Mystery Sky Spirals in China and Norway

Today a huge, unidentified spiral emitting a blue spiralling beam manifested in the sky over northern Norway.  The phenomenon was seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of people.  Here are a couple of the best photos posted at various news sites around the world:

(Upper left, by Jan Petter Jørgensen; Below right, by Svein-Egil Haugen)

Of course, “official” explanations are beginning to filter out into the media, including what I expect to eventually be the popular explanation: that the spiral was comprised of fuel debris from a failed Russian rocket launch – a launch which Russian officials have denied.   What motive would exist to deny the rocket launch, especially when the evidence was hanging there in the air for 10 to 20 minutes, at least?

Surely samples were taken.  Will the perfect white spiral “prove” to be rocket fuel?   Or was something else entirely going on above Norway this morning?  Dare I mention “cloud circle?

Occam would likely conclude that the phenomenon was a rocket gone awry.  But as you listen to upcoming news about the beautiful, galaxy-like spiral and blue emission (leaving the white spiral, not approaching it), take the following into consideration.  Here’s a video, apparently taken in China years ago, that seems to show a similar phenomenon.  At about 1:11 into the video notice how the direction of the spiral abruptly shifts from anti-clockwise to clockwise. The Chinese spiral was likely not the result of a rocket.


NOTE:   An acquaintance of mine from noted that “An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, “When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge”.  This will be the Day of Purification.  The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina.  It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask.”

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11 Responses to “Mystery Sky Spirals in China and Norway”

  1. Simeon says:

    Stace, I like your post but all evidence points to it being a failed missile launch, including YouTube videos showing exactly how the streaming fuel from the out of control missile would create such perfect, flaming spirals. Also, Norwegian fishermen, mentioned in the link below saw the missile crash into the ocean.

  2. Dustin says:

    Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens!

    Very cool. I wouldn’t mind a remote control like that.

  3. Simeon says:

    Here’s my take on what might be going on–ET interference.
    Just a hunch:

  4. ECHIBEE says:

    Simeon that is not very convincing – I am surprised you would cite official sources which in the post-McCluin world of media induced trance having been thoroughly discredited by the religion of global warm –

    we should face the phenomena using our own intellect – and that would see to me by considering it from first an aesthetic perspective

    not all being from astro-theological background this would be most advisable

  5. Stace says:

    I’m not sure to what Echibee refers by “post-McCluin,” but that Simeon points out credible witness testimony to support similar claims that UFOs have intervened with missiles in the past is quite apropos to the subject matter here. I’m also not quite sure what Echibee means by “the religion of global warm -”

    Personally, I find Simeon’s comments insightful. No one is stating that they know for a “fact” that the spiral was this or that, but submitting ideas of what it “might” be. The most valued contributions to discussions here are those made by readers who truly react to posts and comments by “using [their] own intellect,” through which filters the offerings of other sources to inform our conscious awareness (our intellect), as described in my prior post “Aquifer of Consciousness.”

    Yes, the aesthetic perspective is one component in the Norway spiral….but not everyone will focus on the aesthetic qualities of a particular event first, or in fact at all; nor should we expect everyone to consider the scientific implications first. Individuals have a right to their own opinions and to submit those offerings to the discussion.

    With that said, although I still find Echibee’s comment confusing, it is posted for consideration. Aside from blatantly derogatory or defamatory comments, I will allow commentary that isn’t so vague as to be caught by my site’s spam filter.

  6. Brian George says:

    The theft of Occam’s Razor

    Hi Stace,

    You wrote, “Of course, ‘official’ explanations are beginning to filter out into the media, including what I expect to eventually be the popular explanation: that the spiral was comprised of fuel debris from a failed Russian rocket launch—a launch which Russian officials have denied. What motive would exist to deny the rocket launch, especially when the evidence was hanging there in the air for 10 to 20 minutes, at least?”

