Giant Dragonfly Encounter in Eastern Kansas

Was this an Interdimensional Encounter or a Glimpse of an Elusive, Living Species?

In a holographic universe, experiencing meta-dimensions of reality such as moving backward or forward in time or engaging in psychic communication with other intelligence seems to come from the mystical implicate order unfolded and made explicate by energetic alchemy.   These experiences tend to surprise us when we least expect them.  I wonder if we may also cultivate a state of mind that elicits such encounters from otherwise mundane activities.

I experienced a possible interdimensional breach, one with which Bohm may’ve had a field day, back in the mid-1980s.   I was driving east on I-35 in eastern Kansas one hot and sticky summer day, my ’67 Mustang rumbling across the heatwaves, windows down, my hair blowing in wind, when something moving near a billboard on the right side of the highway caught my attention.  A giant dragonfly, I mean absolutely breathtakingly huge and just beautiful, perfectly and utterly gorgeous, hovered in the air – rather like a modern dragonfly (most species of which don’t exceed a few inches in span), but much bigger than anything known to exist today.  I’ve generally thought of it as having a 3 to 5 feet wingspan.

Whatever its size, surely such a dragonfly either exists in a parallel dimension or lives discreetly on our planet, well hidden from modern prying eyes.  It looked a bit like this:

No joke, I did a double take, triple take, whatever.  I looked as long as I could, which was too short for satisfaction – just a couple of seconds.

Years later I was somewhat surprised to learn that fossils of this (or a similar) species, from 260 million years ago, were found in the 1960s near Elmo, Kansas – not all that far from where I caught a glimpse of a giant, “extinct” dragonfly hovering near the highway.


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34 Responses to “Giant Dragonfly Encounter in Eastern Kansas”

  1. Stace,

    Why did you publish this today? I’m curious.

    There are lots of curious sightings of odd creatures (Mothman, bigfoot, giant birds etc) and I think we are dealing with something other than a remnant species. There is something much more strange going on…

    Mike C!

  2. Stace says:

    Why today…? I really don’t know why I chose to post this particular incident at this time. This is a story I’ve wanted to share with a wider audience for years, and since I’ve been writing a lot about solar activity and earthquakes, I figured it was time to get back to some of the inexplicable things that have happened in my life.

    Seeing the giant dragonfly was quite a memorable experience! I have tossed around the idea of this dragonfly sighting as resulting from a “rip in the fabric of time,” so to speak…but I’ve also considered that the giant dragonfly may really exist to this day. The mystery of it all has stayed on my mind for all these years.

    Just today I also found a reference to some fellow in Texas who said some years back he saw dragonflies as long as his arm…so that fits my description pretty well. Cryptozoologists may be alerted to look for more evidence along these lines, although again, who knows – was it a living specimen of a species thought to be extinct? Or was it a glimpse of another dimension?

  3. Stace & Chris Knowles are both bloggers, and they have created a set of Dueling blog posts, and both should read each-others writings. Curious explorations of the HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE.

    A suggestion from Mike C!

    LINK to Christopher Knowles’ site:

    March 3rd posting on SECTET SUN,
    Title: Synchronicity and the HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE

    – and –

    LINK to this site:


    first sentence: In a holographic universe, experiencing meta-dimensions of reality such as moving backward or forward in time or engaging in psychic communication with other intelligence seems to come from the mystical implicate order unfolded and made explicate by energetic alchemy.

    (Stace, that was a GOOD opening sentence!)

  4. Stace – that was a fascinating experience. It would have been so captivating to have been there.

    I also wonder if you have seen something that has passed through a doorway. I’d call it the same dimension but a paralell reallity, either linked by across distant space or the same dimension in another universe. I belive their are many tempral-spatiall doorways on our planet – some artificial, some natural. and I believe that sometimes creatures come and go accidently and at will. My partner has actually had the experience of passing through such a doorway. I wonder if you’re dragon fly did the same thing.

