Inviting Confirmation: Extreme Synchronicity and Crop Circles

I’ve always been drawn to the tiny dipper in the night sky, the Pleiades.  Somehow they’ve always felt like “home.”  Through binoculars, the cluster of stars resembles a grand city of of light floating in deep space.  A profound connection exists between the Pleiades and crop circles.

In the spring of 1995 I was suddenly and inexplicably saturated with everything Pleiadean.  I found the compelling book Atlantis and the Seven Stars by J Countryman, and I listened over and over to a song which happened to be playing “at random” as I walked into a friend’s house one afternoon; Pleiadean Communication, by A Positive Life, is aptly named – (you can listen here).

That spring I’d also discovered and eagerly absorbed Circular Evidence, the classic field guide to crop circle research by Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado.  Even though I’d immersed myself in mysteries of all sorts throughout my life, nearly thirty years passed before I discovered crop circles – something everyone else had apparently heard of.  The mention of crop circles elicited the ubiquitous, “Oh, those were made by two guys from the pub who used ropes and boards to fool everybody.”

But that didn’t set well with me, because by then I’d already had my own close encounter with the circle makers.  On the 16th of June, 1995, I had asked for a crop circle close enough for me to visit – and one appeared at that moment, in Inman, Kansas.  In the following short video I describe some of the mystical communication I’ve experienced when tuned to frequency of the non-human circle makers, whoever they may be:

In the video I share radical evidence supporting the theory that non-human intelligence has played an active, intentional role in at least some of the crop circles, starting with my first.  I wished for a crop circle at around 10.30 PM on the 16th of June 1995, and at that same time a farmer tilling a field over 100 miles away from me witnessed a long, straight row of dim lights hovering over a central Kansas wheat field and kicking up dust.  The farmer, Chad, told me that the hair on his arms stood on end as he watched for about 10 minutes.  When he looked back at the end of a row the lights had disappeared, leaving him confused and a bit spooked.  A few days later the Inman crop circle was found in the exact spot where the lights had hovered.

My friend Mike experienced a very similar event with the crop circle which appeared near Teton, Idaho in 2002, and in fact, that’s where I met him – in the Teton formation.  We’d both expressed a desire for a crop circle appear close by, and in our ways we’d received confirmation that our wishes were immediately heard and answered.

For what it’s worth, Mike and I are both UFO experiencers.

What does all this mean?  Perhaps alongside the crop artists working the fields of England these days, a distinctly non-human intelligence infuses some of the circles, speaking in riddle and synchronicity, from another dimension.  If any doubts linger about the reality of non-human crop circle makers, so be it – but surely the fact that a crop circle answered my wish for one, precisely on a significant alignment, is food for thought.  How this all unfolded is seemingly against all odds – if very remotely possible.

For instance, you could choose 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the lottery and have the same odds of winning as if you chose 4, 18, 21, 25, and 36.  But overall, five consecutive numbers would be less likely to comprise the winning numbers than five random numbers, since the lottery can be played with many hundreds of thousands of combinations of random numbers, and relatively few sequential ones.  You can apply this concept to drawing lines on a map of a state consisting of 82,000 square miles.

My point is that the exact alignment of three meaningful points on the map was a straight flush to trump all others.  On top of that, the odds of a crop circle forming at the moment I wished for it – with a witness – is confirmation, beyond a reasonable doubt, of telepathic communication.  I’ve published the diagram at right in a few other posts here, but I’ll do it again to illustrate the playful nature of the circle makers as they created an original crop circle in the form of a stylised tractor, mirroring the one the witness was using to till the field just a few hundred yards away…

And what, might you ask, do the Pleiades have to do with crop circles?  The Pleiades are part of the Taurus constellation, and crescents reminiscent of bull’s horns appeared regularly in mid-1990s crop circles – a time when, I intuit, more of the formations were not the product of human crop artistry.

With deep gratitude to my friends, the non-human circle makers:  thank you for being part of my life and for allowing me to share this story.  And to all the human crop artists out there, thank you as well for the beautiful forms in the fields.  Many of your designs are quite lovely – and, I like to think, inspired by a higher power.

All of us have a long way to go yet – and we are nearly there …


Note that in the video there are a couple of flashes that Kelle identifies in her comment to this post.  The one at precisely 3 minutes is particularly vivid!  I can’t explain the flashes of light.

