Bigfoot, Birds, and UFOs

Location of Bigfoot Expedition near Leadville, Colorado

I was walking through the dark, dark woods late at night with a few other adventurers during the Paranormal Research Forum’s 2008 Bigfoot Expedition near Leadville, Colorado.  We were making a focused attempt to contact Sasquatch in a part of Colorado with a relatively high number of reported sightings of Bigfoot, and the energy was high.  I didn’t sense any fear among those in our group.

Suddenly we noticed through the trees a single, exceptionally bright, unblinking yellow light in the sky ahead of us.  It was making a beeline toward the forest where we all watched it, thinking it may be a spectacular satellite.  But when it got directly over us, the light simply disappeared.

A quick check of the heaven’s above website the next day revealed that, in fact, nothing remotely resembling what we saw was supposed to be in the sky at that time and place – i.e., it wasn’t the Space Station, nor was it any reported satellite.

Based on what I’ve learned about Bigfoot and UFOs, I can’t dismiss the yellow light as a mere coincidence.  It appeared at just the right time in just the right place.  The light in the sky wasn’t guttural howling or the tree hammering that we were anticipating, but may have instead been a basic sign of recognition, considering we were attempting to contact Bigfoot. 

In The Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO Connection, Bigfoot researcher Jack “Kewaunee” Lapseritis describes how visitors to wilderness areas populated by Sasquatch are often followed and closely monitored by birds, such as hawks and ravens.  Kewaunee, who has been documenting his and others’ encounters for decades, feels that the birds are recruited to telepathically convey what humans are doing while Sasquatch is busy with other tasks.  Thus, birds “keep an eye on things” and communicate back to Sasquatch what they see.

Anecdotal evidence from numerous witnesses who have interacted with Sasquatch suggests that these “creatures of myth” are not only real, but are associated with UFOs, communicate telepathically, and can slip in and out of view via interdimensional portals.  So it’s no surprise whatsoever they’d be able to use birds as purveyors of surveillance.

At some point it occurred to me that if birds are associated with Sasquatch and if Sasquatch are associated with UFOs, perhaps birds are used in other contexts to draw our eyes up to UFOs we’d otherwise miss.  I suppose it made sense to me to see this connection, since in recent years I’ve encountered at least two UFO incidents that I would have missed had my attention not been caught by high-flying, circling birds…

A few years ago I saw a hawk or an eagle or some kind of bird that looked so large and so perfect circling overhead that I thought it might be a fancy kite.  I took my binoculars and honed in on the smooth sailing bird, and it was so beautifully shaped and coloured that I questioned whether it was an actual, living bird or something else.  Since the nearest open space is about a half mile from my house, I didn’t see how it could be a kite.

I didn’t have much time to think about it since I was quickly distracted by a silver dumbbell shaped object, then another and another (three total) that passed through my field of vision east to west.  These UFOs, each essentially composed of side-by-side disks with one side a little larger in diameter than the other and connected with the mere hint of a middle bar, glided over me quickly.

These weren’t tumbling in the wind like you might expect a balloon to, but rather appeared to be quite deliberately flying over my house in formation – almost like they were on a mission.  I took down the binoculars, but couldn’t see the bird nor the UFOs without magnification; they were that high up and must not have been reflecting a lot of light.  I quickly looked again through the binocs and luckily got the smallest (or highest) one in view just before it went over the roof line and out of sight.

The next time a bird accompanied a sighting was one evening when I was sitting on a lawn chair on the back patio, watching the sky for one of the stationary “day stars” that I used to see so frequently just to the east of overhead.  Soon I noticed a solitary bird circling very, very high to the southeast, and I knew it must be an eagle or some other huge bird for me to see it at such a distance.

I didn’t get a great look at the bird through binoculars because as soon as I locked in on it, a shiny silver ball sitting in the sky behind it caught my attention.  I continued to watch the silver ball as the bird went out of the viewfinder.

After awhile I reluctantly took down the binocs to see if I could see the bird or the UFO with the naked eye, and I still saw the eagle, but not the UFO.  Luckily I found the UFO again through binoculars, though the bird wasn’t my guide this time.  I found the silver ball only by scanning the sky slowly.  It remained stationary and visible for several minutes, until the Sun went down.

I found this similar sighting at the National UFO Reporting Center website:

Occurred : 9/21/2002 13:00 (Entered as : 9/21-02 1300)
Reported: 9/23/2002 2:07:14 PM 14:07
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Columbine, CO
Shape: Circle
Duration:45 Minutes Round silver object seen only through binoculars that remained stationary for over 30 minutes.

