Cloud Circles: Telegrams from a Conscious Cosmos

This “cloud circle” is not the one I’ll describe in this post, but it does provide us with some interesting food for thought.

Meteorological phenomena?  Military “cloaking” experiment?  Devaporisation of the air caused by a circular UFO?

As far as I know, what is depicted in this photo remains unexplained.  (photo courtesy Ron Russell)

“At the quantum level, we are of the same substance as clouds, clouds of planets, planets of stars – and thus, consciousness pervades the universe …”

But that’s not what this article’s about – not exactly, though I’ll be indirectly reflecting on that concept.   We’re going back to a remarkable night in about 1997, to an encounter that both reinforced and challenged my concept of reality.  I’m going to share one of the most dramatic inter-intelligence communications in which I’ve participated, one experienced along with fellow croppie Ron Russell.

One warm evening Ron and I were lounging in his yard discussing crop circles, as we often did in those days early in our friendship.  We were talking about how many of England’s crop circles were being created by human teams, but that surely there must be something that would appear that men couldn’t copy – like “cloud circles,” I suggested, which led to a philosophical reverie about the possible implications of increasing geometric complexity in cloud formations.

We decided at this point to take a walk through Ron’s vortex-filled yard.  The landscape was open, dotted with occasional miniature enclaves which seemed like natural abodes for faeries and garden elves.  After some wandering we were drawn to a particularly energetic spot – a portal, it seemed – and began meditating in its center.  Ron and I stood face to face, touching, eyes closed.  I remember looking up toward the vast, dizzying “inner space” surrounding my third eye, feeling the energy swirling around us like Earth’s own breath.

Although we easily slipped into a deep brainwave state and held the sanctity of the meditation seemingly effortlessly, at some point Ron and I began reentering ordinary reality.  We talked quietly for a few moments, floating in the afterglow of deep meditation, feeling renewed, uplifted and recharged.

Then our attention was drawn up to a scene that astonished us, despite our sensibility.  There in the sky was, beyond any doubt, an intelligent manifestation of the extramundane reality we’d just been discussing.  A definitive “cloud circle” stretched across the entire visible sky above us, painted in cotton ball clouds the warm hue of reflected city lights against the pitch black canvas of deep space.

This cloud circle had no specific geometry; in fact, its form was quite the last thing I would have anticipated would show up in such detail in the clouds.  Plainly depicted was an Elder of one of the Americas’ native tribes.  His face was that of an individual, yet somehow also the embodiment of the Grandfather Sky archetype.  What really stands out is that his eyes were richly animated, yet discreetly one with the quiet night,  looking deeply as he acknowledged our power and gratitude.

The photo at right provides a rendering that is closest to what I remember seeing in the clouds:

Again, time seemed to stop as the three of us – the Elder, Ron, and I – stood connected by a vibrating thread of extraordinary reality.  What really took place in the moment is outside the realm of worded language.

The sensation of time gradually returned, and the cloud circle began to dissipate.  The Elder’s face lost its sharpness over several minutes until the sky was full of random clouds.  While the event itself was fleeting, the implications cascade to this day.  The cloud circle was a well-timed, cosmic telegram reminding us that seemingly “inanimate” things can communicate meaningfully – and intentionally.

Since the confirmational visit from the Elder, I’ve continued exploring and working with possibilities of intentional dialogue with everything – absolutely everything – on a quantum level, and beyond.   Learning how to do so as a part of daily existence is an ongoing process filled with unexpected surprises and rewards.  Communication takes on a whole new meaning once we accept that the universe is saturated by quanta grouped together in endless forms with various functions – and that in some sense, it’s all alive and potentially conscious.


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10 Responses to “Cloud Circles: Telegrams from a Conscious Cosmos”

  1. I told a streetlight story about asking a question, and getting a direct response form the universe. And now you write this. Wow. I would love to play police sketch artist and – with your input – try and capture what you saw.

    Question: Where did this happen?