    Occam wrote, “Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem,” which translates as, “Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.” What else is this “Russian missile” if not an unnecessary “entity” that has been conjured out of the small amount of evidence at hand? As if this weren’t enough, there are two “official” Russian versions of the cover story—that the “failed missile launch” did not exist, and then, later, that it did. Such “entities” would indeed appear to have “multiplied” beyond necessity.

    People are always putting words in poor Occam’s mouth, as well as claiming to have inherited his razor! But which side in the debate about the Norway Spiral would Occam actually be on? It always amazes me that supposedly “hard-headed” observers can somehow fail to take into account their own ontological fears; if the evidence does not add up in one’s favor, then one has only to throw out bits and pieces until it does.

    False analogies are productive; because they both involve “spirals,” the Norway Spiral is “like” a failed missile launch. This is like saying that there is no difference between a sheet of notebook paper and an interstate highway, because they are both more or less “2-dimensional.” One’s opponents are by definition “flakey.” If all else fails, one can always appeal to the “Common Wisdom”—which, in its role as both a “participant” and a “judge,” is uniquely suited to place its thumb upon the scales.

    Perhaps the Norway Spiral is a kind of “sky-art,” an atmospheric version of a “crop circle,” in which plasma is a substitute for wheat? No; no way; not a chance; don’t even think about it! As you listen to my voice, you are getting very sleepy…Such things cannot “exist” because we know that such things are not “real.” Because—well—Occam said so!

    I am not at all convinced, however, that Occam would jump to dismiss the Norway Spiral as an “out of control rocket.” Too often, these days, it is the conventional scientific explanations that fly in the face of common sense, and that are actually the screwiest and most implausible. My own sense is that certain “skeptical reductionist” elements have hijacked the once flexible concept of “Science”—keeping only the shell of the methodology of “Empiricism”; to which lip-service must be paid, after the manner of all orthodox religions. A true “Enlightenment” position would be one that argues in favor of open-ended inquiry; it would put Curiosity always at the forefront of its virtues.

    We should not regard an explanation as the “simplest” simply because it corresponds to our existing system of beliefs. Conversely, we should not regard an explanation as “far-fetched” simply because it calls attention to the limits of our knowledge, and thus forces us to question everything that we believe ourselves to “know.”

    In New Age circles, almost everyone feels free to heap abuse upon the 18th century; as if a group of long dead explorers were responsible for our own outdated habits of perception, and for our failure to respond with focused intuition to the challenges that confront us.

    But Newton—who spent 40 years in the study of Alchemy and Kaballah—was not as far from Blake as we imagine, or as Blake imagined then; stealth concealed the extent of his revolutionary impulse. Even now, perhaps, he continues to experiment with “spooky action at a distance,” as his followers attempt to imitate the blank perfection of his marble bust.

  7. Stace says:

    Indeed, Brian. The propaganda of fact is a reflection of the intricate dynamics underlying the status quo. Canons change. As relics, academic fraternities have become so fragmented that conventional science can no longer stake proprietary claim to “The Razor,” which in turn can’t be assumed to be truth in a cosmos defined by faith.

  8. Hi Stace,

    Just received Mike’s email and came to have a look. Love your blog.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better.

    much love

  9. the Consiracy says:

    look for all those who think ita missle of some sort or its been messed with take into considerationits happened in austrailia russia china norway and siberia as well all the same type of thing you cant tell me councidently its all the same missle excuse

  10. I have seen failed missal launches in upper and lower atmosphere, this was neither. HAARP appears to be the safer explanation. There are frequencies wave lengths when sent into the upper atmosphere excite different gasses and light up as different colors, The problem in this picture, the blue light appears to come from a different location on the ground. Rocket fuels that I have seen are not blue before or after they burn, self igniting rocket fuel burns rust red.
    I have heard of experiments done with HAARP creating auroras of many colors, this one is spinning out into space in a perfect circle. Makes me think this may be a hoax video, my vote is being held from the debate until I see more info.
    If you really want to see more of these experiments, go to Antarctica science web sites and read some of the information coming out of the energy antenna array’s down there. They don’t admit this is what they are doing, but there has been some really strange spinning vortexes in the sky.

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