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To Be Fair…(addendum to last post)

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

After reading Colin Andrews’ expose’, I felt that so much that had been known but sidelined for so long was validated, and I reacted with considerable fervour to that wonderful news. But I must also acknowledge that although the genuine phenomenon is a different creature than the human-made formations, there is rumoured to be an overlap of what might be called “supernatural” activity within both.

Balls of light (BOLs) and UFOs are a common sight in and around the non-human-made formations.  Reportedly they’ve been seen in association with human crop art as well.  Likewise, some human circlemakers claim to have designed a formation on paper, but when they get to the field to lay down the crop they find the circle has already appeared – as though someone or something had read their mind.

While an overriding theme of deception in the human “crop art” makes me wonder at the trustworthiness of some of the people reporting this activity, I can’t discount it out of hand due to the known extremes of inter-intelligence communications.  So, to be fair, there appear to be inexplicable events associated with the human-made formations.  Whether this indicates a playfulness on the part of the non-human circlemakers (which certainly isn’t hard to imagine) or something else, it deserves recognition.  But I reiterate, the two phenomena are different animals.  Circlemaking teams tend to make formations and then keep their activities secret, which undoubtedly contributes a huge part to the British crop circle fascination.  I must question their motives:  innocent, as in “They’re enjoying it – so what’s the harm?” or less-so, as in “Ha! They really think ours was put down by ET!”

My post was really more about the evidence of a real coverup revealed by Colin Andrews, not about putting down the efforts of the human crop artists or discounting those formations’ value.  The artists do a fine job, and since the mystique is central to their art, revealing who they are and which formations they create would take much of the fun out of their work.  So, the dilemma is to how to tell them apart – if it matters to you.  It matters to me, so I’ll detail briefly what I believe are a few of the more definitive signs of the original crop circle phenomenon:

1)  The interaction between human and non-human consciousness, i.e., telepathic communication between humans and the non-human circlemakers, with extreme synchronicities seemingly arranged to confirm said communication, such as I’ve reported in my article “Pleiadean Communication and Crop Circles” (to be posted here in edited form soon).

2)  Specific ground details (not the common ones that humans have mastered or are scientifically explained) that would require extraordinary planning and expertise far, far in excess of what is needed to convince 99.9% of those who believe “they’re all real! None are created by humans.” (Yes, there are some folks out there who still believe humans can’t possibly create those “perfect” patterns – which is fine – just like there are a few out there who believe that all crop circles are made by men.)

3) Circles that appear literally “in the middle of nowhere,” with no claim to fame and no publicity attached – many of which I’ve investigated here in vast, unpopulated areas of the United States and which have been downplayed or even completely ignored by mainstream media here.

To explain these notes in detail would require a much more lengthy post, so I’ll not go into that now.  But again, to be fair, it does appear that unusual activity, possibly related to inter-intelligence communications, may be happening within the realm of human-made crop art.  That said, the deception that pervades the movement in general turns me off, however, so for the time being I’ll relegate the study of that activity to those who are absorbed in the “crop art” movement and are drawn to that specific area of research.


Non-Coding DNA and the Non-Coding Cosmos

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

A supervast and unseen mix of dark matter and energy, which I call the Non-Coding Cosmos, fills most of the Universe. Observable reality – what we perceive – provides a dramatic contrast to the bigger picture. A radical relationship between non-coding DNA and the larger cosmic reality can be imagined in which the Non-Coding Cosmos activates DNA, thus bringing forth our existence.

Non-coding DNA is just as elusive as the Non-Coding Cosmos. Only about three percent* of DNA has a known purpose, providing each individual’s unique genetic code – yet vastly more DNA is stuffed into our cells. Why the extra baggage? Perhaps it has to do with the apparent syntax of DNA’s own “dark matter.” No one has been able to figure out the language that seems to be cleverly set in Non-Coding DNA, yet there is an undeniable underlying syntax to the “extra” DNA, which imparts a code…a language.

We may be wavering at the frontier of existence and reality – but the Dark Universe is difficult to study, rather like the mystery language in our DNA. If non-coding DNA indeed contains a language, however, what is it saying? And what if the Non-Coding Cosmos is the lens through which the message is seen?

Most DNA is like most of the Universe in being generally inaccessible.  A remarkable reverse correlation presents too, in the extreme difference in size – one tiny and the other unfathomably huge. Both contain immense amounts of information. Is the wizard a self-organised intelligence, or shall we anthropomorphise quanta and dark energy?

Perhaps the answers to such “unanswerable” questions exist – even by design – within the overlap of Non-Coding DNA and the Non-Coding Cosmos. The two do seem to share a natural affinity; perhaps they’re even designed to be interactive.

Considering recent developments in intelligence and consciousness research, if non-coding DNA and the Non-Coding Cosmos exist in symbiosis, then a critical paradigm shift regarding our cosmic origins and purpose could be imminent. Rapidly-developing technologies and recovered sacred consciousness tools may lead us to decipher cosmic secrets lying in wait, right before our eyes.

*estimates vary, but between 3 and 10 percent of our DNA is thought to be that portion that comprises our genetic code.


D.B. Cline, quoted in Scientific American:  “Determining the nature of this missing mass [i.e., what I speculate may be the Non-Coding Cosmos] is one of the most important problems in modern cosmology and particle physics. It has been noted that the names “dark matter” and “dark energy” serve mainly as expressions of our ignorance, much as the marking of early maps with “terra incognita.”

I first learned about Zipf’s Law, which has been used to show the linguistic patterns within so-called “junk” DNA, while reading Graham Hancock’s Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.

Rick Strassman, from his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule: “…in Channel Normal, our body is solid, has discrete boundaries, and responds to gravity. While we are perceiving Channel Dark Matter, we may be experiencing our body [without] visible light and gravity…..”

copyright STACE TUSSEL