Comet Hale-Bopp’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?”

Exploring a link between the Giza Plateau, Comet Hale-Bopp, the current solar minimum, and 2012 …

In the fall of 1996, my friend Ron Russell and I were together one evening when we first heard about Comet Hale-Bopp.  Detailed coordinates allowed us to locate the “new” comet in the sky with just binoculars.   As I recall we followed the directions precisely by first locating a certain notable star through the binocs, then we looked a few degrees to the left of it and up by a certain number of degrees.  There it was!  Unmistakable – and beautiful.

What a sight: a bright nucleus shedding a misty dust field behind it.  I can’t say how I knew this right away, but I straightaway noticed a spot of light in the tail that seemed distinctly unnatural, and pointed it out to Ron.

Over the next few nights we continued to follow the comet as it coursed past the star background, the object in the tail as obvious as a clingy puppy.  I’m no astronomer, but I knew that something was excitingly “wrong” about the light following Hale-Bopp.  Night after night we watched the two lights riding side-by-side through space.   (Note, this was BEFORE the late Chuck Shramek released his photo of Hale-Bopp and the companion object.  Ron and I were, we later found out, among many other, lucky discoverers of the “hitchhiker.”)

The official explanation for the anomaly is critical evidence of a coverup, although it worked fabulously by the next spring when Hale-Bopp fever took over the US.  According to NASA, which, as I’ve noted before, is surely the acronym for Not A Safe Assumption (i.e., that we’re getting the truth), initial reports of the companion object were explained away by a magnitude 8 star in the background which was missed by flawed computer star-plotting software.

That explanation may have been plausible if the “star” had only been seen on one night.  But stars don’t change position.  And the companion stayed with the comet night after night as it traversed the star background.  The comet’s tag-along was noticeable from Earth.  It wasn’t a star hitched to Hale-Bopp.

During the winter months, the comet disappeared from view as its orbit took it around the far side of the sun.  When the comet came out from behind the sun, surely whatever was in the tail would be even more noticeable.  What would happen then?!

Time would tell.  Only when Hale-Bopp was ready to emerge did popular reports about the upcoming great comet hit major media – convenient, since whatever was in the tail the fall previous had detached or otherwise become invisible during transit behind the Sun!

Meanwhile, the Heaven’s Gate “UFO Cult” suffered a perfectly-orchestrated and well-publicised demise, effectively detracting the media (and thus, public attention) away from the real story – not only for the moment, but for all of time.  Official photographs of Hale-Bopp accidentally posted months earlier at the JPL website were suddenly wiped clean of the inexplicable “star.”  And under threat of ridicule, many witnesses to the companion object retreated, noting with silent incredulity the covers of major science and astronomy magazines, which showed the blazing comet as it approached its closest pass by our planet in Spring of 2007, unencumbered by any supernatural hitchhikers.

Based on my observations, I believe that Hale-Bopp may have been a convenient form of gravitational transport for some artificial object.  Whatever the case, I can’t ignore the pronounced solar cycle effects that coincide with the comet’s companion’s mysterious disappearance.   Autumm 1996 was the lowest point of the last solar minimum.  We are also now lodged in the abyss of an extended solar minimum, one which should have ended by now.  Instead,  2008-2009 is shaping up to be one of the most sunspot-free stretches in almost 100 years – rivaling only 1913.  The effects on our environment and on our consciousness remain to be seen as we continue our approach to 2012…

…which, by the way, I think we’re close enough to by now to bring up an important new topic, and that is the precession of the equinoxes that occurs roughly every 26,000 years – just under that.  If we take JPL’s ephemeris for Hale-Bopp’s prior transits through our immediate solar system (I specify prior transits, since the next anticipated one seems to have been dramatically revised due to the comet’s gravitational interaction with the super-massive Jupiter during this pass), we will go back in time by 4206 years to determine Hale-Bopp’s prior passes.

Now, this is important:  if Graham Hancock and others are correct about the pyramids pointing to an epoch about 12,500 to 12,600 years ago (and I consider the latter to be a more accurate figure, based on the research of Goro Adachi, which more precisely narrows down Graham Hancock’s calculation), then on a whim, why not take 12,600 divided by 4200…..hmmmm…..we get precisely THREE.

Could this possibly mean that the Giza Plateau is commemorating the mysterious comet we’ve just been considering….?!?!

I believe the current solar minimum is related to consciousness expansion.  An upcoming article delves into possible positive effects on our DNA as a result of a current influx of galactic cosmic radiation.


