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Russian Crop Circle – Clue to Norway Spiral?

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

An Interpretation of the Russian Crop Circle of June 2010

The English crop circles, as usual, are headlining the 2010 season.  Some pleasant designs have appeared in the fields there, and a few in other countries, but none of this year’s circles has stirred me like the Russian crop circle found in Krasnodar Region, Belorechensk District last month.

Diagram by Tommy Borms; thanks to Crop Circle Connector.

The Russian formation hasn’t received much attention by the crop circle community.  In fact, a web search turns up just a handful of pages referencing the formation at all.  But when I first saw the diagram and read the report, I immediately felt that 1) the Krasnodar formation was not a crop circle flattened in the field by humans, and 2) its design represents something wildly important.

One of the first things I noted was that the location of the formation creates an approximate 90-degree angle between Giza and Wiltshire.  What this may signify, if anything, hasn’t been determined, but I can’t help but speculate a bit on the significance of the design and its geographic placement.  (See References following this article.)

I’d like to say the Russian crop circle last month was quite beautifully formed, and aesthetically resembles the simpler formations of fifteen or twenty years ago.  Perhaps its very simplicity and its remoteness explains why the formation has received little attention.  In any case I’m comfortable saying that the motivation behind this formation appears to be beyond a crop artist’s desire for recognition.

To clarify my position on modern crop circle phenomenon compared with true crop circles, I feel the two phenomena can’t simply and thoughtlessly be combined and assumed to be one mystery.  Some overlap seems to occur at times between the two, but evidence I’ve collected over the year reveals that, while increasing numbers of formations are created by humans, the original phenomenon still exists.

Anyway, back to the Russian formation.  My take is that the large ringed circle represents the Sun, whereas the next three circles represent Mercury, Venus, and Earth.  And then, a spiral – perhaps the Norway Spiral – is connected to the Sun via the meandering line.  In other words, the spiral originates from apparent orbit around the Sun.

What could this mean?

Direct experience with the circle makers has provided many of us researchers with undeniable evidence that a non-human intelligence communicates – i.e, conveys meaning – via abstract designs put into the landscape, with deep meanings encoded both in both the shapes and locations where they appear.  So of course the aforementioned assumption of the Russian crop circle’s representational symbology begs interpretation:

Notably, the Norway spiral appeared in a place where the highly charged particles from the Sun, mostly electrons, hit Earth’s magnetosphere, creating auroras that feature prominently in high-latitude locales such as Norway.  Auroras most frequently appear in conjunction with intensified solar activity, such as that which has been occurring this year, marking the end of an unusually-long solar minimum.

Notice in the diagram that the spiral originates from an apparent orbit around the Sun.  I acknowledge that my speculative interpretation of the Russian crop circle gets a little deeper into the fringe at this point, but to me it makes sense that the spiral may represent the object or light that accompanied Comet Hale-Bopp as it approached the Sun in late 1996 – the lowest point of the last solar minimum.

Could the spiral in the Russian crop circle be hinting that whatever dislodged, or otherwise disappeared, on the other side of the Sun has reappeared, and in the form of Norway’s spiral “cloud circle?”  If so, the implications may be far too difficult for many to comprehend or accept.


References:  I am including a few supporting references for anyone who accepted the official story that there was nothing unusual at all in the tail of Hale-Bopp, or the alternate official story that whatever mysterious object was seen and photographed in tandem with Hale-Bopp in the fall of 1996, prior to the comet emerging from beyond the Sun (sans mystery object), was either a star or a chunk of ice shed by the comet.

For more details, see Comet Hale-Bopp’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?” and also Whitley Strieber’s article.  Strieber’s section titled “The Hale Challenge” is especially pertinent.  Clearly, my friend Ron and I were not the only ones who noticed that the object was NOT a star!

Also, Maria Beloyvan, a Russian scientist visiting Fermilab earlier this year, died under unusual circumstances just weeks before the Russian crop circle appeared, possibly for sharing secret information pertinent to the preceding interpretation.   Special thanks to my friend Chris Taylor at Wild Rote for pointing out that the EU Times Online article’s author is of questionable integrity.  Thanks too to Mike Clelland at Hidden Experience for plotting the locations of Stonehenge, Giza, and the Russian crop circle, showing that the angle created by the Krasnodar location is slightly less than 90 degrees.