My report on the Inman crop circle was originally published in the former UK publication The Circular.

Take a look at Mike’s numerous posts about synchronicity at his site Hidden Experience.

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16 Responses to “Inviting Confirmation: Extreme Synchronicity and Crop Circles”

  1. kelle Baley says:

    Well, you nailed it for me when you mention that the Pleiadians have something to do with crop circle formations. I have a strong link to the next world and the one we live in currently and my own studies indicate the special interactions of Pleiadians with humanity more for good than ill is my feel of it. I have had some contact with them and found them to be extremely concerned over what the human consciousness actually chooses to learn or not.

    It comes as no surprise that we are receiving perhaps what is a very effectual relationship with them that is reciprocally helpful. According to many, there is a wormhole that takes thier own beloved souls into our star system and delivers them (reportedly) unwillingly to Earth and into forms that will continue cycles of incarnation because of some malefic substandard manipulation of some sort.

    Perhaps, these circles are intended to reach their own in the subconscious psyche and begin communication in order to cause a higher thing to happen. Information that is intended from and for love always is potent for the right reasons. Why would they not contact us and those they intend to keep as family?
    b.t.w. love your vid and note the uncommon and unexplainable flashes going off at 110 to 118 seconds and also an obvious flash at 3 minutes exactly.
    love in all things,

  2. Stace says:

    Thanks, Kelle, for your insight! I left a message for Dustin (who shot the video) to see if he knows what might have caused the sudden flashes, because nothing was going on at the time that would clue me in to those flashes of light…..Stace

  3. Rick Nelson says:

    I haven’t spent much time looking at crop circles in any great detail but assuming these are, at least in part, communications from an intelligent entity could it be that the ones that are non-human are placed on ley (or Hartman) lines? Is it possible they are also identifying sensitive energy locations on our planet? Even vortexes or wormhole locations as they intersect the surface of the planet? Forgive me if there has been much discussion on this subject already but this is a phenomena I have not tracked closely. They’re just my cursory observations and thoughts.

    I think it’s important the individuals use their own observation and processing skills to understand what is going on in this and other paranormal activity especially to notice how they’re interconnected or related. The pieces of the puzzle are there for us to notice and understand. It could represent our level of awareness and determine our individual and collective evolution. It’s somewhat like the methods we use to test chimpanzees and other animals to determine how evolved they are…..Food for thought!

  4. Stace says:

    Interesting, Rick. The first couple of questions you pose are fairly simple ones – (yes, and yes) – but then the next question, about wormholes, takes this discussion to a new level.

    Wormholes…very interesting. I think about the evolution of the phenomenon known as “crop circles.” It does seem curious that there’s been a bit of “phasing out” of the formations with no *physical* human intervention. Nowadays it appears that more of the formations – not all, but an increasing number – are made by human teams, many of whom say they’re in contact with the original circlemaking intelligence. That’s exciting – and although I’ve not directly experienced what they have in terms of putting down the circles in the fields, I can certainly entertain the idea that they are involved in some form of communication with the circle makers.

    Past psychic experiences with the circlemaking consciousness have convinced me that it’s “other” than human, they’re very playful and sincere, and they very much appreciate the sublime. If they’re inspiring the teams of men (and women) in the fields, then wonderful! Let’s look at the designs, think about meanings in the visual design. But let’s also look at unseen dimensions, like ley lines (which we can dowse, of course) and wormholes, as you suggest…

    If they’re wormholes, I see them as essentially metaphorical in nature, gentle portals to other dimensions, to inter-intelligence camaraderie and play, to conscious communication between species at a level both can understand (or have fun in trying to).

  5. Wildrote says:

    Hey Stace,

    “I think about the evolution of the phenomenon known as “crop circles.” It does seem curious that there’s been a bit of “phasing out” of the formations with no *physical* human intervention. Nowadays it appears that more of the formations – not all, but an increasing number – are made by human teams, many of whom say they’re in contact with the original circlemaking intelligence.” – Stace

    I’ve heard speculation on inter-intelligence influence in relation to human circle makers, but this is the first time I’ve heard someone talk about direct communication guiding the creation of crop formations. I’d be fascinated to read anything on the topic. Do you have any links or references on the topic?