To complement this post, you might want to bring up the following link, which will allow you to visualise the “11-year” sunspot cycle (which, at this point has apparently been extended to a 12.5 year cycle – and counting….).  You may also find it handy to accompany a reading of my prior post “Solar Low = Consciousness High?” regarding a possible correlation between our shrinking heliosphere and apparent advances in both human and non-human consciousness.


(Two dates to check with regard to this particular post:  1 October 1996, representing the approximate date I first learned about Comet Hale-Bopp and started tracking the companion object in its tail, and 19 April 2009 – today.  Notice anything?)

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17 Responses to “Comet Hale-Bopp’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?””

  1. Chris says:

    My horizons have broadened since 1996, but even now the name “Hale-Bopp” evokes and almost Pavlovian response in me. I wasn’t even paying attention at the time, but the images of Heaves Gate come back so easily. I don’t even know why.

    I never new that a visible companion was reported by any number of people, either. I have a lot to examine on this one

  2. You have touched on a mystery. I do remember the early acclaim that the comet had a follower in tow, and how that talk died out in a short time. I was not aware of NASA (Never A Straight Answer) doctoring comet photos, but that act is consistent with something I do remember, which is that people close to the Heavens Gate group do not believe that their deaths were suicide as popularly believed–but rather murdered, as part of an orchestration of public opinion, it would seem. The book, The Stargate Conspiracy, has much to offer in this vein.

    The Giza plateau as commemorating the comet bears consideration. The above mentioned book dashes the popular belief that the pyramid arrangement is oriented to star patterns of the time. The entire subject needs to be reexamined.

    1996-2009: Allowing for the extended solar minimum we’re experiencing, you’re reporting on the comet here coincides with that point in the sun cycle at which you first saw it. An advance in consciousness in the matter. Yes?

  3. Ah! And after now reading your previous post, I would add that in numerology, the number one begins a cycle, and nine ends the cycle–the pattern of ones and nines in the dates you give as relevent to your comet sighting/writing. Too, those would be link points for fractal lines/synchronicities. Wow! Fun!

  4. Stace says:

    Ron and I watched Hale-Bopp and its companion for many days, and I quote from personal correspondence from Ron, “I do recall [the event described] and remember it as amazing.” Yet the disinformation campaign was quite effective. For some reason all the info on the ‘net dismissing the companion object focuses only the far-out stories of those who apparently believed the companion was a vehicle three or four times the size of the earth (funny, since the comet’s diameter is estimated at about 25 miles or so – smaller than most major cities), claims of “doctored” photos, and profuse ridicule.

    What about all of us who saw the object with binoculars? I guarantee Ron and I weren’t the only ones. I didn’t have a camera capable of photographing the object once, let alone each night, or you can bet I’d post photos here.

    Now, after 12 years, all the puzzle pieces seem to be coming together. If the previous orbital cycles are correct, then Giza does seem to be a reminder of the special comet…

  5. Shane says:

    Does anyone find it odd that cancer rates and autism rates have rose significantly since comet visited?

  6. Stace says:

    Your question interests me. I believe our exponentially-growing population has corresponded with increased chemical pollutants in the environment, but I don’t see a “special” correlation there. Now, the mysterious relationship of Hale-Bopp with the solar minimum of 96-97, and a sense that something’s still at play today during the current deep solar minimum – that intrigues me more yet…

  7. MPrck says:

    It’s funny I have only just found out about the companion to the comet. Of course I remember heavens gate, but it also took me months to find out about the Phoenix Lights back in that time. I have only been on the net for 7 years now, just think how much we find out now because of it, then we did in the days of books, and newspapers.

  8. prism christopher says:

    I would love someone to help me get to the bottom of this cover-up with more data, my email is

  9. Sawyer says:

    This has been as breath of fresh air to me and you may understand why. I did not need this breath of fresh air as I was with Ti and Do’s Heaven’s Gate cult for 19 years and was aware while still in the group thought the paranet bulletin board out of Colorado Springs that an object was outside the orbit of pluto, then still thought to be a “planet”, that was recorded as having changed direction and speed. This was late in 1993 I believe.

    I left the group in September of 1994 because I suddenly began to entertain sexual thoughts after being successfully celebate for 18+ years, though I certainly had battles. Anyway, you might say I was in Do’s inner circle and can be seen on their video’s called Beyond Human, The Last Call currently available on , rio D’Angelo’s channel.

    For the record you can see the 15 info-video’s I’ve posted on 12 of which are geared to a Christian often anti-Jesus, except in use of the word, people. Now there is a great deal to say about all this.