Bigfoot, Birds, and UFOs

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Location of Bigfoot Expedition near Leadville, Colorado

I was walking through the dark, dark woods late at night with a few other adventurers during the Paranormal Research Forum’s 2008 Bigfoot Expedition near Leadville, Colorado.  We were making a focused attempt to contact Sasquatch in a part of Colorado with a relatively high number of reported sightings of Bigfoot, and the energy was high.  I didn’t sense any fear among those in our group.

Suddenly we noticed through the trees a single, exceptionally bright, unblinking yellow light in the sky ahead of us.  It was making a beeline toward the forest where we all watched it, thinking it may be a spectacular satellite.  But when it got directly over us, the light simply disappeared.

A quick check of the heaven’s above website the next day revealed that, in fact, nothing remotely resembling what we saw was supposed to be in the sky at that time and place – i.e., it wasn’t the Space Station, nor was it any reported satellite.

Based on what I’ve learned about Bigfoot and UFOs, I can’t dismiss the yellow light as a mere coincidence.  It appeared at just the right time in just the right place.  The light in the sky wasn’t guttural howling or the tree hammering that we were anticipating, but may have instead been a basic sign of recognition, considering we were attempting to contact Bigfoot. 

In The Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO Connection, Bigfoot researcher Jack “Kewaunee” Lapseritis describes how visitors to wilderness areas populated by Sasquatch are often followed and closely monitored by birds, such as hawks and ravens.  Kewaunee, who has been documenting his and others’ encounters for decades, feels that the birds are recruited to telepathically convey what humans are doing while Sasquatch is busy with other tasks.  Thus, birds “keep an eye on things” and communicate back to Sasquatch what they see.

Anecdotal evidence from numerous witnesses who have interacted with Sasquatch suggests that these “creatures of myth” are not only real, but are associated with UFOs, communicate telepathically, and can slip in and out of view via interdimensional portals.  So it’s no surprise whatsoever they’d be able to use birds as purveyors of surveillance.

At some point it occurred to me that if birds are associated with Sasquatch and if Sasquatch are associated with UFOs, perhaps birds are used in other contexts to draw our eyes up to UFOs we’d otherwise miss.  I suppose it made sense to me to see this connection, since in recent years I’ve encountered at least two UFO incidents that I would have missed had my attention not been caught by high-flying, circling birds…

A few years ago I saw a hawk or an eagle or some kind of bird that looked so large and so perfect circling overhead that I thought it might be a fancy kite.  I took my binoculars and honed in on the smooth sailing bird, and it was so beautifully shaped and coloured that I questioned whether it was an actual, living bird or something else.  Since the nearest open space is about a half mile from my house, I didn’t see how it could be a kite.

I didn’t have much time to think about it since I was quickly distracted by a silver dumbbell shaped object, then another and another (three total) that passed through my field of vision east to west.  These UFOs, each essentially composed of side-by-side disks with one side a little larger in diameter than the other and connected with the mere hint of a middle bar, glided over me quickly.

These weren’t tumbling in the wind like you might expect a balloon to, but rather appeared to be quite deliberately flying over my house in formation – almost like they were on a mission.  I took down the binoculars, but couldn’t see the bird nor the UFOs without magnification; they were that high up and must not have been reflecting a lot of light.  I quickly looked again through the binocs and luckily got the smallest (or highest) one in view just before it went over the roof line and out of sight.

The next time a bird accompanied a sighting was one evening when I was sitting on a lawn chair on the back patio, watching the sky for one of the stationary “day stars” that I used to see so frequently just to the east of overhead.  Soon I noticed a solitary bird circling very, very high to the southeast, and I knew it must be an eagle or some other huge bird for me to see it at such a distance.

I didn’t get a great look at the bird through binoculars because as soon as I locked in on it, a shiny silver ball sitting in the sky behind it caught my attention.  I continued to watch the silver ball as the bird went out of the viewfinder.