    But so many possibilities. It could equally be surviving in this world.
    Reallity is so much stranger than we realize. These glimpses that some of us are getting of something else, are pushing that boundary, ever so slowly. Whether it’s physical reality or the reality of cosnsciousness.

    It sound slike you have so much more to share, when the time is right. There is a lot I’d also like to share with you.

    Nice post Stace. 😉

  5. James says:

    The interesting thing about your post is the number of different ideas you touch on while mentioning your curious observation. I picked up a new word from Wikipedia because of your post:

    “In the United States dragonflies and damselflies are sought out as a hobby similar to birding and butterflying, known as oding, from the dragonfly’s Latin species name, odonata. Oding is especially popular in Texas, where 225 out of a total of 457 known species of odonates in the world have been observed. With care, dragonflies can be handled and released by Oders, like butterflies.[8]”

    Another interesting comment from that same article in Wikipedia:
    “Japanese children catch large dragonflies as a game, using a hair with a small pebble tied to each end, which they throw into the air. The dragonfly mistakes the pebbles for prey, gets tangled in the hair, and is dragged to the ground by the weight.”

    Your statement re what you saw- “Whatever its size, surely such a dragonfly either exists in a parallel dimension or lives discreetly on our planet, well hidden from modern prying eyes.”- was one, because of the way you put it, that made me think again about the idea of alternate worlds.

    David Deustch talks at length in “The Fabric of Reality” about the multiverse and the MWI- many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. The term multiverse’ was, strangely, or not so strangely, coined by William James. What is the connection between the multiverse and mind?

    If your observation was anything other than simply mistaken, or a hallucination, and I don’t really think it was either of those things, then to explain, or understand its occurrence necessitates a change in our understanding. Not only does it possibly challenge evolution, but our ordinary understanding of what is possible. It is something of a paradox, and not unlike Olber’s paradox, leads us further away from the ‘ordinary’ path(s) than one might think.

    Perhaps it does live discreetly, like Bigfoot and others, and to cross its path is something akin to invading its world, and to see it as it is, requires a certain state of mind, and a modicum of grace as well.

    Last but not least. I find the other comments interesting. In particular I ended up on Bright Garlick’s site from her comment and from that on Bewilderness. Here is the beginning of her experience(s):

    “You might say it started with the dreams, but it’s more accurate to say it started when I noticed they had changed. It took much longer before I became aware of the other things. The dreams were first: they ranged from prophetic to archetypal to bizarre, and they had feelings attached, a sense of “literal-ness” in some cases, that I didn’t know how to describe. On any given day I’d be reeling from their impact. My mind changed about them, about why I was having them and what they meant, on an almost hourly basis. I’d never before considered dreams very important, and might not have in this case, except that suddenly they felt so different that I couldn’t help but take notice of them.”

  6. Jon says:

    I live near dallas tx. I saw a dragonfly in north dallas that was at least tenn to twelve inches in length (body). I was wondering what kind of dragonfly this was.

  7. Stace says:

    Thanks for reporting your sighting, Jon. There are no known, existing dragonflies with body lengths of longer than about half a foot – but of course that doesn’t mean that they’re not out there. I have no idea what kind of dragonfly you saw, but I would love to hear more about your experience – when and where (e.g., over a pond, marshy area, in your yard, etc.) it happened, for instance. How closely were you able to observe the dragonfly?

    According to an internet search, mysterious giant dragonflies are reported with some frequency, unlike “giant honeybees” or “giant grasshoppers,” for instance – indicating to me that there may be a real dragonfly species (or perhaps more than one) that is eluding capture and identification. That fossils exist of presumed-extinct species, and that these fossil finds and many of the modern reported sightings are both occurring in similar areas (the distance from my sighting to yours in Dallas isn’t very far) makes exploring this possibility further even more important.