  6. Stace says:

    A few days ago, as I was going through a box marked “crop circle stuff” here in my house (in preparation for moving soon) I picked up the Spring 1995 copy of The Circular, the Journal of the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies). The contents printed on the cover included Chris Kenworthy’s letter “plead[ing] the cause of the human circlemaker.”

    I quote from Chris’ letter (page 18): “I found that hoaxing isn’t simply a communication, it is a direct interaction with the Circlemaking force.” Without typing the rest of his letter here, I can say that it does reinforce his argument that the human circle makers, if “…working in harmony with the Circlemakers…are awarded the same ability to be covert, because our intent brings us into the fold of the genuine phenomenon.”

    CK’s letter was published just weeks before my crop circle initiation. My friend Ron gave me the copy when we became friends after the Inman circle and our resulting contact. This was relatively early in the Doug & Dave days, and even though Chris Kenworthy has been involved in a bit of controversy over “hoaxing” and more recently creating convincing fakes of UFO videos, etc., his printed words take me back to the mid-1990s – for me, a particularly exciting time. In an historical context his letter is almost folklorish, but yet we see the early grains of truth being revealed by those who were out in the fields, by their own admission in communication with the original Circlemakers.

    (I could make a copy and mail the entire letter to you. It’s an interesting read. Let me know.)

  7. Mike says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Yes I think I know the story of a planned hoax crop circle formation that Chris intended to make that night, AND when he got to the field, this design he had made for the formation was already there in the field.He told me the story some years ago when I met him on a crop circle search near his home, he later moved to Australia and was involved with a hoaxed UFO video I believe…..Some years ago I watched a place near my home in Coventry,UK, called Husbands Bosworth for the local crop circle to form as it did for a number of years running.I drove there every day to check out the energies crossing the field, and this one day on the way there, I stopped near Lutterworth to have a drink of water in a lay-by just off the road.I saw the Golden Sun low in the sky over this field and thought what a wonderful place for a crop circle to form, and without telling a soul, a powerful circle formed just two weeks later at that exact spot in the field.WOW….A number of years ago at Mystery Park (Swiss) they were going to ask a hoaxer to produce a crop circle close to the building, to promote the opening of a crop circle display there.But something went wrong and he never agreed to do it in the end, YET a wonderful powerful crop circle appeared the next day in the field set aside for the hoax, dowsing Circle Maker and very genuine/paranormal to my dowsing, explain that away.God has ears, thats all I know, yet the powers that be declared the formation hoaxed, and that was the end of that, when the situation was exciting to say the least, a direct answer for a crop circle to appear, and it was ignored !!

  8. Mike says:

    Today its Yahoo telling us the entire crop circle phenomenon has been the result of hoaxing, well explain then the Bell Tower at Firenze then, its a 14th Century Tower with at least 13 caved stone designs that have appeared as crop circles in the fields since.Okay the carved stone designs are high up the tower, but you can see the collection of designs that have come as crop circles since about 1992, and not by accident Yahoo I imagine.

  9. Mike says:

    Hi Stace,
    I have tried all morning to find the direct link to the Firenze Bell Tower photos, its on the CCC forum someplace, best I can do for now is show u one of the posts of the time, in 2007.Post Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 12:12 am

    Joined: Thu Jul 14, 2005 10:19 pm
    Posts: 2627
    Hi Cropredy,
    Are you about mate,or are still trying to find the way out of the Rollrights cropcircle, I know you will enjoy the atmosphere, so why not stay there, I should have..Just to ask you to check out the Camanile Di Giotto Firenze Cathedrale in Italy, see link on other forum…Its amazing, a building from the late fourteeth century including at least 10-12 designs looking like crop circles, all down the bell tower walls. NOT only that, ALL the design shapes dowse Circle Maker Cropredy, what do you make of that mate,talk about a blast from the past!!! Has to be these designs have been seen as crop circles from BEFORE that very early date, just where they might have been seen is something else, but reading between the lines, it HAS to be something like that. Talk about popping eye balls, and sharp intake of breath, leaves me without any doubt, crop circles are something old and ancient. NO wonder there are people aware of this phenomenon, and are happy to try and MASK its exsistance,crop circles are nothing new, they have been with us people from VERY EARLY TIMES. 😉 The designs for the most part all look like flower heads, yet all of them contain this wonderful Circle Maker influence, that you find in some paranormal crop circles,it HAS to mean people have seen these crop circles before, and remember its a 14th Century Bell Tower.