    After I left the group I remained in touch indirectly with them and I could have returned but I became thoroughly involved in establishing a new life that included a partner and our baby on the way, when they “layed down their lives” which was not a big surprise to me as I document in my vidoe’s because I was there from the beginning and giving our lives was part of the motis operandi from the get go.

    It was simply a matter of when and how we’d be exiting our bodies, for instance at another’s hand or on board a spacecraft because Ti and Do never thought the Evolutionary Level Above Human (and Above all human equivilent space aliens) had much use for antiquated mammalian vehicles(bodies) as they Know that the Soul, a container that starts as a seed that they implant into selective human subjects who are desirous of working for whatever they consider to be the Kingdom of God.

    I was living in Carmel, NY at that time and felt compelled to go to the press to tell the truth about what I knew of these people as I could see that the press knew nothing and at that point had not linked them back to their origin as a group in 1975 as “Human Individual Metamorphosis”(HIM) with Ti and Do, then Peep and Bo saying they came from the Evolutionary Level Above Human, which was a many membered kingdom with membership operating physical vehicles, of which they were Older Members aka Heavenly Fathers of the same Family that Jesus came from, as well as Moses, Elijah and Enoch and in previous civilzations on Earth different names and were their promised return.

    The same Older Member Soul performed the undercover (thief in the night) task using a different human vehicle each time to bring a small classroom of student Souls to their graduation which was like a harvest of fruit to them, but not to eat but to enable new membership since they had outgrown human/animal dependancies and limitations and it’s mammalian behaviors that must begin when the undercover Older Member snatches a human body.

    Meanwhile those that dropped out of such a previous Level Above Human Overcoming styled experiential classroom(that begins in earnest with a Moses like experience and then to the 2nd trimester in a Jesus like experience and then the final trimester in the birth of that soul through the earth’s womb when both The Admiral (Father) and Captain (Son) come together as foretold – (See lots of evidence in my vidoes) to take the same student body, having had their soul “saved” following their death “in belief” and often from having believed against all odds through their birth canal 3rd trimester.

    There’s the number 3 again and I wonder how the 6’s interrelate. The trinity is representative of the structrue of the Kingdom Level Above Human. There are Older Members who once were younger Members and they are all connected by the same MIND, a living highly intelligent energy, like blood specific to all members who become containers of it and thus part of Their family.

    They don’t need new members so they set the bar very, very high but they help anyone who is willing and this time around they also had some that were circulating in the near heaven’s around earth who wanted to sacrifice their physical bodies to earn a new Next Level body that is grown on a vine and can be operated by a certain power level of MIND within that individuals soul pocket/container that like I said starts as a seed but a smart seed as it’s like a chip and it’s deposited into selected humans.

    Meanwhile, the dropouts who see the Next Level as another alien group they are against are trying to create their own kingdom so are trying to use humans to grow vehicles the way the Next Level does so they can have a vehicle to move into when they lose their current vehicle, though they never really move into it exclusive of the mind of the genetic strain of that particular vehicle, though they also are attemtping to clone as well and have been engaged in this program for millenium and before the earth existed (though not the same space aliens who are all moreorless under the title Luciferian named after one of the prime renegades to the Next Level from Earth, though other once garden like planets created by the Next Level have their equivilent Luciferians. Of course one way to combat the Next Level is to play all angels so they brainwash people into religions while with the ones that can see through religions they convince that there is no Lucifer, nor a creator team and if some see through that as the evidence before us increasinlgy demonstrates a huge amount of directed intelligence that goes into the intricate coordinated solar systems and all the elements and life forms with geneitc code that evolves within, in both consciousness and biology.

    Sorry for my poor writing as I can ever seem to use stock verbage so I just let it flow with each person I try to tell some of this story to.

    Anyway, I went public in 1997 with what I knew and did spots with most all the national media and had two book deals on the table with editors lined up and a publicist that began when I was on the Geraldo show about UFO’s weeks after I was on 60 minutes in what the producer who just died said infactically on set from his control room that this story was the biggest one since doing a full 3 segments on the Reagans, though they we were in studio the day before the easter sunday of 1997 show and they were not able to get all three segments of the show formated in time so just ran it in two segments, also a rarity.

    Then I went home to Carmel and my partner had our baby 3 months later and I had no particular desire to do anything more with the subject but I beleive the group who were still in the spirit world started coming to me in dreams, a long series of dreams along with premonitions like 9-11 and signs in the heavens from Do and some classmates and it seemed like they were assisting me with re-bonding with them as I evidenced not being totally broken off from them, by going to the media with the story that I was freightened to do and it was not at all for financial reasons that I went forward as I had no desire to write a book. I acutually wanted to get on with my life, thus a dicotomy.

