Flat-Map Alignments: Bridging the Crop Circle Gap

The following flat-map alignments communicate a connection between US and UK crop circles via the Pleiades, the Bermuda Triangle, and the St Michael ley which runs through crop circle country in southern England:

Explore an interactive version of this map – which stems directly from the original Triangle Alignments and associated maps linking Pleiades with the TIP line via the Wilbur 2012 circle and with the Hopewell Mounds 2012 circle via Bear Butte.

Please remember that these maps are in no way intended to reflect the spherical nature of Earth. The flat map is simply the surface on which messages from the Other Intelligence can be written, using a language comprised of symbols and ideas that are anchored on the planet and graphically depicted through geometry.

The TIP line that started all of this back on 16 June 1995 was relatively short, which when depicted on a spherical map is a nearly identical line.  For the three points in that first contact (Topeka, Inman, Plevna) to fall with almost mathematical precision on one line was, to me, no accident.  Millions and millions of square miles, as seen on this map, make even flat maps less user-friendly – which is why there is no “exactness” to this map.  The angles change subtly and sometimes not so subtly as you zoom in closer or zoom out.  Like crop circle synchronicities, these flat-map alignments are a way for the Other Intelligence to tap on our shoulders and say “take notice here.”  I find the resonance between the size, shape, and position of the original triangle alignments map and the Bermuda triangle noteworthy in this regard.

My father’s first cousin Bobby disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1954, so I have a personal connection to that mysterious place.  Despite the smear campaign against it, as with crop circles, the Triangle really is a mystery.  Could it be a portal between dimensions or worlds – and could the Other Intelligence associated with the crop circles therefore be sending a message with this map that they are associated with the Pleiades and that they utilise the Bermuda Triangle as a portal to visit Earth?

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are new to Flat-Map Alignments, please see FMAs: FAQs.


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4 Responses to “Flat-Map Alignments: Bridging the Crop Circle Gap”

  1. Tom Sanger says:

    I was the person who told Stace about the Pleiades mountain in Washington State several years ago. She recently got in touch with me again and I was stunned to see the work she had done having to do with the grid network that extends from the Pleiades mtn. Click here in order to read my website having to do with my own experience with a grid map that extends from the Pleiades.

    Nice work, Stace, and to anyone thinking she is just randomly finding points that line up in order to bolster her theories, that is not what is going on. The ETs are clearly using symbolism as a way of communicating. It all fits together like a puzzle and there are revelations along the path of it. Just think of it as a big game of Bingo with the person receiving the messages yelling out “Bingo!” at times when mind blowing things are revealed. Its all a clever game with the likely end result being definitive planetary disclosure of off planet intelligence. Bingo indeed!

  2. Stace says:

    Thank you. Glad you get it, Tom! It’s not easy….

    Regarding your Pleiades Diamond Grid (at the link in your comment), it does resemble Reticulum, as you point out. As I was trying to analyse your grid, I came up with an additional resemblance to the constellation Bootes, in which case Wilbur, Washington represents the star Seginus and the San Francisco Peaks represents Arcturus….

  3. Stace,

    The lower red line (in the same american triangle) on this map passes thru the valley I call home, getting about two miles from my house.

    The upper red line (in the american triangle) goes thru the SE corner of the Pryor Range. That is the traditional home of the Little People on the lore of the Blackfoot and Crow nations.

    Happy Christmas,
    Mike C!

  4. roger sugden says:

    Stace. Nice talking with you. Yes, there are indeed lines of power and connection. This applies not only to the crop formations, but to other things as you know. And I might say that we as humans are indeed in touch with these things. Talk with you soon. roger

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