Psychic Connection to UFOs and Crop Circles – New Witness Report

UFO and Crop Circles – copyright Ron Russell

A few weeks ago I received a note from Laura Neville, a long-time Kansas resident, who recently watched my YouTube video about the crop circle synchronicity in Inman, Kansas in 1995.  In the video I describe how I silently wished for a crop circle to appear close enough for me to check it out, and how at that moment over 100 miles away a young farmer named Chad saw a row of golden lights hovering over a field across the road from where he was tilling – in the exact spot where a crop circle was found a few days later.

Laura told me that late one night in June, 1995, she was driving between Hutchinson and Buhler when she and her two passengers witnessed an unusual light descend at a steep angle in the direction of Inman.  She’d never seen a UFO, but this was as close as any.  She wondered if it was a strange “falling star.”  A couple of days later the Hutchinson News featured a front-page article about a crop circle found near Inman.

One of the occupants in Laura’s vehicle was her son, Brian.  He’d seen UFOs in that area in the late 1990s, when he was a teenager.  A few days after Laura contacted me, Brian was kind enough to write to me describing his sightings in more detail.  His testimony is edited only slightly for clarity:

“From the years of approximately 1996-2000 I had five different encounters with the same ‘craft’ over the same area/fields between Buhler and Inman.  The visible objects in the sky appeared as glowing, bright gold orbs with spinning red lights in the center… [they] were always lowly hovering above the ground and roughly a mile or so away… I would drive for miles and the lights would stay the exact same distance away from the car the entire time.”

(Note that Brian’s description of the UFOs is similar to the young farmer who apparently witnessed the formation of the Inman crop circle.  Chad described “a row of lights, 8 or 9 lights, like car headlights on dim,” hovering over the field and kicking up dust – precisely where the crop circle was found a few days later.  Conceivably, orbs appearing like dim headlights may appear as bright gold orbs if not partially obscured.)

The orbs varied in number during the different sightings.  Brian said, “One time there would be four orbs and next time there would be two and the next time three, etc…”  And while each encounter was “extremely significant,” the last time he saw the lights “proved to be the most profound.”  In Brian’s words:

“My best friend and I pulled out of band practice on Buhler-Haven road at about 9.30 PM.  We instantly saw two gold orbs hovering down the road… So of course we both get excited and ended up following the lights past Buhler and into a field outside of town.  There were two orbs at this time just floating a few hundred feet off the ground and about a mile away.  I decided to turn off my car and flash my lights at it.  In my head I’m going… ‘COME ON!  I have seen you five times!

“At this moment [the ship] decided to light itself up for 5-6 seconds and give my friend and me a show….the ship was HUGE.  Lights went around the top and bottom of the ship displaying its size.  Definitely over a football field!”

Brian’s experience corroborates numerous sightings of unidentified golden orbs seen in Kansas, not only in the vicinity of the Inman crop circle, but also in other parts of the state where crop circles have appeared.  And his apparent telepathic communication with the UFO and/or its occupants supports the testimony of many UFO observers and crop circle researchers – myself among them.

A few of my reports which involve apparent psychic communication in UFO and crop circle events are posted here already, including Cosmic Driving Lessons and Inviting Confirmation: Extreme Synchronicity and Crop Circles.

Brian’s story doesn’t end here.  My next post describes his subsequent encounter with MIBs, or “Men in Black” – something I’ve got more to tell about as well.


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2 Responses to “Psychic Connection to UFOs and Crop Circles – New Witness Report”

  1. Wildrote says:

    That’s a really fascinating account. I look forward to part two.

    Your comment over at Hidden Experience reminded me to check in with you, but it also primed me in an interesting way. When I looked at the picture for this post all I could see was mushrooms until I actually read what it was about. Ha.

    Take care,

  2. Laura Neville says:

    Stace captured the description of my experience quite well. Driving in a rural area between Hutchinson and Buhler, Kansas- I often saw falling stars. On this particular night in 1995 I was struck by the odd angle of the trajectory-very different than any meteorites or falling stars that I had seen or have seen since that time. And seeing the article about the crop circle appearing several days later in the Hutchinson News really got my attention. It was clear from the article that the crop circle appearance and unusual light was happening at more or less the same time and in the same location. I thought about the experience and article for a number of years. In a recent move to western Kansas the article was misplaced and I mentioned it to my son recently. Brian stated that he had found a blog on the internet which described the Inman crop circle and sent me the link to Stace’s site. And, of course, I emailed Stace as she mentioned.

    I know specifically of one other person who reported orbs of light following along side her car while traveling from Hutchinson to Buhler. The term she used was “UFO” and she reported it quite matter- of -factly. This particular individual conducts investigations for the state of Kansas, so I certainly can testify to her accuracy of reporting!

    It would be interesting to know if other individuals have experienced similar phenomena in the same geographical area.

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