After awhile I reluctantly took down the binocs to see if I could see the bird or the UFO with the naked eye, and I still saw the eagle, but not the UFO.  Luckily I found the UFO again through binoculars, though the bird wasn’t my guide this time.  I found the silver ball only by scanning the sky slowly.  It remained stationary and visible for several minutes, until the Sun went down.

I found this similar sighting at the National UFO Reporting Center website:

Occurred : 9/21/2002 13:00 (Entered as : 9/21-02 1300)
Reported: 9/23/2002 2:07:14 PM 14:07
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Columbine, CO
Shape: Circle
Duration:45 Minutes Round silver object seen only through binoculars that remained stationary for over 30 minutes.

While my wife and I were hunting approximatley [sic] 6 miles north of Columbine, Colorado which is about 30 miles north of Steamboat Springs, we saw a round silver object in the sky,,,this object could not be seen with the naked eye. I was looking through my binoculars at an eagle when I noticed the object. The sky was very blue and clear and there was definitely something in the sky. I handed the binoculars over to my wife and I gave her the approximate direction in the sky. It took her a minute or two, but she also saw it. …After 40 minutes, we could not find the object again in the same portion of the sky. We scanned the area for several minutes.

I wonder how many unreported UFO sightings also started with the sighting of a large bird…?


Special thanks to my friend Mike Clelland at Hidden Experience, whose recent post about the owl and hummingbird dream inspired me to finish this article, finally ending weeks of editorial trepidation!

Greys From Mars?

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Nuanced Grey, by Stace Tussel.  Oil, circa 1995.

World media, in a coordinated fashion, seems to be closing in on an admission of an ET presence, and recent news in particular seems to intently focus on life on Mars.  I’ve been following this cascade of revolutionary information for some time.  With increased disclosures in the first days of 2010, I’m reminded of just how close Mars is to Earth.  A recently released photo of lake beds on the planet’s surface may even show evidence of the habitation – current, past, or both – of Mars.

If life ever existed on Mars, then advanced lifeforms certainly could have evolved.  Living on Mars’ brutally cold surface would require planning and technical expertise, and Marsians would need to be resourceful – and intelligent – to survive.  Enclosed environments designed to withstand weather extremes might be manufactured with superior materials in order to house controlled ET communities.  But perhaps Marsians would prefer to reside underground, protected from the cold climate and intense radiation.  Mars has a molten core similar to Earth’s, and since Mars is smaller, its heat may be more accessible – meaning inner-Mars may well provide a suitable environs for ETs.

Marsians would likely need relatively little oxygen, light, and food, as compared to their Earthbound neighbours.  I imagine they might share characteristics of the Greys of modern fame (or notoriety, depending on one’s point of view).  For instance, they wouldn’t need stomachs and lungs, at least not to the degree humans do.  In order to carry on their race, Marsians would need to adapt, via natural or artificial evolution, and DNA manipulation, to the environment in which they reside.

Whether Grey Marsians were to live primarily on the surface or deep underground, their big, black, wraparound eyes serve a purpose.  The Greys’ eyes, which I recall as a hypnotic array of many small, velvety, black hexagons, may also function as virtual sunglasses for surface dwellers.  In contrast, the large dark eyes may be all-pupil, allowing inner-planet residents to absorb as much of the visual field as possible.

Possibly the eyes function in divergent capacities, as needed.

Established arguments against the existence of UFOs and ETs, primarily based on the perceived limitations of distances measured in light years, are quickly becoming archaic as evidence for them mounts.  Perceived reality is shifting, as it always has, with the tide of human knowledge.  Perhaps for the first time in recorded history, humans are learning that a habitable planet other than Earth is within reasonable reach.  Perhaps one day even the staunchest skeptic will realise that ET really is as close as swamp gas and weather balloons…


NOTE:  I prefer Marsian over the outdated and stereotypical “Martian.”

