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Synchronicity and the Brzee Mantra

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Om Brzee Namaha…Om Brzee Namaha…

A few days ago I learned the Brzee mantra, one used to help manage financial issues and overcome scarcity.  The fellow from whom I learn the mantra writes, “Om Brzee Namaha.  Brzee Brzee Brzee!”

I like the sound of it, and at this point I’m willing to try just about anything to bring relief to my financial woes.  So between calls at work I’m closing my eyes, envisioning colourful organic mandalas and repeating my new mantra.  Like a lullaby, soon the words create an altered state, gradually feeling like an extension of myself.

The arrangement of sounds plays its destined role:  Om rolls off my tongue, unfolding like scrolls of promise all around me; my money awareness is magnified by the upward inflection of brzee; my whole being exhales namaha.

Suddenly a tone from my headset alerts me to a call, jarring me from my short reverie.  Amazingly, the name that pops up on my screen is “Brzuszkiewicz.”  Note the first three letters:  Brz – as in Brzee Brzee Brzee. I notice the three Zs in Brzuszkiewicz.  I’m fairly confident pronouncing odd names, so I ask for the prospect with a smile, “May I speak with Mrs. Bre-zes-keh-veetz?”

When synchronicity speaks, I listen.  The correspondence of Brzee and Brzuszkiewicz amplifies a realisation that financial recovery and balance will come through publishing my work in book form.  I know this because in the course of our conversation, Mrs. Brzuszkiewicz explains that she and her husband owned Hathshepsut Press, spelling it out letter by letter.

I recognise the word as Egyptian but don’t know what it means.  After the call I search the internet for Hathshepsut, but oddly find no mention of any similarly-named publishing house.  Instead I’m guided toward the more common spelling of Hatshepsut, and learn that she was an Egyptian pharaoh reigning in the 15th century BCE.

Hatshepsut was a powerful woman who didn’t just sit on ideas; she accomplished many great things.  What would Hatshepsut have said?  What would she have done?  Do it.  Just do it.  What are you waiting for?

I reach up and take hold of the 2009 Writer’s Market that’s been gathering dust on top of my hard drive and begin the process…