More Questions Around Unexplained Bird Deaths

An example of the beautiful red-winged blackbird.

Something fishy is going on with bird deaths.  If it were just the Beebe, Arkansas event, the news would have come and gone much like the report of the thousands of dead starlings that spooked a town in New Jersey a couple of years ago – but Beebe was only the beginning.

In just the past five days large numbers of dead birds have been found, inexplicably deceased, in concentrated areas where they fell in the US states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas, and Tennessee.  Hundreds of fallen turtle doves were also reported today in a small town in Sweden.  Downed power lines, stormy weather, poison, disease, and even fireworks-induced stress have all been put forth as possible conventional suspects in the bird deaths.

We haven’t yet heard that weather balloons or swamp gas might have been the culprit in these bird kills, but as the reports stack up, more fringe speculation is creeping into the conversation.  Could HAARP or some kind of particle beam weapon be engaging in target practice on these creatures?  Are UFOs slamming into the flocks, perhaps unwittingly?  Did the crack in Earth’s magnetosphere that occurred on the 28th of December – which was quickly followed by 2011’s first two mag-7+ earthquakes – have some heretofore unknown impact?

In the most recent of an eerie string of reports, over 100 dead black birds were reported found along a busy stretch of highway just north of Lebanon, Tennessee.  As seen on Nashville’s WSMV Channel 4 News, a spokesman for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said, “The birds have definitely been dead 5 or 6 days.”  If the Tennessee birds were dead for nearly a week, why were they only reported Tuesday and investigated today?  One would think that with all the news coverage in the US and internationally, something like this would be noticed and reported right away.  And why might the bird carcasses apparently repel rather than attract coyotes and other scavengers?

Also, why are we seeing increasing numbers of reports in a specific region of the United States?  In each case, why have the birds been found grouped together in a small area?  If fireworks – which have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years – are really to blame, why haven’t mass bird deaths been reported in conjunction with them before now?  Considering the fact that each reported case in the recent wave has been found in plain sight in a populated area, how many of these sudden bird deaths may be occurring away from view?

Until some real answers are uncovered, the questions – like the bird deaths – continue to pile up.


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10 Responses to “More Questions Around Unexplained Bird Deaths”

  1. Hey Stace, I’m with you on this one…kind of creepy. Along with the fish deaths in Arkansas, the deaths have been species specific. Which is kind of odd but not as abnormal as one would think. What do birds and fish have in common? They are both species that flock or school together with their own species. Also they are both sensitive to the earths magnetic field. So if they had been in the vicinity of some magnetic field anomaly that caused their death then it makes sense that the deaths would predominantly arise from certain species that happened to be present in large numbers. However, this doesn’t explain why there have been other blackbird deaths in other parts of the country. So I’m left scratching my head thinking that perhaps this is some sign of the times. Beginning of the end? I don’t know if I believe in that but you have to wonder what the hell is going on. It reminds me of a scene in a movie, where the antichrist is walking down the road and in his wake are scores of dead animals. The CREEPY factor is sky high on this one!

  2. Stace says:

    And now….turtle doves falling by the hundreds into a town in Italy. The mystery is deepening daily. Updates soon!

  3. Two turtle doves…and a partridge in a pear tree…lol. Sorry, couldn’t resist. I had a dream last night that seemed like more than a dream. Like I was supposed to pay attention to it for some reason. There were animals dying all around me, birds, squirrels, fish, rabbits, mostly small animals. Some one who was faceless told me that the world would be ending in 3 days. There all these vicious little creatures running around and gnashing their teeth but not biting anyone. They are more like a nuisance or a trip hazard than anything else. I notice some people know because they are selling everything they own and getting out of Dodge. I don’t know where they are going but they are leaving. I’ve been sworn to secrecy and I try not to tell anyone but I just want to get my wife alone so I can tell her and let her know what’s going on but I don’t want to tell the girls because I don’t want them spending their last days on earth, scared for their lives. Thats how it ends.

