UFO Encounter in an Idaho Crop Circle

Small Grey Disk Observes Me in Teton, Idaho Formation

In August of 2002, I heard about a new crop circle in the United States – in Idaho, of all places.  Sure, it was a long, long drive….but I hadn’t been to a crop circle for 2 years, and after talking with the farmer about the scene, I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

Okay.  I’ve got wheels, if no air-conditioner.  If I leave Denver before sunrise, I’ll be in the crop circle by mid-afternoon.

The circle just outside of the tiny town of Teton greeted me with a hot, dry, windy, exhilarating mess of dust and wheatchaff.  I was able to get a general feel for the formation, but I was tired, hungry, sticky, and unable to do my work with several visitors milling about.  The next morning would be better for measuring and dowsing.

But that first day, I was able to at least navigate the long path through the quite impressive crop circle, with twelve circles and rings in all.  Camcorder in hand, I documented each step.  Some of the best footage is from outside the formation itself, like the distinct starting swirl at the edge of an otherwise messy patch of so-called “wind damage” nearby.

A farm family offered me dinner and a place to clean up and rest overnight.  I was up and out the door before 8 o’clock the next morning, knowing I had hours of work ahead of me, measuring and diagramming the intricate formation.

Walking through the wheat this time, there were no people and not a breath of wind.  A few little birds flew nearby, chirping in the cool air.  Now, this is what I had come for: a chance to immerse myself peacefully in the crop circle energy and do my work undisturbed.

The size of the formation was somewhat daunting, so I took a few minutes to revel in the energy before getting started.  My rucksack held a pencil, notebook, tape measure, compass, dowsing rods, zip-lock bags, scissors, and permanent marker.  I needed to examine each component, noting its lay pattern and swirl direction, taking measurements and compass bearings.  Then, I’d have to painstakingly collect numerous samples.  So I was intently focused on my work.

Because I didn’t feel like lugging everything around, I left my camcorder, 35mm camera, and binoculars in the middle of the large central circle.  Believe you me, it wouldn’t take long before I would sorely regret that choice.

I was working in the southernmost circle when something amazing, astonishing, and very-nearly unbelievable happened – something I believe evidences a radical piece of the crop circle puzzle, and something I will never, ever forget:  I looked up to see that while I was observing the crop circle, a small UFO was observing me!

The disk was perhaps the diameter of a basketball, if I am guessing its altitude correctly – it was likely no more than a hundred yards above me; probably even half that distance away.  I was frozen, jaw dropped, gazing in wonder at what was apparently a “probe” type of saucer.  The small craft hovered and moved gently in the air directly overhead, completely silent.

Against the deep, early morning blue of the sky, the dull grey of the disk didn’t stand out; instead, the intensity of the two colours was virtually identical.  I seem to have a gift for looking in the right place at the right time, and small discrepancies catch my attention, so it was very clear to me.

I got the distinct feeling it was observing me working.  If I could relive that moment, I’d have stayed there and attempted to communicate with it.  Instead, in the excitement of the moment, I dropped the pencil and notepad and sprinted like I haven’t since high school into the central circle to grab anything – I think I was going for the binocs, but I don’t remember.  All I know is this formation was so large it probably took just under 10 seconds to get to the middle, and when I looked up, the UFO was gone.

Of course, my first thought was that I scared it away.  Talk about a tough lesson!  Then again, perhaps my jackrabbit sprint made it think that it scared me instead – I don’t know.  But it was gone, and I didn’t see it again, though I scanned the vast blue sky for several minutes afterward.

I never got those wheat samples tested, though I believe they’re still viable.  Remarkable synchronicities were reported by others who were involved in the observation and study of the Teton formation, and anomalous lights were seen over the area before it was found.  I feel this formation was probably non-human made, but can’t be sure.

What about the flying saucer….?  Did the UFO have something to do with the formation’s creation, or was it simply observing me as I went about my work?  Was it a terrestrial object, or was it an extraterrestrial or interdimensional vehicle?  Was I being mindscanned?  Getting a DNA adjustment?

