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As the 2009 Crop Circle Season Winds Down…

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Wheat harvest is in full swing in Canada, and with only one confirmed crop circle in North America found two months ago at Wilbur, Washington, the prospect of my being able to get into one this year seems bleak.  I must admit I long for the old days when I’d hear of a new crop circle and at the drop of a hat be immersed in my research – even if it means driving 17 hours each way, as happened with the North Dakota circles in 2000.

The lack of circle activity within reach has been disappointing, yes – but my interest has thereby turned to the deep solar minimum in which we’re seemingly entrenched, and which I’ve written quite a bit about.  Interestingly, there’s an apparent connection with the 2009 crop circle season and solar activity.  What I’ve observed in the UK crop circles seems to reflect what’s going on with our Sun and its impact on our DNA.

Our DNA is intimately connected to the Sun, the most radical life source in our immediate galactic environs.  The heliosphere plays a critical role in our lives from the moment of conception, filtering incoming cosmic radiation and thus the number of muons penetrating our cellular structure and quite possibly impacting our unique DNA patterning.

With that I’ll go back, and back again, to the beginning of this train of thought:  to the summer of 1996, and the Double Helix formation found in East Field. 

It just so happens that the summer that bore the DNA spiral also ushered in the lowest point in our last solar minimum, along with Hale-Bopp along with its companion, which curiously was seen by many but mysteriously ignored or invisible to other comet observers. Whatever was accompanying the comet was gone by the time Hale-Bopp emerged from around the Sun the next spring.

Well, since the 1996 solar minimum, the Sun’s activity and its relationship to our consciousness are becoming more and more curiously intertwined, and I’ve come to think of two 2009 formations in particular that support the idea that something of unpredictable magnitude (outside of Mayan prophecy, etc.) is occurring with the Sun and DNA’s relationship to it and, on a larger scale, to our galaxy and indeed to the cosmos itself – and subtly (or not) transcribed in the fields of England.

Anyway, we’ve come full circle, and then some.  The summer of 2009 is stretched out so far ahead of 1996, yet here we are!

So back to the circles.  I’ve done some thinking on the UK formations this year, and yes, I feel there’s but a distant relationship between the early phenomenon and what’s going on today.  Okay, I acknowledge that most publicised formations these days are likely made by human teams – fine.  Many of these crop artists claim to be in contact with a higher consciousness, and who am I to argue?  I experienced communication with the circle makers in a different context, but it seems all of us who have had contact have no problem acknowledging the “other party.”

Beyond that, I sense a definite connection between the designs that were put in the fields this year and the exceedingly deep solar minimum in which we’re seemingly enmeshed.

That we’re transceivers of energy and information is a key to understanding the evolutionary leaps forward – and in many cases, the fallings back – that are occurring at seemingly increasing rates.  The message has been distilled for a roundabout presentation to humanity in many ways, quite attractively (to me anyway) in the form of the crop circles in England this year.  We saw the embryo of this concept in the season’s first formation, the Ridgeway “waveguide” near Avebury in April.

(diagram credit Andreas Muller – )

Certainly as the years have gone on the formations have become more deliberately representational – they’re much less abstract.  Perhaps this is so that the phenomenon can reach a wider audience.  Who knows?   The Ridgeway formation of April got the attention of many more people than the Thompson, North Dakota formation of 2000, into which only a handful of people stepped.  (Diagram by me.)

Ridgeway, which appeared to my friend Simeon and me to be a waveguide of sorts, could similarly be interpreted as a transceiver, just as biological entities such as ourselves are transceivers capable of absorbing and emitting electromagnetic radiation.  Each individual is a transceiver of energy and information, and this remarkable gift if you will is a key to understanding the witnessed evolutionary leaps forward – and in many cases, the fallings back – that have truly become prolific, yet almost obscure, as we’ve entered the 2012 era.

Meanwhile the Sun lies in relative dormancy, its protective bubble shrinking and thereby allowing more galactic cosmic radiation into our solar system.  We’re being infused with more and more energetic, extraterrestrial particles that would generally be stalled out at the heliopause, out beyond Pluto.  With the influx of muons I would suspect that rapid untold effects on DNA are taking place as we speak.  Remember that while the emphasis in mass media is on the potential dangers of these persistent cosmic rays, instinct reinforces that positive transformations may be occurring simultaneously.

On to the dramatic “jellyfish” formation, which was widely seen as the aetherial sea creature.  The formation has also been interpreted as symbolic of Earth’s geomagnetic field deflecting solar radiation, which I find more compelling.  If viewed this way, the design seems to prophesy changes in Earth’s geomagnetic field as we are sandwiched between the sleepy Sun and the active cosmic rays entering from outside our solar system.  Such a deflection scenario would radically impact human electromagnetic fields and DNA.

