Greys From Mars?

Nuanced Grey, by Stace Tussel.  Oil, circa 1995.

World media, in a coordinated fashion, seems to be closing in on an admission of an ET presence, and recent news in particular seems to intently focus on life on Mars.  I’ve been following this cascade of revolutionary information for some time.  With increased disclosures in the first days of 2010, I’m reminded of just how close Mars is to Earth.  A recently released photo of lake beds on the planet’s surface may even show evidence of the habitation – current, past, or both – of Mars.

If life ever existed on Mars, then advanced lifeforms certainly could have evolved.  Living on Mars’ brutally cold surface would require planning and technical expertise, and Marsians would need to be resourceful – and intelligent – to survive.  Enclosed environments designed to withstand weather extremes might be manufactured with superior materials in order to house controlled ET communities.  But perhaps Marsians would prefer to reside underground, protected from the cold climate and intense radiation.  Mars has a molten core similar to Earth’s, and since Mars is smaller, its heat may be more accessible – meaning inner-Mars may well provide a suitable environs for ETs.

Marsians would likely need relatively little oxygen, light, and food, as compared to their Earthbound neighbours.  I imagine they might share characteristics of the Greys of modern fame (or notoriety, depending on one’s point of view).  For instance, they wouldn’t need stomachs and lungs, at least not to the degree humans do.  In order to carry on their race, Marsians would need to adapt, via natural or artificial evolution, and DNA manipulation, to the environment in which they reside.

Whether Grey Marsians were to live primarily on the surface or deep underground, their big, black, wraparound eyes serve a purpose.  The Greys’ eyes, which I recall as a hypnotic array of many small, velvety, black hexagons, may also function as virtual sunglasses for surface dwellers.  In contrast, the large dark eyes may be all-pupil, allowing inner-planet residents to absorb as much of the visual field as possible.

Possibly the eyes function in divergent capacities, as needed.

Established arguments against the existence of UFOs and ETs, primarily based on the perceived limitations of distances measured in light years, are quickly becoming archaic as evidence for them mounts.  Perceived reality is shifting, as it always has, with the tide of human knowledge.  Perhaps for the first time in recorded history, humans are learning that a habitable planet other than Earth is within reasonable reach.  Perhaps one day even the staunchest skeptic will realise that ET really is as close as swamp gas and weather balloons…


NOTE:  I prefer Marsian over the outdated and stereotypical “Martian.”

Link to BBC News article, “Mars’ ancient lake beds…”

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7 Responses to “Greys From Mars?”

  1. Cosmic Cowboy says:

    Greys on Mars. Why not? I think it is possible. In fact, I would love it. The entire Martian Mythos of the the little green men from Mars would prove to be Reality. The interesting thing is that Reality continues to prove what little we know of it. The fact that information is being exchanged and processed by the human species via technology at an ever increasingly complex rate is bewildering. Real and serious questions about the Nature of Reality are being raised by more and more individuals and this trend will hopefully continue to increase.
    The more we open our minds the more will we see…and I believe we have just begun our exploration of ourselves and the universe.

  2. Stace,

    I’m so sad that you can’t meet Mac Tonnies. His insights dovetailed beautifully into exactly what this post is all about. His writings on Mars, are powerful and thought provoking, much like yours.

    I miss him terribly.

    peace to you
    Mike C!

  3. Mike says:

    I wrote on a forum I was interested with the new pictures of Mars, so a friend said check out Google Mars.I dowse as a hobby, so while I was checking out Mars I dowsed a force like those here on Earth that showed the influence of a Sacred Site, like that of Avebury or Stonehenge.Following this influence I was confused when I found a blacked out spot on Google Mars, yet the influence was right where NASA had placed the blacked out area.A week later ESA produced a picture of the Megalith On Mars, and guess what folks, both the ESA megalith and the Google Mars blacked out area are one of the same to dowsing.Not only that another Megalith is places on a Moon of Mars, so WHO placed them there, as they dowse billions of years old the active sacred site, MUCH older than anything on planet Earth friends ??

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Stace,
    I read some of your web site, and just had to ask you a couple of questions….What power do you think our brians and minds are capable of, do you think we can achieve much more by mind control alone….If we can cloud bust and things like that, could we call UFOS to our area by mind alone, as healing /remote healing and other things work in much the same way….Do you feel you have a message to pass on to others who may take this type of work forward further, better minds with perhaps a scientific background/university people who may just read the web site, and get interested enough to look deeper, even in a private way….Do you ever feel by writing you are sowing seeds which one day may produce wonderful results, and open peoples eyes to whats happening around us right now ?

  5. Stace says:

    Mike, your question, “Do you ever feel by writing you are sowing seeds which one day may produce wonderful results, and open peoples eyes to whats happening around us right now?” is insightful. Almost like a rhetorical question. Yes, I do feel that most of what I post here is part of my mission, i.e., to help people who don’t have the time and/or the interest to research UFOs, crop circles, earth changes, etc., firsthand. I’ve gotten lots of responses from “lay” readers, but a good number have come also from professionals who, I hope, are inspired to think more deeply on some of the connections I present that are scientific to some degree, and yet considered pseudo-science by others. New developments in our understanding of reality are always preceded by questions and observations, then finally testing, by whatever methods each individual prefers. My evidence comes primarily from firsthand experience. Now as to your earlier questions: yes, I think the life on Mars story has been engineered for release and is being parsed very carefully, and I do sense a connection to the ancient megaliths of Egypt. And you ask, do we have the power of mind to manifest certain “things” (for instance, calling in a UFO or making contact with the circle makers), and to that I would say emphatically YES – though I believe some of us have more of a capacity to do so (perhaps by having an especially active pineal gland and possibly some bioelectrical field that is conducive to contact. One of my articles here that goes into a bit more detail on what I consider to be mind-to-mind (psychic) communication as well as a synchronicity that demonstrates that we are “transceivers” of a sort is posted at Still mulling things over; please let me know your thoughts. Also, regarding your dowsing idea, I’m totally in and would love to hear about your next attempt during which you’d like additional participants worldwide. My friend Bright Garlick (see is a good contact for helping to organise broader efforts.

  6. steven m says:

    about 3 years ago i was looking at some images on the hirise satallite website,i saw what looked like a profile of a face in the terrain,so i started looking around it with the zoom function.what i saw blew me away,i was able to zoom in on a perfect face,not one that looked eroded,or a trick of light,i it had eyes,a nose and a mouth.i sent an e-mail to enterprise mission telling them where to look,the next day nasa,had cropped off the image to the spot where the face was and removed the whole image the next week,if it wasnt anything they wouldnt get rid of the evidence,i know what i saw.

  7. Stace says:

    I hope you were able to capture a picture of the face from the satellite website before it was removed; I’ve found that certain features are often erased from images, especially any that show evidence of non-human intelligence or imply clandestine human activity. For this very reason I hurriedly snapped a photo of the Google Maps street view that shows an unusual pavement marking, included in my most recent post, Men In Black, UFOs and Crop Circles.

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