In Memoriam – Paul Vigay

Paul Vigay and Me at Calne, 1997

Paul Vigay and Me at Calne, 1997

The crop circle community has suffered a tragic loss with the mysterious death of Paul Vigay, who went missing several days ago and whose body was subsequently found in the sea near his home at Southsea, Hampshire a day or two later (I am getting conflicting reports on exactly when he was reported missing and when his body was discovered.)  My condolences to his loved ones.

Paul’s last e-mail to me, sent on the 18th, the day he vanished, gave no indication of any problems.  Hearing from him was a nice kick-start to the 2009 season, and I didn’t sense for a moment that he was in trouble.

Now, to know Paul’s body has been found – I cannot hold back emotion.  This news is so unexpected – I didn’t even know he’d gone missing until Colin’s note this evening, with the horrible words “Body Found of Paul Vigay” in the subject line that made me wait minutes before opening the e-mail.  The words were unbelievable.  Abhorrent.  I still can hardly believe it.

Paul was a pillar of integrity.  He was a tireless catalogueur of crop circles the world over – as knowledgeable as any researcher I’ve known.  I enjoyed meeting him and knowing him   His legacy is tremendous.  Paul’s been one of the most prolific contributors to crop circle recordry, as can be seen at his website,

Ironically, the quote on his home page reads, “Man cannot discover new oceans until he has courage to lose sight of the shore.

I will miss the thought of being able to send him an e-mail at any moment, then waiting to see when the right words would come.  Now all I can do is think back to 12 years ago, in the garden at The Barge.  Paul, and so many others, all gathered around in the magic twilight…..Old Scrumpys in hand.  (At least that’s what I had.)  Paul’s cheerfulness and rosy cheeks will never fade from memory.


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5 Responses to “In Memoriam – Paul Vigay”

  1. Hi Stace, when I heard of this news, I immediately thought of you and thought perhaps that you new him fairly well. It’s always a sad time to lose a friend, especially one that has made a difference in a subject that you are so well versed. His contributions will never be forgotten but the connections he has made over the years could never be replaced. If he were here to tell you himself, I’m sure he’d tell you to learn from his research, carry on with your own and remember him always. The bonds of friendship survive the test of time and their strength can not be undone by death alone. Only by forgetting can the bonds be broken. So never forget your friend and he will always be with you at your side, whispering in your ear words of encouragement, waiting for you to join him so you can explore life’s mysteries together in the next plane of existence!

  2. Stace says:

    Thank you for those encouraging words! I am really hoping to post a photo of Paul and myself near Calne, England in 1997. That’ll be part of my “little ol’ me and the big researchers” photo album, when I get it together. Anyway, he was a terrific guy – as ethical and authentic as you could imagine. If you search his website you’ll still be able to find my diagrams from the three North Dakota formations from 2000.

  3. vera says:


    Please talk with Louie too ,to make contact with Paul in another dimension by EVP… i know this is possible and will help so much in this time…this site is very interesting and can make clear all about EVP…TRY!!!
    Bye and good luck for all,friends!!!

  4. James says:

    I didnt know Paul really. I had communicated by email with him several times on the subject of crop circles and had only recently ‘re-discovered’ his site. But his site and his emails to me had left me with an impression of him I havent forgotten. He seemed warm, intelligent, creative, and his mind seemed open to untold possibilities. I didnt really know him, but I knew a part of him, and about him, and cannot believe he is gone… His contribution to the crop circle phenomenon seemed unique! Its obvious he left an impression on many people! His passing has left an effect on me and I hardly knew him!! The quote on his site, about losing sight of the shore, from I think ‘The Counterfeiters’ by Andre Gide, seems emblematic of his intelligence and strangely prophetic as well. You are missed Paul!

  5. verinha says:

    Hi, Stace!!! all fine?! Dear…some news about Paul Vigay by EVP? someone try??? any other contact???

    Thanks!! bye!

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