Most of us, I think, don’t need an illustration on Wikipedia or elsewhere to conceptualise it.  But plainly, there it is, in the crop circle.  What do we make of this?

I suspect that DNA trends linked to individuals and the Sun’s activity immediately surrounding their conception will surely be understood by the scientific community soon, on the heels of the announcement that human DNA evolution is being actively tracked.  For now, I rely entirely on piecemeal knowledge of science combined with an expanding level of intuition, which are also, thankfully, connected.

In gratitude.


Crop Circles as Waveguides – Magnifying the Mystical

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Ridgeway - Preliminary Diagram by Andreas Muller

Ridgeway - Preliminary Diagram by Andreas Muller

I’ve deleted my last two posts on this subject, combined them and added something new, so that in this post everything’s finally all together.  When I saw the first crop circle of 2009, I immediately noticed its similarity to an important formation in North Dakota in 2000.  As stated in one of my prior articles, peculiar echoes from the Thompson formation of 2000 are evident in the Ridgeway formation of 2009…and I’d like to know why.

For comparison and contrast, three images accompany this post:

  • My diagram of the Thompson, ND, United States, “Circle in Parentheses,” of late summer 2000
  • Andreas Muller’s diagram of the 2009 Ridgeway formation near Avebury
  • Peter Sorensen’s uncorrected photography of the 2009 Ridgeway formation

What I intend to argue is that the much-acclaimed Ridgeway Waveguide appears to carry on a theme that started with the little-known Thompson formation nearly a decade ago.  If any doubt remains that the crop circles are somehow related, the “error” in one of the Ridgeway arcs (corrected in Andreas’ diagram and in Peter’s PhotoShopped stills, not shown here) hints that the tapered arc is not only intentional, but may even be a radical point (no pun intended) – and thus, it shouldn’t be disregarded as a mere mistake.

1)  My Thompson diagram is a bit rough-looking, but accurate. Extensive ground measurements and compass bearings taken throughout this large, if simple, formation, show the circle hugged by two arcs – three of the ends perpendicular, and one tapered.  I followed the tapered arc with dowsing rods, and was strongly guided toward the inner circle, where between the taper and the circle in the stubbled wheatfield (which had been harvested without any media hoopla) was a beautifully swirled grapeshot, probably no more than 18 inches in diameter.   The Thompson formation was significantly larger than the Ridgeway formation, though less intricate – and the firmly pressed wheat left no question that the taper was indeed part of the design.

2)  Andreas Muller’s diagram of the 2009 Ridgeway formation is enchanting.  (Reproduced with permission.  See Andreas’ website at  The design really does seem to reference a waveguide, as Simeon Hein ( pointed out when he reported on the first crop circle of the 2009 season.  The diagram, although preliminary, probably won’t be changed much, if at all, due to its aesthetic appeal as is – although I’d like to see the tapered arc that we can confirm was there, as seen in Peter Sorensen’s unretouched stills of the Ridgeway formation – next:

3)  Here’s one of Peter’s “raw” stills, with which I’ve taken the liberty to enhance the contrast in order to better show the tapered arc that Peter edited out of his final photographic versions of the Ridgeway crop circle, which can be seen at his website: Quoting Peter from personal correspondence, “The picture I sent around to be posted on my web page yesterday did NOT show the detail you were interested in, because (as I so often do) I had fixed what we circlemakers would call an error — the crooked end of the arc.”  (Despite the heightened contrast, the tapered arc is still somewhat difficult to see – in part due to the shot’s angle as well as the flowering rapeseed in which the Ridgeway formation appeared.  In this photo, it’s in the arc nearest the inner circle on the right side.  Nick Nicholson’s image, available in the 2009 archives via membership at the Crop Circle Connector website, more clearly shows the remarkable similarity – with the taper clearly opposing the expected geometry, exactly as in the Thompson formation.)

What I’ve noticed from my 14 years of crop circle studies is that all the formations that have resonated most strongly with me have been touched by some kind of “magic.”  These clues range from instantaneous healing, as in the Bishops Cannings formation, to amazing synchronicities interwoven on many levels of experience over time, as with the Inman, Kansas formation and the three North Dakota formations (of which Thompson was one).

Unless it’s just a simple coincidence that both formations show very similar geometry (to start with, simply put an “X” through the inner circle to find the ends of all the arcs) as well as what I consider a very-telling “error,” i.e., the tapered arc in both formations, then we must consider these surface aspects to be intentional and therefore something to be included in any serious contemplation of the phenomenon’s deeper implications.


My article “More Crop Circle Synchronicities – North Dakota, 2000” details that entire whirlwind expedition to Langdon and Thompson, ND, fraught with wild synchronicities and enigmatic clues.  If you’d like to more fully appreciate my fascination with the Ridgeway Waveguide, please take time to read that post.