    But the dreams continued and I realized I did not have to leave my family behind to be in their service but still it took years before I began to speak again publically and you can hear some of what I talked about on my internet radio program blog.

    Actually with this discovery of your evidence of the companion that I didn’t know existed to the extent you are expressing Perhaps you’d like to be on a radio show.

    I’m not selling anythng nor do I care who believes or not and there is no suicide plot or new cult starting or any of that. It’s simply each persons decision what to believe and whether they wish to demonstrate that belief to those they believe in by telling Their (Ti and Do’s story) as best they can and accept the ramifications of all those who will hate the entire story and the storytellers. Doing that will get your Soul body saved and brought back to the next startup civilization to have a chance to become a member of the Next Level which is NOT a spiritual existence and is NOT a human existance but is a real living working challenging exciting many department of service new life that is actually never ending as long as one wants to be connected but that one always has the option to exit from. Except once one exits from it, they eventually die though may be able to sustain themselves for a while like by hiding underground during a recycling.

    Now the Next Level I feel will be returning one last time but not undercover this time but as they really are and it will probably be as what humans would call a armada and various space aliens know of rumors of such and are considering their approach as the evil aliens from orien, even thougth of as robots because their vehicles are not biologically human nor reptilian as theirs.

    Oh, the crew that came undercover, did so by crashing some of their model T spacecraft so they would kill their own existeing vehicles to releast their soul body into the atmosphere to begin the 3rd trimester that began in earnest with prep in the early 1900’s but sort of peaked (the prep) in the 1950-60’s and then was in full swing in the 1970’s which was all stimulated by having two Older Members’ minds in the earth atmophere that anyone who could, could draw on for all sorts of information and knowledge and desires and energy to cause an information explosion.

    more later.

  10. wade says:

    wonderful story and blog thank you
    and you answered some questions for me as well

  11. Sawyer says:

    more on Ti and Do’s Heaven’s gate and my experiences: When the .dot come crash happened in october of 2000 following an uneventful y2k, which was really a belated response to the Heavens’ gate exit because humans were going by the calender that wasn’t accuratly timed to the end of the age. (The Level Above Human do not live in “time”.

    They operate according to cycles on the garden planets they orchestrate into hothouse’s for soul body evolution, thus events are their timeline but to them 1000 of our years is like a day to them. It’s just like other animal species that measure time relative to their life span.

    When you have no life span you are out of time. And to them who have developed their Soul body into container for their Older Members mind that each who draws it to them by behavior and determination to have it by providign service to the Older Members who delugate tasks to, so each younger member can grow as fast as they wish, theorectically could even pass up their own older member if that older member wasn’t also seeking maximum growth. I

    t’s not a competition as we see in the human kingdom. It’s just thirsting to be the best spoke in a magnificent wheel you can be and from that a younger member is given more and more responsabilites in whatever department they wish to apprentise in, with the option at some point of seeking to do a task like Ti and Do have done which to them is also a learning experience. They treat every experience as if it’s brand new though they don’t reinvent the structures that work.

    Anyway it was october of 2006 and I’d by then had two dreams with Ti in them where she was communicating something to me. First that she was pleased I was writing and then I don’t recall, except that I awoke and saw a spirit being glide by me who I beleive was my assigned advasary (satan) that she was alerting me to. I don’t feel it was Ti and it doesn’t make sense to me that she would appear to me in that way, but I won’t go into a long explanation of why I feel that way.

    By then I’d had four dreams with Do, the first one I was observing him working with some students and one student was srrody and he never looked my way. The second was similar and some months later Do looked over at me but communicated nothing I could put into words.

    The third was in response to a question I had. The question I asked him consciously outside the dream world, was “do I need to prepare myself to be willing to lay down my life the way they all did?”. He responded that night in a very clear dream, “give your life”, so just like him completely unmanipulative as always leaving it up to me to decide and as my vehicle was fearful of laying down as I had established attachments to my daughter and partner. Thus I decided I’d try to give my life step by step asking Do for each new step as I felt inclined to take on more. Then next dream I had with Do was when only his face appeared again in answer to a question I had about my use of music in sharing Next Level information and I saw his face superimposed in the the middle of what I considered to be my music and there was more to that I won’t bother with now.