Link to BBC News article, “Mars’ ancient lake beds…”

Mystery Sky Spirals in China and Norway

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Today a huge, unidentified spiral emitting a blue spiralling beam manifested in the sky over northern Norway.  The phenomenon was seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of people.  Here are a couple of the best photos posted at various news sites around the world:

(Upper left, by Jan Petter Jørgensen; Below right, by Svein-Egil Haugen)

Of course, “official” explanations are beginning to filter out into the media, including what I expect to eventually be the popular explanation: that the spiral was comprised of fuel debris from a failed Russian rocket launch – a launch which Russian officials have denied.   What motive would exist to deny the rocket launch, especially when the evidence was hanging there in the air for 10 to 20 minutes, at least?

Surely samples were taken.  Will the perfect white spiral “prove” to be rocket fuel?   Or was something else entirely going on above Norway this morning?  Dare I mention “cloud circle?

Occam would likely conclude that the phenomenon was a rocket gone awry.  But as you listen to upcoming news about the beautiful, galaxy-like spiral and blue emission (leaving the white spiral, not approaching it), take the following into consideration.  Here’s a video, apparently taken in China years ago, that seems to show a similar phenomenon.  At about 1:11 into the video notice how the direction of the spiral abruptly shifts from anti-clockwise to clockwise. The Chinese spiral was likely not the result of a rocket.


NOTE:   An acquaintance of mine from noted that “An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, “When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge”.  This will be the Day of Purification.  The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina.  It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask.”

World Contact Day Tomorrow: Are You In?

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Reminder! Tomorrow, October 1st, is World Contact Day. I declared that when I first posted about it here a week ago today, just like anybody else could have done. If you’re not sure whether to participate or not, now the time has come to make that choice. Are you in?

Sure, the idea’s been around since the first one occurred in 1953, and over the years various additional World Contact Days have been organised or suggested. But a general lack of results in the past needn’t impact our effort this time if we simply recognise and work around some persistent (and ultimately irrational) concerns:

1) Perhaps there are no extraterrestrials out there to listen.
2) What difference can we possibly make if only a teeny-tiny percentage of the world’s population participates?
3) What’s the point in asking for contact? If they’re able to get this far, they’ll show up on their own terms.

I’ve set up a few general guidelines to help us in this collaborative effort. The first premise of World Contact Day is that indeed, they’re out there. Let’s accept that extraterrestrials exist. For many of us, calculated odds are irrelevant since we’ve encountered extraterrestrials and/or interdimensionals on various levels, but for the rest, just know the odds are greatly in favour of extraterrestrial life.

Speaking of numbers: even a handful of dedicated participants can effect real change, but we need to create and empower coherent shared thoughts. In reality we don’t need a lot of waves to create interference patterns that could generate synaptic holograms allowing near-effortless conveyance of intention. To get into a coherent wave-generating state, use whatever has worked for you in the past, as long as you can reasonably hold your focus and stay awake.

Here’s a very basic, abbreviated lesson in results-driven inter-intelligence communication as it has worked for me before. First, meditate to clear your mind of cluttered thoughts; in inter-intelligence communication, a highly-focused state of mind is a good place to start. Although everyone’s going to have a unique experience, I would suggest that most mind-altering substances are probably not conducive to the state of mind needed to do this specific kind of work.

Then initiate the interaction. A critical component of this World Contact Day is focussing on a specific song which I chose to unite us in our efforts. I didn’t think twice about which song would be most appropriate: Klaatu’s song Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, which can be heard at Originally written to commemorate the next World Contact Day, this song will elevate you to another level of experience – but you might need several listens to let it work through you. Give it a try.

By this point, if you’re on the fence about participating then this part of the process will probably make or break your choice. Either way is fine, but if you’re going forward then realise you must align yourself with some very strong convictions. It’s time to extend a real invitation to the extraterrestrials to visit us if they can. Before taking this step, releasing any fear of contact is radically important. Expressing thanks is equally important, for it implies synergy, lighting the beacon of our consciousness and elating our intentions. Think of it this way: fearless intention infused with gratitude drives the cosmic torus into perpetuity!

