Pleiades Link to Hopewell Mounds Crop Circle

Pleiades Cluster - The Tiny Dipper

Pleiades Cluster - The Tiny Dipper

Research with a geomantic bent reveals a combined Native American and Pleiadean theme running through various US crop circles, including the most recent near Chillicothe, Ohio. The Hopewell Mounds formation links directly to Bear Butte and the Pleiades in yet another predictive alignment, making me wonder if these alignments are in fact a built-in utility by which we may elucidate communication.

Hopewell Mounds, 2012. Photo by Jeffrey Wilson

Photo by Jeffrey Wilson

In any case, over the past several months the alignments map has evolved from a basic triangle into a complex network of geometric connections between and among crop circles and Native sacred places. Bear Butte, Devils Tower, and Chaco Canyon are on the map, and each has a direct and specific link to the Pleiades star system. Additionally, the alignments map connects both of this year’s US formations to the Pleiades summit in northern Washington State, thereby circling back to the “Pleiadean Communication” that infused my first crop circle experience which, uncannily, itself occurred on a predictive alignment!

Click link to access interactive All-in-One Crop Circle Alignments Map

The crop formation at the Hopewell Mounds earthworks site has a clear Native American tie leading into the realm of prehistory.  Two millennia ago, the culturally advanced Hopewellian peoples living primarily in southern Ohio dispersed under unknown circumstances, and recent research indicates that the Lakota Sioux are one of a few remaining tribes sharing DNA with the Hopewell groups in a connection which can be traced back 15,000 years to ancestors on the Asian continent.

Diagram by Jeffrey Wilson

Diagram by Jeffrey Wilson

In an unambiguously symbolic alignment, the 2000 mile line extended from the Hopewell circle directly to the Pleiades summit passes within two miles of Bear Butte.  The shape of the formation itself even resonates with the “seven stars” of the Pleiades by virtue of both its sevenfold geometry and a numerological interpretation of the formation’s total number of components, i.e., 36 circles and 7 rings, for a total of 43, and 4 + 3 = 7.

Onsite research led by Jeffrey Wilson of ICCRA and laboratory analysis by WC Levengood indicate that the Hopewell circle is of unknown origin.  They found pronounced variability in the height at which the corn stalks bent over throughout the formation as well as extreme biological malformations in the affected corn, both of which would be difficult or impossible to duplicate with conventional circlemaking methods.

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Note:  Similar height anomalies and biologic evidence uniquely appear in the 2012 Hopewell and 2006 Herington, Kansas formation. Herington’s connection to the Pleiadean theme is evident by its specific location on the all-in-one alignments map and its representative shape.

Selected References:  A Little History of Astro-Archaeology, by John Michell.  Hopewell Ancient DNA ResearchAstronomy in the Ancient AmericasHopewell Lakota Sioux Jeff Wilson and ICCRAWC Levengood’s laboratory analysis reported at Earthfiles.

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4 Responses to “Pleiades Link to Hopewell Mounds Crop Circle”

  1. Rick Nelson says:

    The alignments are interesting. I like to approach such phenomena from as many perspectives as possible. I have always wondered if the location of these circles correspond with the patterns and events of various star systems and galactic activity. It just feels like higher intelligences are delivering an ongoing communication with a code we have not been able to interpret. The fact that there are a number of alignments suggest the possibility they could be identifiers of “ley lines” or corridors of subtle energy fields. I grew up near Chillicothe, Ohio and the Native Americans in that area were, I believe, the most prolific mound builders in the world. Over ten thousand ancient mounds and earthworks once covered the Ohio Valley ( The ancients and indigenous cultures are continually being discovered to be some of the most scientifically advanced in known human history. Many of them much further advanced than today’s scientific understanding in many areas.

    Collaborating with some of the more open-minded and analytical mound builder researchers to determine any potential correlation with crop circles might be a worthwhile endeavor. They’re both patterns on the surface of the earth, requiring a great deal of time to create, who’s function is unknown.

    Under any circumstances we have much to learn from these patterns of unknown purpose and origin. These very possibly could represent the most significant understandings ever disclosed to humankind.