  8. Joe says:

    I’d like to send you two photos related with one gigant dragonfly. But the point is this: They, I say “They” because only appear or are visible when I take and watch the photos, don’t see them on the air at any time. This is very very strange, I think that this kind of insect or thing developed an invisible field, knows how to disappear to the human look, is an interdimensional entity or high tech with insect shape that vibrates to the frecuency of the camera flash. Also I want to say you that according to the relation between the “insect” and the objects, its size is huge, not cms, Meters¡ maybe 10 meters¡ If you give me an email I could to send you the two photos. But you must promise me that you’ll modify part of the ambience or background of the photos because its entorn allows to acknowledge the site and country. I guess that you know what I’m talking about… Right?

    [Note from Webmaster: Stace is corresponding with Joe and will post photos he may supply, as appropriate. Thank you!]

  9. Mike says:

    So many times I have been drawn to take digital photos outside, and often get UFO craft sometimes red in colour passing over, that I cannot SEE when Im looking out.Our eyes are just not high enough in light frequency to get all the details that pass in front of us, so these photos should make good viewing if you can put them up Stace, and many thanks to Joe.Every picture tells a story, so im interested to see what these offer, perhaps they have the alien tag to them, and if fact are ufos, with the brain telling joe its a big dragonfly, something he can understand and deal with ?

  10. One Man says:

    Your eyes decieve you. You could not have seen a dragonfly that size because they cannot exist that size today. They existed before the FLood because of the higher oxygen level and atmospheric pressure of the earth before the Flood. Experiments with hyperbaric chambers can reproduce such giant creatures by simulating the pre-flod atmosphere. Today, the oxygen level is about 33% less than before the flood (verified by air bubbles in fossilized amber and the highly oxidized state of the earth’s rocks) and the atospheric pressure will not allow for it today. The fossil record is rife with giant creatures because it was created by the flood.

  11. Stace says:

    One Man, I can’t say that I saw the dragonfly in a physical form, necessarily. I have thought about the difficulties with the giant dragonfly’s body weight, ability to hover and fly, the composition of the air, etc. The conundrum can only be entertained (as it must be, for me anyway, and anyone else who’s seen something similar) if you look beyond the boundaries of science. Science has a place, but I don’t believe it will ever provide “cosmic truth” to us. Truth can only be experienced personally. If you haven’t seen a giant dragonfly, there may not be a frame of reference to even process my story. However, if you saw it for yourself, your reality would be changed – whether you believed you hallucinated or saw into another dimension, perhaps. Any number of possibilities (out of infinite possibilities) could explain the giant dragonfly, but isn’t an attempt to explain the sighting possibly futile? I’m less interested in “why” than in “what” happened…but “why” has crossed my mind a few times.

  12. Margz says:

    I saw a giant dragonfly type of creature when I lived in Utah. It was about five years ago. I stood looking out of my living room window that looked out onto the street. I looked up the street first and then down. The sky was very grey that day, it looked like a storm was coming. As I looked down the street for about four seconds, I got a glimps of this beautiful slow flying (almost as if it was in slow motion) creature that was about 6 feet long with a huge wing span. It was flying just above the height of the roofs of the houses across the street. It had very fine wings that were blues and violet colors like a dragonfly. I did not take my eyes of it, but as I say it vanished in seconds. I had a look every day to try and see it again, but never did.