With relatively few participants, how do we turn up the volume on our request for contact? The answer, I believe, essentially lies in our combined ability to create a resonance that rings like the clear tone of a bell extended out into the unified field. Let’s assume that the cosmos is an infinite unified field….and why not? We have plenty of evidence supporting the theory, so let’s run with it.

We need to make our efforts as strong and resonant as possible, and that’s why I have given us a particular song – Calling Occupants – to listen to repeatedly. I can’t overstate how strongly I intuit that this inspired music will bind our energy, intention, and gratitude together powerfully as we listen over and over. Listening to this song also provides World Contact Day with at least two other critical keys: 1) simply playing it projects sound waves into the unified field, and 2) our listening to it creates certain thought patterns that are also projected into the unified field.

Think cymatics. Think symbols. Think communication. Know that in your mind you have capacities….

NOTE: I’ve been watching the play count of Calling Occupants on Klaatu’s page, and it spiked for a couple of days after my initial post and has started to gradually level off since. What we need to see is an increase in listening to this song, and repeated listening. If you’re participating and you genuinely want to contribute to strong resonance and stronger communication, then listen as much as you can.

Thanks in advance to those participating full-on in World Contact Day 2009.


“In your mind you have capacities you know”

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

I propose that Thursday, the 1st of October, 2009, be declared World Contact Day. Everyone who reads this is inserting their vibe into the harmonic hologram, which is a butterfly moving its wings lightly in the wind. This tiny butterfly has so much energy welling up inside it, and it will only grow over the next seven days.

Especially if many people are drawn to listen to Klaatu’s song Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft….over and over….creating a resonance that will continue to grow stronger.

There’s no telling what may happen this year on World Contact Day. Next Thursday, October 1st. Let’s see what happens.

I highly recommend listening to the song as you read the words at first. The easiest way to listen is to go to Klaatu’s myspace page:

C a l l i n g O c c u p a n t s O f I n t e r p l a n e t a r y C r a f t
(John Woloschuk / Terry Draper)

In your mind you have abilities you know
To telepath messages through the vast unknown
Please close your eyes and concentrate
With every thought you think
Upon the recitation we’re about to sing

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft

You’ve been observing our earth
And we’d like to make a contact with you

We are your friends

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants and interplanetary ultra-emissaries

We’ve been observing your earth
And one night we’ll make a contact with you

We are your friends

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, quite extraordinary craft

Please come in peace we beseech you
Only a landing will teach them
Our earth may never survive
So do come we beg you
Please interstellar policemen
Won’t you give us a sign
Give us a sign that we’ve reached you

With your mind you have ability to form
And transmit thought energy far beyond the norm
You close your eyes
You concentrate
Together that’s the way
To send the message
We declare World Contact Day

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft


Calling occupants
Calling occupants
Calling occupants
Calling occupants
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft

(commemorating the original World Contact Day, 15 March 1953)

Subtle Communication in Crop Circle Photo?

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

While we await the first crop circle of the season in the US, here’s a little puzzle.  Look closely at the photo above, which I shot in the Spanish Fork, Utah crop circle in 2004.

Have I taken a picture of a stray hair for the first and only time in my life, or have I photographed a little bundle of energy buzzing through the crop circle?

The circle makers are quite adept at communicating with psychic riddles and synchronicities, so it makes sense to consider intentionality in this photo.  The way the anomaly is hidden in plain sight seems marvelously arranged.


Perceptual Blindness and the UFO Phenomenon

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

This photo was taken a few years ago, judging by the sweater – and I have no memory of who took it, or where.

There’s a story about Magellan’s ships coming across the ocean toward a new shore, and none of the natives on land could see them.  The tall European ships simply didn’t exist in the natives’ reality.  But the tribe’s shaman, in a state of expanded awareness, sensed the encroaching strangers – and soon everyone else in the village saw them too.

The story of the natives who couldn’t see the ships seems, to me, very much like an old urban legend, most of which are based on a kernel of truth.  From my perspective, substituting modern mankind and extraterrestrial airships for the natives and sailing ships gives modern significance to the story of people blinded by their limited scope of reality – an example of “perceptual blindness,” as it’s sometimes called.

