Crop Circle Encoded at Germination – Herington, Kansas 2006

Crop Circles projected into seed during winter germination stage?

Plenty more crop circle stories to tell, only the most interesting ones here…..

During the summer of 2006 my mom called to tell me a new crop circle had appeared near Herington, Kansas.  The mature crop wasn’t pressed to the ground.  Instead, the crop was standing, having never been flattened – and it was growing at peculiar rates compared to the surrounding field.

The Herington crop circle was found close to harvest time by the farmer, who was alarmed and eventually quite siezed by the event.  He said it was “the darndest thing:”   two ovals linked by a path – almost like eyeglasses, were drawn there in the wheat.  The outer rim of the “glasses” as well as the path  were growing faster and much more robustly than the surrounding field, whereas the inside was of decreasing height and vigor until, at the center of each ellipse the wheat was sparse and stood barely a foot tall.

Stace measuring wheat in Herington crop circle

Stace measuring wheat in Herington crop circle

I went to Kansas to visit this formation for myself.  I called the farmer, Merle, and he met me at the field.

The tallest wheat stems were bent over under the weight of the robust heads, where in contrast, the wheat in the center of each circle was frail and contained maybe 6 to 8 seeds per head.  Compared to the overall average height of the field, the range from tallest to smallest was around 30 inches.

Oddly-behaving orange balls of light (well, what would non-oddly-behaving orange balls of light do?) were seen making patterns in the sky, flying in formation, all kinds of neat things – on Valentine’s Day that year, all over Kansas and specifically over the Lost Springs area several months before the growing wheat became, evidently, a crop circle.  The UFOs may have affected the germinating wheat, contributing to its eventual appearance; perhaps this crop circle may have been set in motion many months before it showed up.

In early 2007, when the seed that had been left standing came in – the crop circle wheat, unharvested, having burrowed into the earth and germinated – it grew in the pattern as the summer before.  An icy wind blew as the grass pushed up into the season, me in the middle of it, drawing my scarf around me.

The wheat in the centers was fine, like a child’s hair, and there was a lot of it.  Around the edges of the frames, and in the “bridge,” the grass was more like the kind they make big yards out of, in the midwest: thick, robust; the kind of wheat you could whistle with (rather like elongated whistling candy boxes).  I can’t remember the name of that grass – something like…bluegrass?

Clearly whatever had impacted the wheat the year before had been incorporated – encoded – into the next year’s growth.  What this means is multi-faceted:  what effect has it on our food supply?  on our consciousness?  on the way we view time?  on reality?

We may interact with manipulated DNA through a variety of means.  But that discussion’s for another day…


If you are interested in other United States crop circles I’ve visited, click on the tag “US crop circles.”  Many of these circles were never reported on elsewhere.

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6 Responses to “Crop Circle Encoded at Germination – Herington, Kansas 2006”

  1. Conspirama says:

    Crop Circle Encoded at Germination – Herington, KS 2006 | Inter ……

    HERINGTON, KANSAS, 2006 – Crop Circles injected into ground during winter germination stage? Plenty more crop circle stories to tell, only the most….

  2. BRIAN FRESE says:

    I recently watched “Crop Circles: Quest for Truth” and was doing some internet searching and came across the article on the 2006 crop circles near Herington, KS. I was wondering if there has been any activity reported since. I live in Marion, KS, 30 miles from Herington. Thanks!

  3. Stace says:

    As far as I know, Brian, there haven’t been any crop circles reported in Kansas since 2006, aside from a grass circle apparently reported in the Kansas City area in 2007. Here’s a link to historical Kansas reports on the ICCRA website. By the way, I hope you’ve had a chance to read here about the other US formations I’ve researched, including the Inman formation that appeared in 1995.

  4. […]  Similar height anomalies and biologic evidence uniquely appear in the 2012 Hopewell and 2006 Herington, Kansas formation. Herington’s connection to the Pleiadean theme is evident by its specific location […]

  5. Stace, I am very interested in the Kansas Herington formation from 2006. I am wondering if you have any other photo’s of the formation. It remind me of the Poverty Point formation in Louisiana, near the place of rings, as this too grew at a slower rate but this formation had 25 circles over a 1/4 mile long in total.

    I’d like to be on your news feed for postings you make. thanks very much.
    I am a friend of Jeff Wilson, and have a lot of respect for his research.

    Thanks. Jennifer stein. I am also on linked in.

  6. Stace says:

    Thanks for your note, Jennifer. I’m a member of ICCRA but haven’t worked in the field with Jeff (it’s a big country). I linked back to your site and you are somewhat familiar to me; it’s possible that in our combined years in the field we’ve crossed paths at some point.
    I do have more photos of the Herington formation and will get those posted when I update the article – which, upon review, could use a little cleaning up. Yes, the Louisiana circles do have the same variable-growth feature that’s so rare, and so interesting. Aside from that, I’m unfamilar with the Poverty Point formation. Thanks for reminding me to look into that!

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