    Then I had a dream with Jwnody and Lggody though Lggody said nothing but just seemed to vibrate support to jwnody in her communication to me. Jwnody said that “it was worth it” (I understood to mean, to be in the ovecomers (israeli) classroom for conquering our human limitations and exiting as they did). And she showed me what appeared to be three others in the distance who I understood were involved in helping with the follow up on Earth. I didn’t see who they were but assumed they were humans with soul implants like mine that wanted to be of service though they could have also been other classmates or equivilents who were assisting humans with the leg work of the follow up we are in the middle of now. The follow up is for all those that will come to believe in Ti and Do because they had been prepped genetically, as was I.

    The Next Level does not harvest big classrooms all at once. They don’t need great numbers. They actually don’t need any but they have to actually open up positions in their crews for apprentising members, as Jesus indicated.

    Along with this dream with jwnody and lggody came a sense that they were leaving the earth’s spirit world. They are actually not in the same part of the spirit world that human spirits go to when they die. They actually maintain a type of spacecraft that is actually physical and they could acutally be bumped into should we walk into them. I don’t know how that spacecraft may move around so not to be interfered with but Ti and Do at one point said it could have at times been literally occupying the same space as the house we were living in but that the crew in their invisible bodies stayed out of our way easily. We never knew if this was just an exercise in what was possible or reality but as it went with Ti and Do, it seems everything they gave to us had a literal reality to it. I didn’t really see that until 10 years after I had left them and was given a second chance to bond with them.

    Then to my surprise, as I thought they had left, it was the first week of november of 2008 maybe a week before the presidential election and I had a dream with dstody in it and all I took from the dream was “obama”. Now dstody, one of the 39 had often been my partner, as was srrody and jwnody and lggody. Dstody was occupying a so called negro “black” skin pigmented vehicle, the only one who joined in 1975 and who’s vehicle was the brother of Nichelle Nichols, Lt. Ohura of star trek thus for him to be in my dream seemed to be tailored to the message which is a next level way to provide multiple communication levels with one act. At that time I figured the Do was saying he approved of Obama for president so I voted for Obama. It was some weeks later that I was examining the Revelations 6 4 horseman prophecy/forcast and noted that the 3rd horse was black.

    Now Ti and Do in one of a couple analogies they gave as they wern’t into analogies, illustrated that the Next Level were like ranchers who round up (steal away, catch away(rapture) or snatch) wild horses(human vehicles) to offer them training to be in their service and select the ones that are willing to take to the training and let the rest return to the wild.

    (By the way in 1976 after about 96 followers were gathered that had remained from the year of giving public meetings, that winter when we left the wyoming wilderness at veedavou between laramie and cheyenne where we were spread out in tents, Ti and Do sent 19 of those to a different camp from the larger body and told those of us in the larger body that we’d made the first cut.

    17 of those never returned to the group. 2, by the strength of their determination to be in Ti and Do’s crew some 4 years later found us in Amarillo because two of our members were working at the hospital there and they rejoined us.

    This was no ordinary “cult” as in the next years from 1977 to 1994 many had their committment and determination “tested” in an honest way – in other words Ti and Do did not want people to leave but knew certain steps that needed to be accomplished would put students to the test and some would leave, which when they did, if the student was up front about wanting to leave, they were always assisted with an airline ticket and money if we had it to give. And then we’d move to protect our privacy as there were a number of family members and investigators looking for their loved ones).

    So it dawned on me that sure Dstody’s message might have been in support of obama but moreso it was a clue to alert me to the fact that he was also being used to fulfill prophecy. Now this doesn’t mean Obama is working for the Next Level. I don’t know about that as it becamse clear to me that the 1st horse white was Do (appleWHITE in a white body brought into a white purity, one conquering(ovecoming) part that included his litter of souls who were his student graduation class, given to him by his Older Member Ti, the woman fit to a T in Revelations 12 which I provide some backup detail for in my youtube videos.

    And the second red horse, Bush with endless wars and the 3rd black horse presiding over fiscal crisis as we see still unfolding leaving the 4th horse as green, some say pale or yellowish green, as what I am predicting as the Tea(herbs are green vegetation) party but have numerous other green references and the pale part could be “palin”, who will both with their constituents preside over a great deal of death physical and spiritual.

    (Spiritual death is the second death and is when a soul is forced into the earth that will become an inferno due in part to the sun’s activity(global warming, not significantly if at all added to by humans, though part of the way the space aliens gain facility for their agendas to escape into space and grow new vehicles) when the Next Level feels all have been given adaquate chance to choose who they are in allegience to which determine which “heaven” they go to (as the spirit world (heaven) is divided up in a natural way that relates to various stations of discarnates and each of us decides which “heaven” we go to and the next Level then chooses from that which spirits and souls to “save” for the start of the next civilization after the planet receives a significant spading that vanishes most evidence of what we have now).