I’ve seen many inexplicable aerial objects and apparent non-human vehicles, like the flat black rectangle on the scale of several football fields gently gliding horizontally (and admittedly at a fairly high altitude) over my neighbourhood against a clear blue sky, and the room- or house-sized wingless metallic sphere seen from my doctor’s sixth-floor window, moving with clear intent directly into a gusty February breeze.   In fact I’ve seen more UFOs than I can count on both hands and both feet.  But why me, and not the guy next door?  Perhaps I’ve seen them because on some level I’ve always known that they exist, I fully accept their reality, and subconsciously I expect to see them when they’re around.

Do I, and others who frequently see UFOs, have some kind of enhanced-spectrum vision as opposed to perceptual blindness when it comes to seeing these things?  By virtue of our direct experiential knowledge of UFOs, perhaps the craft are (in a manner of speaking) an extension of ourselves – in which case, a nearby UFO grabbing our attention may be as natural as responding when we hear our name spoken in a crowded room.

Your average Joe standing next to me may not perceive a UFO that I see clearly, merely because the arrangement of his ocular cones and rods – tuned by his expectations – doesn’t allow him to see it.  And for the implacable skeptic – well, an extraterrestrial vehicle simply isn’t in their realm of possibility, thus I wouldn’t expect them to see a UFO in any case.

Knowledge stimulates a certain response within us.  I believe that that to which we are tuned – that which we accept and expect – interacts with us in ways that transcend the mundane.  More and more people around the world are beginning to accept the reality of extraterrestrial and/or interdimensional vehicles, and more and more admit believing the craft exist.  As seems to be the case with everything else in our reality, the shift is happening faster all the time.

What I’m suggesting is that, when it comes to UFOs, we’re nearing the proverbial 100th Monkey, so be careful what you expect.  You just might see it.


Addendum:  If the idea I just wrote about has any truth to it, maybe it also explains how I can stand for 5 minutes in front of the open refrigerator looking for something that’s staring me in the face – that is, the denser the vibration, the less I focus on it, whereas the higher the vibration, the more attracted I am.  Hmmm.  That could actually explain a lot …

Synchronicity – Yet Another Confirmation from the Cosmos

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009


As I was intent on finishing my last post about UFOs hiding in clouds (article below), I realised I didn’t know the date of our return from New York.  If I really wanted to get an idea of how high those cloud tops were, I needed specific data.  So yesterday afternoon I called Lyn – after a good year and a half of silence.

I didn’t tell her immediately why I was calling – which was to find out if she knew when we flew back from New York.  First thing she said was, “It’s no surprise you’d call today – I was just talking about you last night.  It seems that every time you come to mind and I start to reminisce, you call.”

Lyn’s a talker.  Originally from New Jersey, she really likes to take charge of the conversation.  So as I was waiting patiently to ask my question, the next thing she says is, “You’ll never believe what I found as I was going through some papers earlier today.  Our ticket stubs from the New York trip!”

Hmmm.  Synchronicity, anyone?

It’s pretty amazing that she’d just come across the itinerary information that morning, as I was thinking about how much I needed the information.  In fact as I was talking to her on the phone I was holding my Guggenheim notebook, which didn’t have anything about the return date in it, as Lyn told me she was looking at the receipt from a couple of things she bought at the Guggenheim.  And of course, looking at the plane ticket receipts, she also had our return date and time.

We came back on Continental flight C407Y, leaving Newark at 12.50 PM and arriving in Denver at 3.01 PM on the 23rd of July.

I was able to pull up a bit of information from the Weather Underground historical weather data, and found that several cities in the vicinity of where we were had scattered clouds and relatively high humidity levels.  I still can’t pinpoint the exact location of the sighting, of course – but the data provided enough information to confirm that there were some low-level clouds over that part of the country during the afternoon hours.  I’ve passed that information to Steve, who did the prior calculations.  If he’s able to do any more fine-tuning, I’ll post any updates I get to accompany the comment to the original article, in which I’ve included an excerpt from Steve’s reply to my inquiry where he estimates of the disk’s diameter to be somewhere between about 700 to 800 feet – in case you missed that.