Time may provide us some clues….but just perhaps, the connection between people, UFOs, and crop circles will remain a delightful enigma to entertain our developing, inquisitive minds.  And perhaps an inter-intelligence dialogue, with a language all its own, is meant to be at the heart of the mystery.


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10 Responses to “UFO Encounter in an Idaho Crop Circle”

  1. Just so you know – I met you at the Teton circle, the same day as this story!

    Peace from Idaho,
    Mike C!

  2. Stace says:

    Of course I remember! PS to my readers: I recommend Mike’s website: http://hiddenexperience.blogspot.com/

  3. The Prediction of huge crop circles to appear 2009

    Crop patterns an analytical program language

    (By Dr Jonathan Sherwood)

    Monday, October 20th, 2008

    Crop patterns or crop circles as many know them are in actuality analytical program designs used in analysing conditions in various elements and multiple conditions on the planet from human dna health and current state to soil conditions and atmospheric conditions of pollutants present. Water condition both of a salt mineral nature to fresh water condition. Aquafer conditions on water tables to plant and animal conditions.
    So how does all this work and who is doing it.
    Well some might be man made but the others are all advanced alien intelligence that is responsible for the existence not only of the human race but also many other current conditions that were created on this planet.
    Now this might seem hard to accept but thats it in a nut shell.
    Religious beliefs asside we are all made of genetic compositions created by intelligent life outside of this planet!
    Now whether you wish to believe this all or not is irrelevent as there will be those that like to stick their heads in the sand like an ostrich but thats the way some are its easier to hide from truth than accept it.
    The universe is a huge place and there are thousands of different life forms out there so wake up folks its time to smell the roses and open your eyes to the fact that we are not only being visited and the governments know it but also that we are being directed to a better future time.
    In 2009 patterns will emerge that are not man made ad the evidence will be obvious and also impossible to do by hand. As many man made egoists try to get in the way in UK specific patterns will appear away from human habitation in areas and at a size that is not feesible by hand and witnessed by some to happen.
    As for Uk well lets just say 2009 season will be a wake up call to the local population as well as governement types as well as those who think they know whats what.
    Me personally I will be here to watch the fun and see who shouts first!

  4. Reccommend reading “Andreas One-Assignment” a book purported to be TRUE.
    It was written by Dr Sherwood ,who passed away quickly and unexpectedly late last year.
    I rear an early draft of this book in the 1990’s but have started reading the above a couple of days ago.
    All I can say is the theory behind this book is capapble of blowing your mind and help lift the lid on the ultimate purpose behind the crop circle phenomena.
    Regard ,Simon.

  5. P.S. some huge ice circles(which Doc Sherwood put in the same catagory as crop circles ) have appeared this year in a that massive lake in Russia(trying to remember the name of it) these almost ‘perfect’ ice circles were picked up by NASA satellites.
    Saw this on Zimbio or something.
    Just googe “Huge Ice Circles appear 2009”.
    I will see if can find the details on it.I logged them on the http://www.rajon.com blog (which is Dr Sherwood’s amazing blog-now maintained by his wife Rachel),in the comments section .
    They made a groundbreaking documentary on crop circles last year (2009),which is yet to be released,with many new theories,alternative energy principles bout these pictograms etc.etc..

  6. Here is that link for the huge ice circle in the deepest lake in the world in Russia :

    http://www.colinandrews.net/Circles-2009-Ice Russia.html

  7. nikola tesla says:

    We have contact with alien cultures.

  8. raleigh day says:

    I was there and have returned several times to the site over the years . As a big fan of ancient egypt ,,pyramids ,,thenalso lay in kings chamber night of the concert 1978,, i notice the grain storage bldgs as well as the volcanic the area has. The birds flock to the site i notices a year or two ago . True . Took lots of pics that day ,one a snake shape in the sky curled above me in the sky. So the celtic and the one of very few circles out west here are noted too. RAleigh Dei 2015 manwhattaride tnx God …….2087132417…..he

  9. raleigh says:

    see the sister “” green street circle june 19 2015. 🙂

  10. Stace says:

    Wow, Raleigh – thanks for pointing that out! I didn’t realise it but you are correct, Green Street is very, very similar to the Teton circle. Now I am going to have to get to work seeing what the correspondence may mean. Have you any ideas?

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