While my wife and I were hunting approximatley [sic] 6 miles north of Columbine, Colorado which is about 30 miles north of Steamboat Springs, we saw a round silver object in the sky,,,this object could not be seen with the naked eye. I was looking through my binoculars at an eagle when I noticed the object. The sky was very blue and clear and there was definitely something in the sky. I handed the binoculars over to my wife and I gave her the approximate direction in the sky. It took her a minute or two, but she also saw it. …After 40 minutes, we could not find the object again in the same portion of the sky. We scanned the area for several minutes.

I wonder how many unreported UFO sightings also started with the sighting of a large bird…?


Special thanks to my friend Mike Clelland at Hidden Experience, whose recent post about the owl and hummingbird dream inspired me to finish this article, finally ending weeks of editorial trepidation!

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9 Responses to “Bigfoot, Birds, and UFOs”

  1. Stace,

    Whew – lot’s to comment on here!

    1. The book you reference, THE PSYCHIC SASQUATCH is a personal favorite. I am a little dubious if everything in that book is literal truth, but I can say it sure opened my eyes to a very different definition of BigFoot.

    2. I have camped in the North Cascades, deep in the Wilderness, for (collectively) more than 6 months of my life. I never saw or sensed anything. But it sure is pretty there!

    3. You write about birds being used as telepathic eyes for Bigfoot.

    Here is a link to my blog, read the comments and note what Whitley Strieber says about OWLS:

    During an on-line chat-format, Whitley Strieber commented that The Grays will use owls, they can see though their eyes. This is such an unsettling thing to contemplate. These owls were looking at us (me and Kristy) but somehow “alien” entities we seeing us through those great big eyes. Is this true? I have no idea – but I must say – I really like the concept.

    4. About the UFO and their curious dumb-bell shapes, have you found any CROP CIRCLES that match that shape?

    Thanks Stace!

    Mike C!

  2. Stace says:


    I’m glad to hear you’ve read and enjoyed The Psychic Sasquatch. The book also refined some of my concepts about Bigfoot, which were based in very pop-culturish childhood longings to see Bigfoot that stretched into adulthood, until I met Kewaunee and another researcher whom I know better, Joe Fex. Going off intuition I’d say both men are quite genuine in what they have to say. Who knows – a little confabulation or sparkles here and there? Perhaps. But my lifetime, so far, of enigmatic encounters with the unknown with its many forms and facades has made it very natural to incorporate this witness testimony into my view of what’s real. And I still look for Bigfoot – just not with quite the same earnest devotion as when I was 8 years old and living in a hilly, wooded, UFO-prone area of northeast Kansas. If my family were driving at night (and ironically, it just occurred to me that we had a goldenrod-hued station wagon with the woodlike panels for awhile when I was around that age) I’d have my face pressed to the window, seeking any sign of Bigfoot in the brief glimpses of headlight-illuminated trees. Why, oh why, have I always had this fascination with the category of mysteries that seems to hinge, when all is said and done, on UFOs? (That’s a rhetorical question…with just a hint of upward inflection accenting the last word.)

    Owls, too…they have been a great source of inspiration to me. One of my best short stories, “The Collector,” starts with a vision of a little girl in bed with a huge owl flying around in her room, trapped in a small space, making great noise and agitation with its wings, and taking the girl’s voice away until the middle of the next day. Perhaps I shall post that short story here…although it would be my first post of fiction at IIC….or else I should submit it to a literary magazine. My professor in that writing class was Dev Hathaway, to whom I dedicated one of my posts called here called “The Cosmos Neither Declares Nor Conceals” (link is I should send you a hard copy of the story…

    As for the dumbbell shaped UFOs and any dumbbell shaped crop circles, well yes, since you asked, I have seen dumbbell shaped UFOs. I thought about that connection when I saw the UFOs through the binoculars, in fact. I don’t get the sense that the shape of crop circles reflect the shape of the craft that may be implicated in its formation (i.e., I don’t imagine that whatever created the Inman formation in Kansas or the Langdon formation in North Dakota was dumbbell shaped), but that certainly doesn’t preclude the symbols in the fields symbolically representing dumbbell shaped ET/ID craft. I don’t think I have any diagrams of the ND formations I researched in 2000 posted here at IIC, but I’ve attached copies of the Kansas formation in several posts, including this one: The Inman, Kansas formation, which was my crop circle initiation, is an embellished dumbbell shape that looks somewhat like an abstract tractor….which to me clearly indicates that whoever (or whatever) was laying down the wheat acknowledged that they were aware of the farmer on his tractor across the road, a young man who’s one of the few known witnesses to a crop circle forming.