  2. Stace says:

    Hi Mike! This happened in Cherry Hills Village, which is basically a little ritzy and secluded part of Englewood, which is part of the south Denver metro area. A sketch would be great if you’d like to attempt it: Ron and I were in the yard, with open sky above us but tall trees around the perimeter. When we looked up we saw the Indian Grandfather, which, because the picture was made up of many smaller clouds spaced closely together, gave sort of like a “paint-by-number” or mosaic effect. As I remember it, at arm’s length I could frame the face within a space about a foot to a foot and a half from top to bottom, and slightly less wide – it was huge, but the clouds that formed it may have each been an inch or so, give or take, at arm’s length. The photo really does approximate what we saw in the clouds – particularly the distinctive facial features. I have invited Ron to take a look at this post and comment, but I’m not sure if or when he will, but we have brought up this experience many times over the years…. Anyway, let me know what you come up with.

  3. Hey Stace, thanks for sharing this story. Great photo.

  4. Wildrote says:

    That’s a beautiful experience to have had.

    I’ve always been curious about why some people are so prone to experiencing physical manifestations. This is probably because I’m in the group of people not prone to them.

    My guides say obvious physical manifestations would have made it too easy for me to become aware of non-physical reality, and thus weren’t allowed in my case. My logical mind still wants to look into it.

    Any thoughts or observations on why some sensitive or highly aware people are less likely to experience this? Also feel free to disagree with my premise entirely if it doesn’t fit your experience.

    Thanks for the post,


  5. Stace says:

    Glad to hear from you –

    I couldn’t say with any certainty what makes people view reality in different ways, but I feel that our uniqueness as individual expressions of the cosmic (correction 5/9/09 – “human” not “cosmic” – I think I was responding last night while half-asleep!) genome plays some role. Our place in the bigger picture – perhaps on more of a cosmic saturation level – is not a common topic, primarily, I think, because there are few at that level of understanding (relative to the world population, for example) and thus, the resonance is somewhat contained, if powerful.

    Different manifestations of intelligence (i.e., intention, creativity, action), whether human or plasma or God or whatever, are equally “valid,” for lack of a better (or more convenient) term. The place we inhabit emotionally and physically probably plays some role in our ability to interact with interdimensionals or ET. I don’t feel I can speak on delineation of import, except to say such a distinction probably exists, and to note that all things are subjective to a degree.

    I can’t presume to convince anyone to believe something they’ve not experienced and perhaps aren’t able to experience, but I suppose I hope that sharing my truth helps to validate someone else’s and plays a role in a larger dialogue regarding inter-intelligence communications.

  6. Wildrote says:

    That’s a pretty dense post. I’m not sure I decoded it the way you intended, but I’m having fun trying. Wait, it just clicked. You have one of those writing styles, like R. B. Fuller, where I have to get my brain in the right shape before everything makes sense.

    “Our place in the bigger picture – perhaps on more of a cosmic saturation level – is not a common topic, primarily, I think, because there are few at that level of understanding (relative to the world population, for example) and thus, the resonance is somewhat contained, if powerful.”

    The above seems to be, generally speaking, where my work takes me.

    Thanks for taking a shot at such a sprawling question. I happen to find your truth quite validating.


  7. new2thiscloudstuff says:

    I’m not a scientific person whats so ever,but i just witnessed 1 of these circles in the sky–but instead of it having more clouds in the middle it was just a perfect circle;and seemed like the clouds went around the circle other then thru it.I never look at the sky nor do i study it but today i looked up and witnessed this circle and honestly it’s ‘creepy’.It reminds me of this 2012 theory that scientist or people have come up with.It has left me with the interest of studying about the sky and how it works.
    thank you,

  8. Sol Cohen says:


    Yes…somehow we are connected to all that is and all that is is connected to all…so somehow our conscious and perhaps subconscious thoughts seem to materalize.

    You have experienced that and so have I and many others…don’t be confused as this seems to be the reality of our world.

  9. Sol Cohen says:

    p.s. I have photographs of manifestations in living cells that seem to be communicating the most basic religious beliefs in symbols of God,Death, and Soul.

    I know it’s hard to believe…


  10. Stace says:

    Your confirmation is inspiring. I would love to find out more about your experiences with manifesting conscious and subconscious thoughts. Do you have a website or photo site at which you have, or might, post some of the photographs to which you refer? Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts here, Sol.

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