Sightings of Import – Part One

Import – One

Personal Sightings of Import – Part One

A few years ago Denver experienced a wide-brimmed upturn in UFO reports – a mini-flap of sorts. My back patio was a gateway to frequent anomalous sphere sightings, as well as morphing UFOs and huge black rectangles.  I’m working on getting my best videos and photos posted here, and with any luck that’ll be any day now.

The first video I’d like to post will probably be the second or third. I don’t recall the exact day it happened, but it was summer. What appeared at first to be somewhat like a bird or windblown bag alternating sunlight and shadow continued a direct path across the sky from north to south, just to the east of me, with the sun to my back. Especially odd was the duration of this pattern; I videoed it for four or five minutes, its movement, apparent trajectory, and luminosity steady. I’d like Dilettoso to take a look. But first, I must find the tape.

The sightings I’ll share are highly anomalous and unexplained, like the large, dark grey sphere that flew over Denver west to east in a gusty easterly wind – clearly defying the “laws” of physics. No wings, no windows, no wavering …  no known origin, powersource, or function.  Yet still it flew between me and downtown, probably about two miles or so away, going maybe 100 miles per hour, perhaps faster.

I don’t know if anybody else witnessed that UFO or others like it, but if they did, I’d imagine they’ve got eyes like mine, trained for any aberration in the sky. Sometimes these things are like tiny stars just sitting in one place for minutes at a time in a bright blue sky, and most people never see them. That’s probably true with most sightings, some of which I managed to get on video.  I’ll try to post one as soon as I can.

Another of the most distinct and inexplicable sightings was of a pearly-white sphere hovering over my house for 20 minutes, unwavering, one early evening. There were two additional witnesses with me, as perplexed as I. As quickly as it had appeared and sat in one place for so long, seemingly in a state of mutual observation, it was simply gone…


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