  13. John H. says:

    OK. I’m not very good at this corresponding on the Web. However, after reading your account, (I stumbled upon your site by accident) of seeing a huge dragonfly in Kansas I was reminded of my sighting of the same thing in Georgia several years ago while my wife and I were on vacation there. Here’s how it goes: I was standing on the deck of our motel when I noticed a huge (and I mean huge; probably 4-6 feet long with a 2-3 foot wingspan) moving across my line of sight about 50′ or so from me going from my right to my left toward a bunch of trees. The wings were not at all moving very quickly which at first surprised me. It just gracefully flew over to the left of my vision field and then it was gone. A time span of probably 8-10 seconds. I looked intensely, but could no longer see it. So, I looked around some more thinking maybe there were some more of these. But that was it! Afterwards I asked some of the locals about my sighting, thinking that maybe in that area of the mountains of Georgia there were oversized dragonflies like that flying around. But everyone said they had never seen anything like that. So…whatever it was, I don’t have a clue! All I know is, I saw it plain as day and I’m not some nut or on drugs… or whatever. Actually, I am an ordained Roman Catholic Deacon; have a Masters in Psychology and Counseling, and have never been given to nutty things, though I do believe in the unseen world of the spiritual, per Jesus’ testimony about such things. Plus, I believe in “other dimensions” and personally believe that Heaven is simply another dimension here on earth, though I have no hard facts from scripture to pack that up. But regardless of my beliefs, I can’t really factor all that in as relating to what I saw. I think I was just in the right place at the right time for this supposed “stitch” in time, or whatever you call it, to occur. Or maybe, as you say, these huge dragonflies aren’t as extinct as we think they are. But it sure was strange how it seemed to just vanish after it got to the left side of my line of sight.

  14. Forrest Perry says:

    That sounds like an amazing experience, i too have had interesting encounters with dragonflies. around my house there is a breed of dragon fly that always flies in large groups of 50 or more. me being very interested in talking to animals found that the dragon flies actuially spoke to you in there own language if you give it a chance! What i do is go outside and walk very slowly and calmly to ware you believe the gragon flies are, do not make eye contact as they assume that means you are going to attack and they will stay away from you. unfocus your eyes and stare in the direction of several but never one in particular. after a while you fill find them getting closer and closer to you as they watch your eye movements. when they get just out of arms reach is the most important part, when they fly at or near your face its because they are testing you. almost like asking you if you will attack, do not track them as they cross your vision and soon you will have a whole lot of them diving at your face haha. anyway once you’ve gained there trust then you can attempt to look at them, but only for a moment, then look away to show them you are just watching. Once you get really in tune with what they what you can push your limits a bit and see how much theyll let you do. if you single one out and glance at it for a bit they might even fly to you and dance for you! I have yet to have one trust me enough to land on me, but i dont think that would be impossible with time… they very smart creatures i tell you. coming into contact with a large species would be truely amazing, and it wouldnt at all catch me off gaurd if a species of large dragonfly were indeed alive and just too visuially on top of things to be deticted

  15. T. says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen a collaboration of posts where someone has seen something like I have. I was only about a child, maybe 4 years old (11 years ago). I remember seeing a giant dragonfly on my back porch vividly, it was around 4-6ft long, it was about 10 inches away from me as it landed, I was so terrified that I ran back inside. I told a couple of people but nobody really believed me. After reading these, I know what I saw wasn’t a hallucination. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada if this information is relevant.

  16. Stace says:

    Would you clarify the distance at which you saw the dragonfly, T? I’m having a hard time imagining a creature that large landing less than a foot away from you, but if you put it in context perhaps that distance would make more sense. Otherwise, do you mean to say 10 feet?

  17. T. says:

    I guess if I could be more specific, it must have landed while I had my back turned. Because as I turned around I saw the dragonfly about 2-4 feet away from me landed. As I ran to go back inside my house the dragonfly took off.

  18. anonymous says:

    I saw a 2 foot dragonfly once, it was blue and I was in Vancouver visiting my grandma, that’s why I found your article, to see if anyone else had seen one.

  19. When I was 10 years old playing at a neighbors yard with friends in the summertime a giant dragonfly came flying between the houses. The children ran into the garage being scared. I stood fascinated as I have always loved insects. The creature seemd at least a wingspan of 2 feet or so. It hovered above me turned and flew away. I had always fished in ponds & lakes. This creature was not normal…beautiful..l was surprised other people have seen this beautiful this day I remember…

  20. Corey Caponero says:

    Years ago in the late 1960’s my sister Cindy and I saw a giant dragonfly outside our apt building through the glass on the left side of the door. To this day no one believes us.

