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When I was about eleven or twelve, I saw a magazine called UFO with a picture of a mutilated cow on the cover.  I’ve always been intrigued by mysteries, so of course this immediately caught my attention.  I begged Mom to buy the magazine – and she did.  More than three decades later – just yesterday – I took my first opportunity to investigate a full-scale cattle mutilation case.

Although these strange cases have been found each year for decades throughout the US and dozens of other countries, the great majority of mutilations are buried as non-news, generally written off as cult rituals or animal scavenging, despite clear evidence to the contrary. For some reason this particular case here in Colorado made the national news (media links on this case following this article).  I find this news coverage noteworthy, primarily because animal mutilations have been perpetually ignored by mainstream media – much like crop circles and UFOs.

So I was assigned to investigate this current mutilation with three colleagues, and thus my weekend began with the clock alarm going off at 5.30 AM Saturday, followed by the long trip to the site west of Trinidad, Colorado, near the New Mexico border.  Arriving around 11, the rancher, Mike, led us to a the pasture where he said the cow, who was at least 25 years old and had given birth just a few months ago, was found last weekend in a river down from the where his herd was grazing.  Our team was the first on the scene.

There were no signs of a struggle near the cow, most of her body in the shallow, rocky stream, reachable via the muddy bank.  Mike said there were absolutely no footprints in the mud when he found her last weekend – and his cattle don’t frequent this area as it’s down a steep ravine with no adjacent grazing area.  There was no apparent way she could have ended up where she had, in the position she was – unless she was placed there from above, which is commonly deduced in many of these cases.

For safety’s sake, we first used a Geiger counter to checked for dangerous radiation, and detected no aberrations.  However, the tri-field meter clearly indicated elevated levels of electromagnetism near the cow’s wounds.  And strong dowsing results indicated a powerful energy residue near and over the body.

Wearing surgical masks and disposable latex gloves, we collected tissue and soil samples for lab analysis, took many photos and video of our work, and measured everything we could.  Again – not too pleasant, but interesting nonetheless.   Notably, the video camera’s fully-charged battery, which normally lasts 4 hours, was depleted after about an hour of filming.

We saw a couple of new pawprints from dogs or coyotes, and a little tentative damage around the ears and neck, but for the most part, the carcass was intact except for the initial wounds and removal of certain organs evident when Mike discovered the body a week earlier.  An experienced rancher, he confirmed that it was uncanny that birds had completely avoided the remains – nor did we see any crows, magpies, or other scavenging birds in the area at all during the 3 to 4 hours we were onsite.  In fact there was no evidence that birds had ever been near the carcass, the smell was awful, to say the least.  Only a few flies explored the hide, curiously avoiding exposed soft tissue.  And there were no maggots, which Mike again confirmed was inexplicable – especially since the weather had been unseasonably warm for a few days, and since many more flies had been on the body the first day it was found last weekend.

Now why would I want to tell this story here?  And, you may ask, how does it relate to Inter-Intelligence Communications?  I’ll explain.

Since that magazine back in the mid-1970s, I’ve had a desire to investigate one of these cases.  A year ago, in January of 2008, I was driving through a remote part of the San Luis Valley near Mesita, here in Colorado, on my way to meet a friend in Taos for the weekend, when I “just happened to find” the body of a wild horse in the ditch.  Although the body had been mutilated, by definition this was no UAD, for I later found out through accident reports it had been killed in a road accident several days before I found it.  In an area where wild horses roam free and are thus unfortunately frequently killed in such a way, this horse was apparently mutilated on the spot sometime after it died in a relatively-mundane fashion.

To my knowledge, the Mesita wild horse mutilation case was the first of its kind:  a mutilation on a roadkilled animal.  Time will tell if we see such cases again – but, understandably, most people just leave roadkill alone, not stopping like I did to take a closer look.

A few days later, on my drive back to Denver from Taos, a full week after the mare was hit by a truck and killed, the body still showed no evidence of scavenging.   Other than the classic mutilation wounds and a broken leg apparently caused by the accident, I found no evidence of additional damage to the carcass.  Granted it had been cold in the Valley, but the dead horse was beginning to smell a bit ripe – yet just a mile downwind, a horse killed by a Jeep over the weekend had been devoured in less than two days.  In fact, about a half-dozen large birds were picking its bones Monday morning.  Why had scavengers avoided the week-old mute, of which they were surely aware, while picking at the last remains of another horse within hours?   My answer:  scavengers avoided the mute for the same reason other mutes are left alone – and that reason remains an unknown.

(Of note:  I just checked a map, and the distance between the wild horse case from last year and the cattle case I just investigated yesterday is about 40 miles east to west, with the whitecapped peaks of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountain range separating the two locations, but no passable roads directly linking the two sites.)

Then last summer I met a fellow UFO enthusiast, Dustin, as we were collecting petition signatures for a proposed Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission.  We quickly connected, and I told him about the wild horse mute I’d investigated just months earlier.  He mentioned how much he’d always wanted to check out a mutilation case after having read about them.  Surprise – or not – just two days later he was riding his motorcycle over the unpaved Cottonwood Pass going to some mountain hot springs for a soak when he spotted a dead cow in a field and decided to stop and take a closer look.  The cow was freshly mutilated.  Dustin had the presence of mind to check the vegetation nearby for evidence.  He photographed apparent landing traces just up the hill from the carcass, with thick bush branches snapped and laid out in a radial pattern about two feet off the ground.  The photo attached here doesn’t do justice to the size of the branches found splayed like this, with no mundane explanation:

copyright Dustin Slade

copyright Dustin Slade

So to recap:  Dustin and I meet, we talk about mutes, he indicates an interest in investigating one, and two days later he finds one – his first.  If you’ve read my prior posts, perhaps you remember the one titled “The Cosmos Neither Declares Nor Conceals,” which explains my thoughts about coincidence, serendipity, and synchronicity.  Well, I don’t think my finding the roadkilled and subsequently mutilated wild horse was a mere coincidence, nor serendipity.  Neither do I feel Dustin finding the mutilated cow two days after verbalising his interest in doing his own investigation is any kind of mere coincidence.

There’s a connection here to other extraordinary phenomena.  For instance, wishing for a crop circle and having one appear in answer at the same time isn’t mere coincidence.  I fully believe that dramatic synchronicities are sometimes used by the circle makers to confirm that inter-intelligence communication indeed occurs.  Nor is my being drawn to go outside and look up to see a huge black rectangle traversing the sky over Denver in broad daylight a mere coincidence.  I believe in these instances we are experiencing real communication – just not the kind we’re accustomed to as a culture.

I can’t help but think that Dustin and I were somehow prepared for and then guided to our first mutilation cases to investigate; we “found” them because we were ready for the job of documenting difficult and gruesome cases associated with UFO sightings and unknown motives, and which have thus been an easy target for ridicule for many years.  I get the strange but persistent feeling that those of us involved in these extraordinary investigations are somehow selected for the job, and that our willingness to document these enigmas is understood by some intelligence other than human – now more than ever before, perhaps to accompany an upcoming revelation of why these unexplained cases have been occurring for decades all over the world.


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See my friend Alejandro Rojas’ posts at the Denver Paranormal Science Examiner website. He’s posting a series of articles covering the investigation in more detail.


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