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Flat-Map Alignments: Bridging the Crop Circle Gap

Monday, December 16th, 2013

The following flat-map alignments communicate a connection between US and UK crop circles via the Pleiades, the Bermuda Triangle, and the St Michael ley which runs through crop circle country in southern England:

Explore an interactive version of this map – which stems directly from the original Triangle Alignments and associated maps linking Pleiades with the TIP line via the Wilbur 2012 circle and with the Hopewell Mounds 2012 circle via Bear Butte.

Please remember that these maps are in no way intended to reflect the spherical nature of Earth. The flat map is simply the surface on which messages from the Other Intelligence can be written, using a language comprised of symbols and ideas that are anchored on the planet and graphically depicted through geometry.

The TIP line that started all of this back on 16 June 1995 was relatively short, which when depicted on a spherical map is a nearly identical line.  For the three points in that first contact (Topeka, Inman, Plevna) to fall with almost mathematical precision on one line was, to me, no accident.  Millions and millions of square miles, as seen on this map, make even flat maps less user-friendly – which is why there is no “exactness” to this map.  The angles change subtly and sometimes not so subtly as you zoom in closer or zoom out.  Like crop circle synchronicities, these flat-map alignments are a way for the Other Intelligence to tap on our shoulders and say “take notice here.”  I find the resonance between the size, shape, and position of the original triangle alignments map and the Bermuda triangle noteworthy in this regard.

My father’s first cousin Bobby disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1954, so I have a personal connection to that mysterious place.  Despite the smear campaign against it, as with crop circles, the Triangle really is a mystery.  Could it be a portal between dimensions or worlds – and could the Other Intelligence associated with the crop circles therefore be sending a message with this map that they are associated with the Pleiades and that they utilise the Bermuda Triangle as a portal to visit Earth?

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are new to Flat-Map Alignments, please see FMAs: FAQs.


Sightings of Import – Part Two

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

“They’re Probably Listening Right Now….”

In this post, I thought I’d go back to some memorable UFO activity from many years ago – in my pre-crop-circle days.  First I’ll share a few bits from the 1950s, the decade before I was born.

As an aside, which could indicate mere coincidence, earlier in the decade one of my father’s cousins, one Robert Adcock, was mysteriously lost during a military flight in the Bermuda Triangle. And as a Marine in the mid-1950s, my father once witnessed on radar a couple of blips indicating an unknown object travelling much faster than anything known to man at the time (and perhaps to this day).

But on to the later 1950s…..

My mother and father and sister lived in a small, one-bedroom apartment on the second floor of a house in Huntsburg, Ohio. Daddy worked nights, while Mom, just 16 years old, stayed at home.  My sister slept in a crib near the bed. One morning in late 1957 or early 1958, when my sister was about 9 months old, Daddy came home in the pre-dawn dark, and he and Mom lay in bed talking. Cheryl stood up in her crib, so Mom got up to put her in bed with Daddy and then went to get her a drink.

When Mom came back from the kitchen, something exceedingly strange happened – something that was not only witnessed by both of them but which was also confirmed later that day in a series of events I’ll describe next. Bear in mind that this took place over 50 years ago, but the story’s remained essentially the same each time I’ve brought it up with my parents:

Mom was standing in the doorway and Daddy and Cheryl were on the bed when a “laser beam” or stream of light shot straight through the window and hit the crib where Cheryl had been standing moments before, making a “cracking” sound on the wood. Lightning? No thunder. Car headlight? No chance, based on the location of the window. Flashlight? Not coming through a second floor window in a thin beam that resulted in a sound as it hit the crib.

Later that day, a clearly-defined and apparently radioactive circular area was investigated by mysterious men in the field nearby.  The news reported that a UFO that passed over the area, shutting down the electrical systems of cars on the road nearby for a few moments – yes, just like you see dramatised on television these days. Cars all stalled at once, and then a few moments later, they all started up again.

“Flying saucers” were fairly common in that area of Ohio during the late 1950s. Later, when Mom and Dad lived with my paternal grandparents in Windsor, a village just a few miles east of Huntsburg, my father saw actual craft. The farmstead stood on a hill overlooking the river valley between Windsor and Orwell, and more than once my father saw silver disks descending into the trees near the river.

Now fast forward oh, about thirty years – to around 1990. With my mother and father having divorced in 1970 or 1971, Daddy was living in Kansas City and my sister (the one from the crib story) in rural, south-central Kansas. He was visiting one evening, which was a rare occasion since KC is about 5 hours from my sister’s home. I was there, as was my younger brother (by my stepfather) and my sister’s four children. It was a late summer night, we were talking excitedly, and the subject turned to UFOs – probably at my urging.

Daddy started to describe some of his sightings as the family huddled around, listening intently. For some reason I (half-jokingly) said something to the effect of, “they can probably hear us now – they’ve probably been listening the whole time!” and everyone got a good laugh out of that. But in some odd way I meant it – and my brother (around age 15), my sister’s oldest daughter (who must’ve been around 12 at the time), and I decided to go on a walk down the dark, dirt road, flashlight in hand, to look at the stars and see if any “flying saucers” would show up. It was a clear night anyway, so I knew the stargazing would be good.

As we walked arm in arm, Michael started to blink the light off and on up toward the sky (which is a proven way of showing intent to communicate with ET – albeit high-powered spotlights rather than weak flashlights are more commonly used, and at the time I didn’t know the CSETI protocol). I laughed a bit as I playfully chided him, “If they’re up there, they’re not going to see that little light all the way down here!” And what do you know, just a few seconds later, in the exact spot I was gazing – pretty much directly overhead and quite close – a bright yellow-orange light turned on and jetted over as I exclaimed “Look at that!” in time to have both Cis and Michael look up and see, for just a second, this amber light that seemingly appeared in response to the evening’s discussion.

Now I’ve seen many meteors in my time, and tons of satellites too, and this was neither. It was as large as a streetlight from, say, a block or two away, and completely silent. It moved much faster than a starlike satellite, but moved slower and was larger and more defined than any meteor I’ve seen (other than “fireballs” I’ve seen dropping down on occasion). And the timing of its appearance – well, it couldn’t have been better.

Sometimes with ET, all you need to do is acknowledge, ask, and accept. If they’re in range, I feel it’s more likely that they’ll hear and respond, provided the curiosity is real and the intention pure. In fact, they seem to enjoy teasing us with this kind of cat-and-mouse game, although there are more serious and focused ways of instigating contact – CSETI training and practise being one of them. But from my experience, ET does seem to appreciate the innocence – and the awe – of “recognised confirmation” in a first-contact type of way.

In future posts, I’ll go into the more advanced and intentional methods of building meaningful contact with ET that can, and does, happen with practise – and generally only in the absence of fear. Until then, just remember, “they’re probably listening right now.” Indeed, perhaps they are….