    Keep up your good work!

  2. Stace says:

    I thought the same thing, Rick, about collaborating with researchers of the mounds. About a week ago I e-mailed a University of Nebraska researcher who has done a lot of work with the Hopewell Mounds to invite him to take a look at my research on the chance he may take an interest. But in my experience, it seems most academics aren’t keen to think outside the box. Only those who aren’t attached to conventional paradigms are likely to experience the epiphanies to be found at the fringes of “consensus reality.”

    Regarding the possibility that these alignments are identifying leys: Bear Butte and Chaco Canyon are natural geological features that may happen to be places of extreme energy because of the concentration of crisscrossing lines that we can see on the map. Whether ley lines or not, the question that is driving my current research is how do those lines get there? From the placement of crop circles and directly-related phenomena, we might guess that the energetic leys are attractive to the circle energy. Looking deeper we find that the circle energy (both creative and residual) is placed at a specific location on that line to serve as a language of sorts, to be deciphered. I believe that especially where we see 3- or 4-point alignments (converging lines) we are being given coded information that, once analysed, reveals an intentional message.

    That there is an Other Intelligence working with us to reveal the alignments and the messages encoded therein is supported by the fact that the Pleiades summit appears as a key point on the map. As far as I can tell, the mountain itself isn’t a specific power spot, but it was chosen by the Other Intelligence to be part of the map because its modern name identifies a concept that is being conveyed. This is an important revelation that is not going to be understood via a cursory look at the evidence.

  3. Jenny says:

    The largest manmade Indian burial ground is the Mound at Moundsville in West Virginia right along the Ohio River. This mound was also excavated and the remains sent to the Smithsonian. There was one rock with writing that no one could decipher. Years later I saw the translation of the rock in a book written by Edgar Cayce. I wonder what the signficance of the Mound at Moundsville is in the whole scheme of the mound builders burial grounds along the Ohio River. The most interesting part was the stone said something about memorializing or hailing their great queen yet on the top of the mound is the symbol of the phallus – an obelisk. If that mound was built as some sort of tribute to a queen, I’ll bet she is rolling over in her grave at the very idea of a phallic symbol sitting on top of her mound.

    Then directly across the street was built the State’s Maximum security prison. It is closed now as a prison and tours are offered daily. The West Virginia State Prison has been on A & E and various other Ghost hunter and paranormal type shows. They “sensed” and then found that the satanist who built the WV Penn had hidden a large pentagram within the wall in the Warden’s Tower. This was exposed/filmed on an A & E show.

    As a recap- the Nephilium are tied to the mounds – giant skeleton remains have been found at various mounds. The Nephelium were human sacrificers and human flesh consumers. Add to that, Directly across the street from the Mound but hundreds of years later a group of satanists build a tribute pentagram in the Warden’s tower wall of the West Virginia State Penn… hum…. I am not an expert but there seems to be some really crappy negative energy about on Jefferson Avenue.

    If I would look at what is happening now in Moundsville but not exactly within that block (Mound and Penn), I would have to bring up the hydrofracking being done on the newly tapped Marcellus Shale in the ridges around Moundsville. I see this as also extremely negative yet not as demonic as the sacrificing of humans by Nephilium and the electric chair executions that went on in the 1900’s at the prison.

    The link I see through the centuries/ generations – various forms of killing humans. The Nephilum sacrificed humans (the Indians were scared of them) the Satanists executed humans, and Hydrolic Fracturing will just be a slow and silent kill by contaminating the water supply. Dick Cheney and his Luceferain elite ilk own so many of the Natural Gas Hydrolic Fracturing companies like the one in Moundsville now. Funny how the lucerferians throughout history have focused on or been drawn to this area. If the Pleadians are around, we could surely use their help.

  4. ROGER SUGDEN says:

    I have been inside hundreds of these formations here in the US Midwest, and I would be fairly certain that these are communicators that will reach our subconscious and conscious mind and the purpose is to bring about a raising of the vibrations of our consciousness. RjS

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