.

    From the research that we have done we have found that many, many people have been seeded with ET downloads of information that are blocked from conscious thought until the right time and then are uploaded in the psyche almost as if it was triggered and the person then acts upon this information thinking it is a thought of their own generation yet in reality it was ET originated.

    It comes across as far fetched and delusional to most people that “contactees” (or whatever these people are called now days) could be given information on a deep, subconscious level and then have a mental block installed with this person’s permission so that information is not accessible until a later date when the “light switch” trigger releases this information to the person’s conscious mind at the appropriate time. However, now more and more people are displaying this very behavior along with the sense of being absolutely compelled to be involved with the ET phenomenon yet not rationally knowing why.

    Downright awesome work, Stace, with this being one “L” of a find (sorry…bad pun!!)

  3. Roger Sugden says:

    Stace, This article brings out the important point that there is indeed an intelligence outside of ourselves that exist in the creation of these crop circles and that their placement on the landscape is not random. As an artist it was always important to me to know why someone made a crop circle, and why in that area at that time. I Did not believe it was just randomness.. I have worked with these alignments’ over the years, and they are important aspects of this phenomena. Some researchers would consider this on the fringe, however, I consider it very important. I would like to talk with you again about it, as I was very connected to the 2011 Madisonville Tenn. formation, and in particular why I decided to drive 500 miles to Tenn. on a hunch, arriving there to get a phone call from my friend Prof JP that the first crop formation in the USA was only hours from me in Tenn. There are connections to this phenomena that we are only just beginning to realize…Thanks for this article…Roger Sugden

  4. Stace says:

    J Paul, Tom, and Roger – I’m so glad you’re venturing out into this new wilderness with me. FMAs are easily misunderstood at a surface level, and because of that the deeper meaning is often overlooked. But there’s much more to discuss regarding communication at higher levels. Thank you for taking the time. Stace

  5. Joseph Mason says:

    Like many other crop formations, the Chualar formation contained information related to the New Jerusalem.

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