Inter-Intelligence Communications

Welcome to Inter-Intelligence Communications, created in the interest of sharing my own fringe thinking, research, and writing.

This site was established in November, 2008, and is in the process of development.  Check back soon for site additions, including pages and posts dedicated to:

  • communication with non-human intelligence
  • consciousness exploration and optimisation
  • DNA alignment and restructuring
  • synchronicity and other transcendent experience
  • shamanism and entheogens
  • quantum communications
  • the meaningful exploration of altered states
  • experimental use of language, including poetry and etymalchemy
  • ongoing development and support of the inter-intelligence communications lifestyle
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5 Responses to “Inter-Intelligence Communications”

  1. Hi Stace…Looking forward to visiting the site often and can’t wait to read your posts. I never did come up with anymore explanations for that blowdown pattern in Colorado that you were talking about. Hope all is well, ttys, Steve

  2. Alex says:

    Talk of synchronicity… just as you set this up, I put my own music (well, mash-up remixes) online for the whole world to see! Nice… This looks like an interesting set of topics you have lined up here. Just my type of stuff. BTW, have you heard of Nassim Haramein? Look up some videos, etc… potentially some really good stuff he’s working on.

    Here’s a set of 4 hour long videos displaying the breadth of his work:

    Here’s a mix of Words & Music that I mustered together (feat. Joseph Campbell, Buckminster Fuller, a Child addressing the UN on environmental issues, and well-qualified poet.):
    (check out the other songs on the profile, too! Terence McKenna, Martin Luther King Jr…)


  3. Thanks for post. Nice to see such good ideas.

  4. Wesley says:

    I was searching for cseti working groups in my area (Aurora) when I found your MySpace site, which led me here. Nice to know there IS intelligent life on Earth.


  5. Stace says:

    There are a couple of working groups in the metro area. Contact me via myspace and I’ll see what I can do to link you up with them. And thanks for visiting my site! Stace

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