The Layered Language of Crop Circles: Connecting the Dots in Extraordinary Phenomena Research

Please access the interactive maps via links accompanying the photos, as they will allow you to explore the alignments discussed here.

Map created with help from Mike Clelland.  Visit Mike’s site Hidden Experience for more insights into synchronicity, ET contacts, and other curious topics.

Crop circles, UFOs, and synchronicities are clues to our connection with a largely-unseen web of reality.  Our interactions with these phenomena demonstrate that we aren’t isolated packets of consciousness, but that we are transmitters and receivers of meaning through language.

We find that where these extraordinary phenomena occur in conjunction with one another and are then plotted on a map, a brilliant and always-evolving syntax emerges.  As we wish, we are given to explore a language that has nothing to do with the describing the mundane and everything to do with navigating the fringes of reality.

In this first of two posts, I’ll lay the framework for an upcoming report detailing my ongoing exploration of what these alignments may mean.  Of course, like all the great mysteries of life, our understanding of this elusive level of reality is ultimately subjective, so I invite you to draw your own conclusions.

ONE: The Topeka-Inman Line.  This straight alignment in Kansas is comprised of three interrelated locations: 1) the place where I privately wished for a crop circle, 2) the place where I learned about the requested crop circle five days later, and 3) the location of the crop circle itself.  This discovery confirmed the extraordinary nature of my crop circle initiation in 1995.  View Stace Tussel – Inman Crop Circle Alignment in a larger map

TWO: The Triangle. Plotting the locations of three key crop circle locations in my research of US formations from 1995 through 2002 creates a near-equilateral triangle enclosing 246,792 square miles, referencing Kansas at 82,282 square miles, tripled, which equals 246,846 square miles – a difference of just 54 square miles, which is roughly the size of the overlapped triangle in the middle of the large one (apparently an artefact of the mapping process, possibly having a connection to satellite techniques and Earth curvature, since the centre of a triangle should be a point, and not another triangle).  View Stace Tussel – Crop Circle Alignments in a larger map

THREE: Parallel Lines.  The overlay of maps one and two elicited another alignment speaking to the connectedness of all the phenomena.  From a direct E-W (equatorial) line, the Inman formation appeared at an angle of 29 degrees, and the line between Langdon and Teton runs on the same parallel angle of 29 degrees.  View Stace Tussel – Parallel Lines in a larger map


NOTE:  As mentioned, the potential significance of these alignments will be explored in more detail in an upcoming post.

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6 Responses to “The Layered Language of Crop Circles: Connecting the Dots in Extraordinary Phenomena Research”

  1. Stace – WOW!

    The center of the triangle, noted by the convergence of the thin white lines includes a road named BIG FOOT TRAIL. This is located just outside the border of Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Big Foot Trail sure has a nice paranormal implication to it.

    One of the thin white lines passes thru Ellsworth Air FOrce Base in South Dakota.

    The Northern yellow line passes about 6 miles from a town in Montana named Plevna.

    This same Northern Yellow line passes through the Pryor Mountains in Montana. I have just barely hinted at this location as important in my own blog, but this area has been a sort of synchro-beacon as I proceed down this path. The Pryor Mountains are the home of the “little people” in the lore of the Crow Nation.

    The lower West Yellow line passes thru the Wind River Range, approx. 2 miles form a sighting of a “little person” by a hiker some years ago. This person has a curious connection to me.

  2. Stace says:

    So glad you were able to access and explore the maps, Mike. As we look deeper, we find layer upon layer upon layer of significance indicating that the information these maps carry is more deliberate code than simple coincidence. I’m sifting through it and trying to make it accessible in my followup to this post – coming soon!

  3. Stace,

    I did an audio interview with a fellow named Sesh Heri, he authored a book titled THE HANDPRINT OF ATLAS.

    He had a very similar experience with a map and a line, and it changed the direction of his life. He also had what can be interperated as a series of UFO abduction experiences (he and I both loathe that term) in his youth.

    There is something to this, and it is fascinating and seductive. I don’t know what it means, but to me, it adds to the paranormal “truth” to these events.

    Mike C


  4. Also –

    I live within two miles of the INMAN / TETON DIRECT yellow line. And there was a cattle mutilation about 1 mile from that line on Halloween of 2011.

    Mike C

  5. Hey Stace – Apologies for not responding to this when you first wrote it or getting back to you. So much happening in my life – I have sometimes forgotten to remember to communicate with everyone important.

    I liked what you had to say here. You didn’t just say these alignments were related to what I found but you added that they were related to other aspects of YOUR experience and I think that is important. Because sometimes these events are very personal and I think they are often related to 1 person and any other meaning (while probably intended) is a bonus.

    I think I might have told you that I once mapped all the circles in Oz from 1927 -2006 and discovered a series of circles and triangles across the country, that seem to have overlapped with scared sites (song lines). Now I don’t know how many were man made and how many were not but 99 % of them were simple circles or rings – which I think are the real deal. I don’t know if the shapes (which came from alignments of parallelograms and triangles, were made by higher dimensional objects (phased over time) (like Paul V used to suggest) or if they follow energetic patterns (I don’t believe like some that the Earth has an equally spaced energetic grid). But none the less the patterns are there and I don’t know why.

    Something you have hinted at, that I also think might be true – is that whatever is creating these circles and larger scale patterns, is using geometry as a means to tell us ”I noticed you and have responded !”. Which I reckon is a pretty strong way to confirm something, that otherwise seems very subjective and hard to prove. We seem to find the proof we need, when we know how to look and sometimes we seem to be guided to that as well.

    I am looking forward to your next post !

    Wishing you well,

    Bright 😉

  6. Stace says:

    Mike & Bright, you’re both getting that these alignments indicate something much more meaningful than just simple points on a map. They are guideposts. We are given the cumbersome and rewarding task of following the signs and interpreting their messages in ways that speak to us personally, and by investing the time and effort to do that we can then share potentially revolutionary insights with others. And I find it interesting that alignments like these are common among experiencers; do we have a greater-than-average inclination to pick up on these relatively-subtle messages, or are we genuinely the designated recipient? Seems like both to me (which makes sense – i.e., speak to someone who’s listening). Still exploring and trying to get the messages I’ve found in the crop circle alignments described in this post interpreted and ready for posting. Why it’s taken so long I cannot say, except the scope of it all still seems almost overwhelming to me.

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