  21. KJ says:

    I saw the same type of thing when I was very young, maybe 3 or 4 years old. I went out into our backyard, and sitting on the ground was a very large dragonfly. I’m guessing a foot-and-a-half, maybe 2 feet long. Just sitting on the ground, his wings very slowly moving up and down. Just resting. Scared the hell out of me. I ran inside to get my mom, dad, grandmother, anyone to come downstairs to see. They spent a few minutes laughing about it. When they finally did come down, of course, it was gone.

    It was there. This was not holographic. I can see it clearly to this day. I have no idea where it came from, where it went. I have never had this type of experience before or since.

    This was just south of San Francisco.

    I’ve read the articles that say that dragonflies can not exist at this size today (limitation on size based on percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere), though they did exist millions of years ago.

    If we’ve seen them, why is there no evidence of them? Why have so few of us seen them? (Before I saw this sight, I thought I was the only one.)

    I’ve always wondered if this meant something.

  22. Stace says:

    KJ, nice experience! Have you had any other memorable encounters with dragonflies? I’ve always felt drawn to them. You mention it was not holographic; you also say there’s no evidence. I agree, the one I saw did not feel holographic; I have always thought my encounter was more interdimensional. Some kind of time slip, some may say.

    The evidence, by the way, is all around you – first in your own experience. Look at all the responses here from people so dramatically touched by their own dragonfly encounters that they’ve found this site by a couple of keywords. And don’t forget the fossil records.

    I’m also curious if you’ve had any other mystical experiences…?

  23. Tina says:

    I will never forget my experience I was walking home across a hill when I saw a 2 foot dragon fly it was resting on a log the wings were transparent and vibrating, the body was moving side to side but very slowly my first thought was this is a toy some body is controlling it just for a laugh but it was only me there, I stared at it for about 30 seconds and the wings started to vibrate faster and it shot up into the sky until I could no longer see it, the colours were beautiful violet blue purple lilac and many more I have never seen it again it was about 2 years ago now. I’m so honored to have had this experience one that I will treasure as long as I live there is more to life than we know or do we know …

  24. Zero says:

    I saw one too. I was about seven when I saw it and I was playing outside, in the back yard, when it came. It had about a two foot wingspan and was a brilliant blue color. It flew toward me so I got scared and ran inside. The back doors were glass and I slid them shut quickly but I could still see it. The Dragonfly just kind of hovered: front of the four for a moment before flying off. If course I inexorably ran to tell someone what I saw but, inconveniently, no one has been outside with me so that hasn’t seen it and to this day whenever I being it up my brother reminds me that dragonflies can’t get that big anymore and even if they could in some remote area away from pollution it would never happen where we lived (Oregon, close to the Washington border).
    I did see it though. If you’ve already commented you probably believe me. I agree with previous comments that it didn’t look holographic or fake, although my Dragonfly seems to have been a bit more aggressive than the others I read about on this page. It seriously traumatized me, anyone know a name for the fear of dragonflies? Cuz I can’t find one.

  25. swift star says:

    I saw one when working in a factory, it was flying low off the floor between a row of cabinets making a very loud humming sound like a large fan on high.
    I shouted that some others should come and see this but no one did so I was the only one.

  26. Tina says:

    Im still searching for answers to what I saw I wish I had enough time to take a photo on my phone, the dragonfly was real i was to scared to pick it up it would have been hard to control ,I just looked at it until it flew off.I do ponder the idea of different dimension pararell universe and wondered if there are creatures that show themselves to a select few, I do have physic senses mine being smells and vision I think I use more then 10% of my brain I have had many sighting of unknown creatures mostly in my younger days some have been very shocking but still no answers as to why would love to chat to a researcher or an expert in this field one day. I know there for I believe all of you because it’s real people do see the unseen and the unknown . I’m waiting for my next encounter and I will be bring it back with me if it will allow me.. Tina xx

  27. erica says:

    I have been searching for years for somebody that has had either the same experience, or heard of somebody seeing the same thing.. I live in central Maine, and in 1997 I say the exact same thing.. only he was clenched onto a bush in my flower garden.. he was so heavy the branch was waving up and down.. I stood in shock being afraid of insects, and his entire head was just 2 huge eyes, and it was moving around like a robot.. it’s wing span was well over 1 foot, and the entire length of its body was maybe 17 -24 inches.. The iridescence that came from his wings, and eyes was amazing. . I ran inside to grab something, anything I could to catch it, a bucket wasn’t large enough, I was running around frantic to find anything, I ran I to the laundry room and grabbed a sheet to tho over it, and ran back outside to my garden and he was gone.. It was so shocking, and I instantly ran inside, looking up anybody that could tell me anything.. Everybody said nothing exists like that, but it does, I saw it, it was in my flower garden, and stunningly amazing, and very intimidating at the same time..
    To this day, I kno what I say, and the only thing whatsoever I can compair it to is the Meganeura, giant dragonfly.. I would love to be able to sit with a set ch artist, and come up with exactly what I saw…

  28. David says:

    I had an experience of seeing and hearing a huge dragonfly many years ago in San Diego Ca during the summer of 1969. My sister also was a witness to this event as we were in our backyard. We first heard a loud humming type noise and then we looked up behind the large tree in the back of the yard, we saw the dragonfly flying right for us. We both mentioned later that we could see all the mouth parts and compound eyes in clarity. It was more of a grey in color. The head was the size of a soft ball and the wing span was roughly 30 inches. I must say we were scared and ran for the covered patio. It chased us all the way till it had to flare up to avoid smacking into the patio structure. I do know they have discovered huge dragonfly’s fossilized in amber that were of similar size. To this day, I believe this was a inter dimensional creature that we viewed coming from some time portal or dimension.

  29. Waban says:

    The fossil you mention was called a griffin fly and I have seen one as well.
    Sounded loud as a large fan on high and was flying along a few inches off the floor in a factory. I tried to get others attention to come and see it by shouting loudly but though there were several people around no one came.
    It’s wingspan was 2 to 2.5 feet and eye was about the size of a biggie marble, body was as thick as a jumbo magic marker.

  30. Tina says:

    So glad all you people have seen this big oversized dragonfly they obviously do exits whether it be in nature or the unknown realm thankyou too everyone that has told there story, you are my witness and for that I’m content not just because you saw one you describe in detail with an emotion only an eye witness can explain

  31. Ashley says:

    So glad I’m not the only one! I was kayaking in Florida and a bunch of normal dragonflies were following me then this huge 2 foot long dragonfly landed on my head and I tried to shew it away and it was hovering in front of me its eyes were the size of tennis balls. I was seriously terrified my bf witnessed as well and helped me get it away I will never forget that moment. It’s body/ tail had to of been 5 inches thick.

  32. Tina says:

    Hi Ashley can you remember the colour of your dragonfly’s and I so amazed you saw more then one so you must have been so knockout by your experience and to have then land on your head omg

  33. Paul says:

    today i was sitting at a State Park in NE Philadelphia, PA next to a large field. i was watching the dragonflies fly by and was shocked to see 3-4 dragonflies that were probably 4x’s the size of the others. i would estimate them to be maybe a foot long or so, the size of a small or medium sized bird. they had a long body and four wings each side and were flying very slow probably 75′ or so up. crazy. i had to google and see if there were a regular species that large or not and came on this thread

  34. Tina nosworthy says:

    It’s great to know people are finding this tread in there search for answers and to talk about there individual experiances, the size of the dragonfly I saw was 2 foot long maybe more the colours were all the colours of a rainbow perched on a log in a field near where I live in Bromley, U.K. but when it knew I was there it started to rotate its 4 wings it took about 15 seconds and flew up into the sky,I was in shock😃 did this just happen! it was not a toy I was all alone with two bags of shopping I had just come out of a supermarket and decided to walk across the field,so random! 😳

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