    I beleive that is when swords will be hammered into plows as in Isiah/micah? and there will be peace on Earth as I suspect some humans will be allowed to survive or transported off the earth for a time or to a safe haven to preserve any genetic seed that can be used to re-generate(just like genesis represents) humanity on Earth that can become the vehicles the saved souls would be brought back to begin an interface with, to form some bonds that can result in the next round of graduations from the literal human(womb) in the earth environment, I guess like a double womb.

    This brings us to now though there is so, so much I’ve skipped over in all this. It’s truely amazing and mind boggling and beyond belief at times yet once someone gets the picture, they’d have to fight hard to put it out of their consciousness but it never takes someone over as the Next Level continually tests us, the test being whether we will ask their help with each step in our own progression and trust that they will not harm or mislead us.

    That trust is expected to be built up gradually and yes it will eventually result to a willingness to give our all even our physical lives(containers) so there is no pie in the sky for belief/talk alone. Jesus did it for us in showing us what we must grow to do – drink the same cup he chose to drink because he was serving his Older Member(Father) aka Ti who always told Do she came to “get you started” which puzzeled Do for a long time but that he eventually understood because he needed to pull his own weight so to speak as this was a type of birthing for him too.

    He was being born into next level “fatherhood” and in turn he would be training some of his students to perform a future “son” role as he did. Do may have performed that same task many times of that he never shared as he didn’t know everything except what he was given by his Older Member that was pertinent to his task that he had to pull in with with mind’s eye what Ti compared to a “muscle” we first begin to strengthen by taking the reigns over an assigned human vehicle by curbing it’s passions that includes sexuality but also anger and other forms of emotional energy expenditure. We don’t become robots by engaging the program they bring to us and need to be physically present to help us through but to graduate we do need to become as innoncent and trusting of our heaven sent “parents” as children, as in the Jesus example.

    It appear that the Next Level’s spacecraft or armada that doesn’t need any human or space alien military force, as their presence at a certain distance will probably render all our human electronics either fried or disfunctional due to the polar shift their approach will cause and/or what they will do to the sun to simulate such. Perhaps that’s an additional interpretatin of Jesus saying the “stars shall fall from the sky” which appears to be a meteor of some sort (wormwood) but may also be the human spacecrafts and space alien spacecrafts, though I believe it also referred to the roswell and aztec and other crashed “ufo’s” in the 40’s, 50’s mostly.

    When the next level forcasts probably events they know certain ones will occur but they also are so familiar with this entire process that they provide prophecies that can have multiple applications in time and space and relative to the humans that are to experience them.

    It’s not a game to the Next Level at all. It’s a precious system that gives life where it otherwise would have never come to be and then assists that life to become all it can become and then when some produce fruit – membership potential to join their own crews, harvest that fruit and then plow under the rest while saving seed for the next planting. We are the potential seed that may be saved for next planting if we seek to ask the gardeners to help us.

    If we don’t ask, we are left to our own devices and we simply get to live our life however the chips fall and then we go into spirit world where we seek to continue the same activities we did while alive in a physical vehicle to which we can never again really find satisfaction so have our thirst unquenched until such time that it’s recycle time that includes spirit recycling.

    I know this is a huge step to consider and especially to be prone to ask. Take it slow. There’s still some time left though it’s really best once this informaton sinks in that you have just the time you need to substantiate your relationship with the Older Member, in the name for now called Do.

    Oh, yes Do came to me a few short months ago and I realized that in all likihood either he has a way to communicate from a distance or I got it wrong and he never left or the Soul that came to take the vehicle we then called Do left and left behind the soul that was implanted into the vehicle named applewhite that also became a servant of the Next Level, which might pertain to the entire student body as well, and Ti I suppose remain for the follow thru and they, will also be “saved” for a future opportunity to graduate because a huge part of their ability to conquer their humanness may have come from the fact that a very strong soul of Older Members was using that vehicle to do their task which helped that new soul a great deal where that new soul needs to learn to stand on it’s own. I may be wrong about that, but that’s what I feel at this moment might be going on.

    It would be to your benefit to consider all this seriously before discounting it. You will be attacked by discarnates but you can withstand those attacks if you ask for Ti and Do’s help each time and then try to push the discarnates and/or thougths that try to interfer away from your consciousness. Any tools to do this are good including mantra though I wouldn’t chant in a foreign tongue you don’t understand or that represents a religious tradition and meditations can also be helpful and of course askng for help is prayer.