    Gee, Mike! You’re right, there was lots to comment on, and you did, and my comment back to you is what, a couple pages long?!? Thanks for prodding me to share a bit more. This process of posting and commenting and essentially communicating indeed has a point…


  3. Hey Stace – Really interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing it. I too have had similar experiences with Wedge Tailed Eagles here in Oz (our largest flying bird). In Aboriginal creation stories the Wedgy is Bunjil, the ancient creation spirit who came down from the heavens, made earth and ascended back into the heavens (some say with 2 of his trusty dogs !). When we see Bunjil now, he is said to be acting as a guardian of a sacred place. Wedgies are distributed everywhere in Oz, as are tradionally sacred places. But I for onw have had that sesnse that they know what I’m doing when I visit sacred places.

    There’s a spatial doorway on a sacred mountain where I have a spiritual connection and the Wedgies protect it fiercley. Had not to see a connection.

    I too have had the OWL connection and I think you are right. It’s a link to them, whether it’s through a real creature, something that is not what it seems or a powerfull ancient symbol. And somehow it’s all about the eyes – teh eyes of course being referred to in many cultures as the window of the soul.

    I think that whenever we encounter birds like you’ve described, we should just take a moment to feel the connection. To call to the animal, to acknowldge it’s presence, to honour what it is and it’s connection to the Earth and the elements of the Earth. Wouldn’t you love to know what kind of extended senses birds have. We allready know they have amagnetic sense, what else are they in touch with ?



  4. Hi Stace, long time, no see…I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day! Ok, I don’t know if you can call this Synchronicity or coincidence but I had a dream last night that I was writing a novel about a group of researchers, all with different specialties, that were on an outing to find evidence of Sasquatch. I know…weird dream but I could see each character like I was watching a movie of the book that I was writing. So anyways, imagine my surprise when I click on your page and the first post I see is about your Bigfoot expedition. It just kinda blew me away but we always seem to have this synchronistic type of relations so it shouldn’t have surprised me! Hey, I miss our emails but I haven’t been on myspace for a while now so I guess I have to keep up here!!!!


  5. Stace says:

    Good to hear from you, Steve….I only visit myspace now and then to listen to music. Regarding your Sasquatch dream, if you want to know more about it and why it happened, I’d examine the events leading up to the coincidence to see what level of synchronicity it was, and mull over what the message was.

    I’ve been rereading some of the work of David Bohm, Fred Alan Wolf, and Stanislav Grof….and I’ve been reminded that when it comes to dreams, the more vivid the dream (lucid dreams tending to be the MOST vivid, but not always) the more likely you’ve visited a parallel reality, if you believe in such things, in the implicate order that permeates the Unified Field or Holographic Universe and sometimes manifests in precognition or synchronicity. Actually no matter how you describe it (since it’s all theoretical, after all), it seems that we can sometimes encounter surprising and meaningful connections that are always enfolded in the fabric of reality and that unfold to reveal the implicate order at various times, especially during altered states like sleep.

    After all that, just wanna say thank you for sharing your story. This article’s been on my mind for a long time, taking hours over long days to complete and finally post. Not sure why it took so long. Then I was up very late last night posting my most recent article, and it’s also about synchronicity, like your dream. I’ve decided to call it my “Brzee-nchronicity.” Maybe your dream about Sasquatch and my associated post that day is an example of a “Strz-ynchronicity!”

  6. Wildrote says:

    Hi Stace,

    You’ve very elegantly put together your experiences with a set of ideas that I’ve found fascinating for a long time.

    The only thing I can add is something fairly obvious that others have already addressed obliquely. That is, birds and other animals being seen as the messengers and servants of otherworldly beings is not entirely new. There is definitely what one would call a precedent in mythology and folklore, though it takes interesting minds and experiences to apply that knowledge in the context of UFOs and Bigfoot.

  7. LOL @ Strz-ynchronicity!! Miss ya Stace

  8. Mills says:

    There is certainly a connection between UFOs and birds. Something has started happening in the skies recently and, though it is hard to believe, in rural areas, you can sometimes see birds appear out what seems to be thin air, showing signs of collective intelligence. I don’t know if this is this Galactic Federation business or what, but it is certainly happening. I’ve seen birds turn into little white orbs, appear out of what seems to be nothing upon thinking about them, accelerate in an upwards direction without even flapping their wings, etc. Incredible stuff and, before people start going on about how insane this is, I’ve shown it a fair few others as well. There is a video on YouTube of a v-shape formation of what look like white glowing white birds that may prove interesting if this seems too unbelievable.

    It happens some days more than others, but I can guarantee you will see it eventually if you look for it. Perhaps it is something divine; it’s certainly made me take a long hard look at all my previous beliefs.

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