    Some friends have said this dream has something to do with a promotional interview that I have on Friday with the mayor. But I don’t know, it seemed more like the end of the world to me than the symbolic ending of my world and the beginning of a new life. Just thought I’d post here since some of my dream seemed to be related to the animal deaths

  4. Stace says:

    A few days ago I also had a dream that was a bit more vivid than usual, in which I noticed fallen birds in my town (which wasn’t really where I live now) and called to report it to authorities. I think it’s because the subject matter’s been on my mind a lot lately. The fireworks spin on this story is laughable, but yet it’s probably satisfied most people – and now the news is beginning to move on, and pretty soon these mass die-offs will largely be forgotten.

    I mentioned in response to your previous comment that I’d provide updates soon, and so here goes. At the time that birds were falling in Beebe, weather radar captured something mysterious. Take a look at the radar loop here. There’s no way to definitely identify the source of the reflectivity, but I certainly don’t buy the “flock of birds” explanation.

  5. Hmmm…the witnesses contradict what the meteorologist says. They stated the birds were flying low and crashing into things. That doesn’t sound like fireworks or thunderstorms to me. As far as the radar return and no precipitation being reported at the time, I’m curious as to what that could be but it looks too big to be birds and it must be pretty solid. I know I’m kind of getting out on the fringe but perhaps it could have been a dimensional window opening and closing, allowing something to come through or perhaps allowing something to leave. Maybe we are coming into a time of inevitable contact. What the bird deaths have to do with that is beyond me. Also…has the caldera at Yellowstone been active and could geothermal or extrasolar activity account for any of these deaths? Perhaps it could account for the dreams?

  6. Correction to that last post…solar activity…not extrasolar activity. I don’t think activity on other stars would be responsible for any of these bird deaths or any of the recent animal die-offs

  7. Stace,

    Here’s a link to add more weirdness to the story:

    Not sure what it means, but the fact that this story is absolutely invisible in the main stream press tells me something.

    Mike C!

  8. Scary stuff…does the left hand ever know what the right hand is doing?

  9. Ewa Jarl says:


    Since I had already become aware of changes in the magnetic fields because of the strange weather here in Sweden I was not surprised when the jackdaws couldn’t navigate properly and fell out of the sky. Some hours before the birds fell down also an aero plane fell 8 kilometres in 2 minutes because of problems with the cabin pressure.

    Strange weather = Greenland really warm and Sweden drowned in snow and ice. I read that we might be on our way to a polar shift and not everything could be explained by La Niña.

    Stace: You believe there is a connecton between geomagnetic storms-earthquakes-bird deaths? I do too.
    Two weeks after the jackdawns fell out of the sky in a small town nearby that town was hit by a 2.5 earthquake. Since Sweden is rather big (I think) and we have only 10 earthquakes a year that is 2.5 or more this is a remarkable coincidence!?

  10. Stace says:

    Ewa, thanks for sending your report from Sweden. Thoughts and experiences from residents or eyewitnesses close to phenomena about which I post are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

    I hadn’t seen anything in the news about the problems with the plane you described, although I just looked it up and found articles. While the jackdaw deaths and the plane problem occurred during a coincidental time frame, the two locations are rather far apart – I’m estimating about 700 KM (~450 miles) between Falkoping and Umea.

    Regarding the connections you bring up in your comment, it’s true that speculation about a link between the mass bird and fish deaths and shifts in the planet’s magnetic field is widespread. However, strong evidence supporting that connection hasn’t appeared yet. And while I believe earthquakes are linked to solar activity – specifically solar wind impacting the magnetosphere – I haven’t found any compelling evidence that a geomagnetic disturbance or planetary methane release may be the culprit in the mysterious animal deaths worldwide. No doubt there’s a correlation in timing between large earthquakes and the mass die-offs, but a meaningful connection doesn’t seem likely in light of the geographically-isolated nature of the phenomena (among other factors).

    Of all the explanations being circulated, weapons testing seems to stand out as warranting serious consideration. Bear in mind, for instance, that none of the mass death locations are remote enough to escape the reach of numerous HAARP facilities located worldwide and which clearly have the potential for underhanded and nefarious use. Biological, scalar, microwave, radio wave, antimatter…all of these categories (and more) are being developed for, or are already used as, weapons. Note that almost all of the mass animal deaths have been linked to above- and below-ground activity (i.e., birds and fish), where such weapons testing would be less likely to impact humans at ground level – reflecting a possible strategic concern.

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