A saucer the diameter of about two football fields is enough for me.  A smaller or larger craft would be just fine too.  The disk was apparently much larger than I initially guessed it to be.  Steve’s calculations are the best we’re going to get; we’ll never have exact numbers.  The synchronicity of Lyn finding the information I needed just when I needed it – without any direct communication from me to prompt her to go looking – is confirmation enough for me that we’re on the right track.

(FYI, Lyn’s the friend who helped me to make the weekend run to North Dakota described in my article “More Crop Circle Synchronicities….” – a trip that took place just weeks after our return from New York.  It was a very exciting summer indeed!)


Flying Saucers Hiding in Clouds Over the Midwest!

Monday, May 18th, 2009

The following UFO account wasn’t quite as dramatic as the one in the picture, but I’m forever grateful for my experience…

I was aboard a jet cruising at an altitude somewhere between 30 to 35K feet, watching cloud puffs floating above the rural landscape below, casting relaxing, transient shadows on open fields, roads, and farmhouses.  Clearly it was a very “fair-weather” kind of day in Iowa or Illinois, or wherever we were – about halfway between New York and Denver one afternoon in late July of 2000. (updated from original)

According to my Field Guide to North American Weather, if the clouds were Cumulus humilis, which they appeared to be, then they were probably originating a mile or less above ground.  (If you could only run toward them, you’d be there in a matter of minutes….)

Suddenly and very unexpectedly, I saw directly below us, in the top layers of the puffy clouds, a disk, apparently “hiding” – at least from those on the ground – among the cloud tops.  I could hardly believe what I was seeing from the vantage point of a jet window:  an apparent extraterrestrial vehicle hovering over Midwestern farmland on a summer afternoon!

Appearing flat but still 3-dimensional, the disk resembled a horizontal coin – and indeed I remember quickly noting that it was about the size of a coin at arm’s length.  As we continued past it over the span of several seconds, I finally managed to draw back and give the window to my travel partner Lyn, who luckily caught a brief glimpse of the UFO.

There was no question it was a fairly flat, disk-shaped object.  No discernible reflection bounced off its topside that would indicate it was domed.  It was, in fact, pronouncedly discreet.

What was it doing?  I mean, why was it there?

Now if I knew the likely height of those cloud tops, the real size of the UFO could be correspondingly approximated.  The only problem is that I don’t know how wide the cloud bottoms were, which means I also have no real sense of how high the cloud tops were – where the disk was hanging out.  All I really know is that Cumulus humilis are low-level clouds that, in any case, are no taller than they are wide.

I’m missing a critical piece of the puzzle!  As mentioned, fair weather cloud bottoms tend to be a mile or less from the ground.  Going off memory of many summers growing up in the rural Midwest, I’m estimating that the type of cloud in which I saw the disk was about a mile wide – perhaps larger.

By itself, the memory that the disk was the apparent size of a coin at arm’s length doesn’t tell us much about the real size of the craft, nor can I say with any certainty how large it was in comparison to the cloud.   Was the disk a hundred feet in diameter?  Five hundred?  A thousand feet?  Any of these numbers may be close.

For some reason, I really want to know the approximate diameter of the disk!  To get a better idea, I need to figure out the distance between the disk and me.

My “best guess” may be skewed, but it’s all I have to work with for now.  So if the cloud bottom was a mile off the ground, and if the cloud was a mile or two wide and perhaps a mile tall, that would put the cloud tops – and the disk – at around 15K feet in altitude.  If the jet were cruising at 35K feet, that’s a difference of about four miles between the jet and the UFO.

With all that in mind, what would be the real size of an object appearing to be about the size of a coin at arm’s length at a distance of four miles?  Anybody with a formula to figure this out, please feel free to share your calculations….


NOTES:   Obviously, the picture accompanying this article is not specifically representative of my sighting.  The picture is simply shared for two basic reasons:  1) it depicts a UFO partially obscured by clouds, and 2) it’s just a really, really groovy picture.

Also, for reference, unless you’re a Sasquatch, if you hold a dime at arm’s length it will just about cover the full moon.  Try it.