    It’s all personal between you and the Level Above Human Older Members. Allow yourself breaks in study of all the infomation Ti and Do provided. Disseminating their information means trying to stick to what they said and did as evidenced on the site maintained to date by fellow believers. There is no organization to belong to nor does there need to be. I am not needed by you at all though as long as I can I’m glad to try to answer questions as to my experience. You may or may not have dreams with Do in them but I wouldn’t trust dreams as the lower forces can come to you to mimic being Do. I think you stand a better chance of recognizing a foreign influence (discarnate) when you’ve made a physical bond with a physically present Older Member, but since I am in that postion it doesn’t put me in any greater position than you. I am not anyone’s Older Member. I am an aspiring student who just so happens to have had a brain full of experience I am seeking to provide witness to.

    Whenever you feel the time is right, share Ti and Do information with others. Don’t try to stimulate anyone’s anger but if you receive it realize that they don’t really know any better and also realize that the anger may be their own internal battle with the entire idea that is expressed angrily becuse we are each like time share computer systems that certain discarnate influences have become attached to using to get the closest thing they can to the satisfaction they received before their vehicle died.

    Don’t put yourself in positions to test the Next Level, like by walking into a dangerous circumstance expecting the Next Level to save you from. It may come to be that you exit your vehicle from someone elses hand but that is not a negative as they have just sent you to the “heaven” you want to go to.

    Maybe we’ll see each other on a Next Level (Kingdom of God) spacecraft with Do(was same Soul who did the Jesus task) and all those who have sought to serve the Next Level before us.

  12. Sawyer says:

    After the dot com crash and then 9/11 is like so many others I began to awaken even more in a type of catch up way to my mindset with the Heaven’s gate group.

  13. Sawyer says:

    @ Wesley Hallock said: “You have touched on a mystery. I do remember the early acclaim that the comet had a follower in tow, and how that talk died out in a short time. I was not aware of NASA (Never A Straight Answer) doctoring comet photos, but that act is consistent with something I do remember, which is that people close to the Heavens Gate group do not believe that their deaths were suicide as popularly believed–but rather murdered, as part of an orchestration of public opinion, it would seem. The book, The Stargate Conspiracy, has much to offer in this vein.”

    I know for first hand that these were not murders. I was with them when we talked about exiting our bodies by ingesting strong sleep/death inducing drugs. Do asked each student in group if they had an reservations after explaining the procedure. This was days after the 2nd public dissemination of Ti and Do’s information that began 1/1/1994 and ended by early September of 1994 that began from Escondido, CA as 4 groups in vans going in seperate directions and ended with meetings in New Hampshire. Do acutally first brought up the idea of “self assisted exit of our vehicles” while camping in eastern Massechusets but just in a general way saying “we might have to take our exit into our own hands” which was because no one cared about what we were saying no matter how bold we were. I think in the New Hampshire meeting that was south of Portsmith that I primarily spoke at, only a news reporter showed up to so it did become a picture in the paper that’s somewhere on the net.

    But further evidence that this was not a murder was the fact that we had been considering the method of exit of our bodies and/or the planet since day one in 1975. Sure at first it was thought we’d be picked up by spacecraft. Ti and Do thought that so they said so. For some reason I in all honestly didn’t believe that then. I didn’t disbelieve it either. It just was something I had a hard time relating to. I did not join because of the UFO hype which by the way started because early students designed posters for meetings using UFO as a headline. When Ti and Do learned of it, they said they would have done it differently as they preferred to refer to the way members of the physical evolutionary level above human travel as spacecrafts though in statement one that Do wrote he did put in parantheses “UFO” along side his biblical reference to the way Jesus exited by being lifted up into or taken away by a “cloud of light”. At that time Ti and Do who were then called Peep and Bo respectively thought all that would be seen as a spacecraft were Level Above Human aka Kingdom of God transportation. When they learned more about the reported behaviors on board crafts as depicted by contactees and abductees Ti knew they were not members of the Next Level as was the short name, next because it was a humans next opportunity to naturally advance beyond it’s mammalian kingdom level nature.

    As Ti and Do thought they would get bumped off, which they were simply reading in the Rev. 11 prophecy that they figured they must be as they at first while still in Houston in 1973 first became aware that they had come from outer space and had a task to perform that had something to do with the bible and bringing some updates. It was a year later that they awakened to being the Two Witnesses in Rev. 11.

