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Giant Dragonfly Encounter in Eastern Kansas

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Was this an Interdimensional Encounter or a Glimpse of an Elusive, Living Species?

In a holographic universe, experiencing meta-dimensions of reality such as moving backward or forward in time or engaging in psychic communication with other intelligence seems to come from the mystical implicate order unfolded and made explicate by energetic alchemy.   These experiences tend to surprise us when we least expect them.  I wonder if we may also cultivate a state of mind that elicits such encounters from otherwise mundane activities.

I experienced a possible interdimensional breach, one with which Bohm may’ve had a field day, back in the mid-1980s.   I was driving east on I-35 in eastern Kansas one hot and sticky summer day, my ’67 Mustang rumbling across the heatwaves, windows down, my hair blowing in wind, when something moving near a billboard on the right side of the highway caught my attention.  A giant dragonfly, I mean absolutely breathtakingly huge and just beautiful, perfectly and utterly gorgeous, hovered in the air – rather like a modern dragonfly (most species of which don’t exceed a few inches in span), but much bigger than anything known to exist today.  I’ve generally thought of it as having a 3 to 5 feet wingspan.

Whatever its size, surely such a dragonfly either exists in a parallel dimension or lives discreetly on our planet, well hidden from modern prying eyes.  It looked a bit like this:

No joke, I did a double take, triple take, whatever.  I looked as long as I could, which was too short for satisfaction – just a couple of seconds.

Years later I was somewhat surprised to learn that fossils of this (or a similar) species, from 260 million years ago, were found in the 1960s near Elmo, Kansas – not all that far from where I caught a glimpse of a giant, “extinct” dragonfly hovering near the highway.