  10. Stace says:

    Mike, thank you for all the input. I’d love to see those designs on the Firenze bell tower. I looked on the internet for some pictures, but didn’t see any close-ups. If you locate them, please forward them on. Sounds like a potential key to add to the mystery. Stace

  11. Mike says:

    Yes thats all I can find at the moment,but I think its the where I had the link sent to the close up shots of the carved flower/crop circle designs posted now.I tried looking there, but cannot find anything yet, but will keep trying, I know at the time I dowsed all of the designs Circle Maker and most powerful.With the Tower so old the fact these designs all show powerful energy from that time means they had appeared somewhere, to impress the stone mason enough to make them in stone, or at least thats how I feel Stace.

  12. You’re in my memoir novel Stace, Angels Take The Stage on line for $9.99. I thought you would like to know.
    I also have the Hutch News article and documentation photo of the 1995 Inman Kansas “tractor formation” . Loren Regier is standing in the smaller of the two circles. The L figure is at the top of the larger circle not the smaller one, as reported by Ray Hemman. I also have something you ought to see. I discovered that the formation was located {in addition to your physic Topeka, Inman KS, Plevna connection} in the exact center of a McPherson Ks. Hesston KS. Medora KS. Highway pyramid configuration. Old 81, High Way 61, and…. Dutch Ave. from Hesston to Medora as its base. The exact center…. 5 1/4 miles East to 81, 5 1/4 miles west to 61, …..7 miles to McPherson apex. 7 miles to Dutch Ave base. It is a giant monument to the Tractor, with the strength of the pyramid made from the hundreds of blocks of farm plots on the McPherson Co. map. I have the McPherson County Township Map documentation. Turkey Creek township, section 5. The exact center. I let a few of the heavy hitters you know in on it. Now you know.

    Monty R. Westerman

  13. Stace says:

    Thanks for your note, Monty. My friend Ron Russell gave me a copy of your book some years ago.

    As you have discovered, the deeper one looks the more clues one finds within the alignments. That resonance is driving my upcoming article, which I’ve found difficult to complete as I continue to explicate the huge triangle connecting the Kansas, North Dakota, and Idaho formations which I described a few months ago in my post The Layered Language of Crop Circles. If the basic alignments detailed there aren’t astonishing enough, the subtext is perhaps even more incredible. Sifting through and expressing the magnitude of the “in-formation” has proven very cumbersome!

    Also, for clarification, the Inman formation’s L-shaped extension was indeed attached to the smaller of the two circular components (not the larger, as you state in your comment). Reference my diagram, produced using the extensive ground measurements I personally gathered on site.

  14. I only reported on what Ray Hemman said in his 1995 article and the Hutch News Photo. There is no L on that circle in the photo, and that circle is on the left with the connection pathway to the other circle on the right. The picture is not flipped because of the gap in the hedge row in the background. I’ve seen that hedge row. So much for that , When’s the band start ?

    I sent Ron and Simeon Hein and Suzanne Taylor the photo copy map of the “High Way Pyramid” in McPherson Co. this past summer, along with the township map documentation. You and Ron surely have a formation photo that day out in the field. None of those paper’s, the Sentinal or The Hutch News would give me any ink this Christmas on my book and discovery. Why don’t we get a flourescent slow moving vehicle triangle sign and stick it on a hedge post and plant it in the ditch where the formation was found. You can paint the figure in the center of it and label the high ways on it showing the pyramid. I have a hedge post and a post hole digger. Maybe that will wake them up.

  15. Monty Westerman says:

    I will look at the Hutch News photo again. The only way both you and Ray Hemman can be right is if Loren Regier is standing in front of a small L and obscuring it.

    Something else, I wrote another book in Colorado in 1986 about Shirley MacLaine and her friends on Mt. Pisgah. I worked the event and her best friend Beverly Chriswell gave me a Pleadien Crystal from 400 ligh years away. You might like to see that crystal . Keep in touch.


  16. Monty Westerman says:

    You were probably right about the L on the small circle at Inman KS. Stacey. The picture is a little distant. Looks like you’ll secure a spot on the “Starship Enterprise” with what’s happening with your investigation’s.


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