    When the demonstration of rising from the dead accoding to their understanding of Rev 11 didn’t seem to be in the cards though there was significant anger against them, even hatred from all sectors but especially from family members of their followers they believed it was because we, the students weren’t ready for them to leave. Ti said at that time that the “demonstration was cancelled” though they said they felt shot down when Walter Cronkite announced on CBS national that authorities had discovered the names of the Mysterious Two who were responsible for people walkng away from their lives in Waldport, Oregon, where I incidentally was building a tee pee styled small house from logs I cut down in the woods on a piece of land we were homesteading in a hippy kind of way.

    I’ve detailed a broader picture of the Rev 11 prophecy that actually fits Ti and Do to a T in infovideo:

    After some years they thought they might exit their vehicles and/or earth before us and they asked us how that made us feel.

    Then they felt on two occasions that we might get picked up by a spacecraft, once while near San Antonio and the second time after Ti’s vehicle “died” of cancer from near Albuquerque where we had engaged an indeterminate length fast that Do changed to water for 13 days with some of us thinking we would die in the dessert there or get picked up.

    By 1992 or so, after we watched the Branch Davidians get murdered by the ATF/FBI Do considered whether we could stimuate the govn’t to help us exit. Do asked what we thought about having some guns with blanks in them to provoke the govn’t with. In 1996 they actually bought two rifles while they were building an “earthship” near Manzana, NM (not sure of that exact town name).

    Then by 1994 having assisted many to leave in various ways direct and indirectly Do wondered if going pubic again might be met with anger enough to do us in but it didn’t.

    Thus the two discussions I sited of self assisted exit.

    All the while from at least 1990 the group Do had a book called the Hemlock society which talked about all the ways to self assist one’s vehicles death. It was not available to the students at that time. I saw it once when I was called into Do’s quarters. Later it was put into our student library but it was never mandatory reading.

    I was willing then to entertain taking such exit in our own hands.

    The castrations were more evidence that this was a serious group that were willing to do whatever it took to show the Next Level that we wanted to be graduated to their “heavenly kingdom above human”. I gave my first hand testimony on the entire couple year discussion/consideration of voluntary castration in my info-video:

    Ti and Do were also always one step ahead of investigtors hired to look for their clients loved ones who were all adults and who informed their families of their choice though went for 8+ years without any contact. I say this because Ti and Do were very good at hiding and we moved a great deal.

    When we moved into houses from being outside between Wyoming and Texas according to the season, with our tent city, we were told Ti was quite upset thinking that we wouldnt’ exit by spacecraft if we were in a house.

    We also talked about growing old living the way we were, until one by one we died off and Do hated that prospect.

    At one point in the early 1990’s Do contracted a case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick fever and he was very sick and very weak and he told some who visited him in the house he and his two most consistant student helpers were renting near Loveland, Co that he knew he could just curl up and exit his body and that he asked Ti if that was okay, as Ti had already exited by way of the cancer. Ti’s response was that it was Do’s choice. Do said he worried that we the students would flounder and go back into the world if he left so he decided to stay to see his task through.

    Ti and Do didn’t ever relish the idea of being killed by someone. They used to joke that “I hope they shoot straight” as they didn’t want themselves or students to be left as vegetables.

    And they felt Jesus demonstrated a self assisted exit by willfully walking into a setup to capture him that he knew would result in his being put to death.

  14. Sawyer says:

    I did some digging and came up with another research paper that offers further evidence that the companion object was present and that it’s mass appears much larger than a 9th magnitude star and was said to have changed postions relative to the comet with Japanese photo evidence and more. Here’s the link:

  15. Stace says:

    Although the origins and motives of the Heaven’s Gate group will likely remain up for interpretation, you’ve shared an interesting first-hand report, Sawyer, and I appreciate that. The apparent suicides certainly put a spin on the story about the Hale-Bopp companion – a spin that discouraged one’s public interest in the story of the companion by virtue of being associated with a “crazy” cult. Whether or not this was intentional, no one knows, although I value your input as a former member of HG.

    Thanks, too, for the link to the additional site with Hale-Bopp companion info published in the fall of 1996, when the object was still visible (with magnification, of course), which supports the testimony of many witnesses to the mysterious companion before it dislodged, or otherwise disappeared, on the comet’s trip around the Sun. Like other reports about the companion, the article to which you link is hard to find since being buried under later denials that the object was there in the first place. It’s highly-recommended reading for anyone interested in gathering as much evidence as possible for the object.

  16. JOHN DOE III says:




  17. Stace says:

    I don’t have any more information about the companion object, which did apparently disappear when the comet was on the far side of the Sun.

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