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Russian Crop Circle – Clue to Norway Spiral?

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

An Interpretation of the Russian Crop Circle of June 2010

The English crop circles, as usual, are headlining the 2010 season.  Some pleasant designs have appeared in the fields there, and a few in other countries, but none of this year’s circles has stirred me like the Russian crop circle found in Krasnodar Region, Belorechensk District last month.

Diagram by Tommy Borms; thanks to Crop Circle Connector.

The Russian formation hasn’t received much attention by the crop circle community.  In fact, a web search turns up just a handful of pages referencing the formation at all.  But when I first saw the diagram and read the report, I immediately felt that 1) the Krasnodar formation was not a crop circle flattened in the field by humans, and 2) its design represents something wildly important.

One of the first things I noted was that the location of the formation creates an approximate 90-degree angle between Giza and Wiltshire.  What this may signify, if anything, hasn’t been determined, but I can’t help but speculate a bit on the significance of the design and its geographic placement.  (See References following this article.)

I’d like to say the Russian crop circle last month was quite beautifully formed, and aesthetically resembles the simpler formations of fifteen or twenty years ago.  Perhaps its very simplicity and its remoteness explains why the formation has received little attention.  In any case I’m comfortable saying that the motivation behind this formation appears to be beyond a crop artist’s desire for recognition.

To clarify my position on modern crop circle phenomenon compared with true crop circles, I feel the two phenomena can’t simply and thoughtlessly be combined and assumed to be one mystery.  Some overlap seems to occur at times between the two, but evidence I’ve collected over the year reveals that, while increasing numbers of formations are created by humans, the original phenomenon still exists.

Anyway, back to the Russian formation.  My take is that the large ringed circle represents the Sun, whereas the next three circles represent Mercury, Venus, and Earth.  And then, a spiral – perhaps the Norway Spiral – is connected to the Sun via the meandering line.  In other words, the spiral originates from apparent orbit around the Sun.

What could this mean?

Direct experience with the circle makers has provided many of us researchers with undeniable evidence that a non-human intelligence communicates – i.e, conveys meaning – via abstract designs put into the landscape, with deep meanings encoded both in both the shapes and locations where they appear.  So of course the aforementioned assumption of the Russian crop circle’s representational symbology begs interpretation:

Notably, the Norway spiral appeared in a place where the highly charged particles from the Sun, mostly electrons, hit Earth’s magnetosphere, creating auroras that feature prominently in high-latitude locales such as Norway.  Auroras most frequently appear in conjunction with intensified solar activity, such as that which has been occurring this year, marking the end of an unusually-long solar minimum.

Notice in the diagram that the spiral originates from an apparent orbit around the Sun.  I acknowledge that my speculative interpretation of the Russian crop circle gets a little deeper into the fringe at this point, but to me it makes sense that the spiral may represent the object or light that accompanied Comet Hale-Bopp as it approached the Sun in late 1996 – the lowest point of the last solar minimum.

Could the spiral in the Russian crop circle be hinting that whatever dislodged, or otherwise disappeared, on the other side of the Sun has reappeared, and in the form of Norway’s spiral “cloud circle?”  If so, the implications may be far too difficult for many to comprehend or accept.


References:  I am including a few supporting references for anyone who accepted the official story that there was nothing unusual at all in the tail of Hale-Bopp, or the alternate official story that whatever mysterious object was seen and photographed in tandem with Hale-Bopp in the fall of 1996, prior to the comet emerging from beyond the Sun (sans mystery object), was either a star or a chunk of ice shed by the comet.

For more details, see Comet Hale-Bopp’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?” and also Whitley Strieber’s article.  Strieber’s section titled “The Hale Challenge” is especially pertinent.  Clearly, my friend Ron and I were not the only ones who noticed that the object was NOT a star!

Also, Maria Beloyvan, a Russian scientist visiting Fermilab earlier this year, died under unusual circumstances just weeks before the Russian crop circle appeared, possibly for sharing secret information pertinent to the preceding interpretation.   Special thanks to my friend Chris Taylor at Wild Rote for pointing out that the EU Times Online article’s author is of questionable integrity.  Thanks too to Mike Clelland at Hidden Experience for plotting the locations of Stonehenge, Giza, and the Russian crop circle, showing that the angle created by the Krasnodar location is slightly less than 90 degrees.

Heliospheric Ramblings, DNA, and 2012

Monday, September 7th, 2009

“Meaningful breakthroughs in science come through intuitive leaps.” ~ Itzhak Bentov in Stalking the Wild Pendulum.

In August 2007, according to NASA, a “dent” in the heliopause was detected by Voyager 2.  The dent, NASA stated, was caused by “the interstellar magnetic field.”  Clearly, since the Voyager went through a dent, we’re talking about an interstellar magnetic field with boundaries, a focused field of unknown origin as far as I can tell, and not just a general, uniform influence on the entire heliosphere.  Without more scientific knowledge, I can’t say for sure, but might an interstellar magnetic field capable of denting our heliosphere also have the capacity to breach it, thus intersecting with untold results our solar system and its inhabitants?

Brought closer to home, Earth’s magnetosphere is being impacted on some level by fluctuations in solar as well as galactic radiation, especially as we near the Milky Way’s equator, where the gravitational pull of the galactic centre would seem to be highest.

I believe the Sun is having curious affects on non-biological devices as well…

I’ve an aside for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper than I can right now.  What kind of effect might all the geomagnetic push and pull in which our planet is enmeshed have on the Large Hadron Collider, which was shut down soon after its reveal due to “magnet problems?”  A month ago we were told that the Collider would be restarted in November at half-power.  We’ll have to wait and see if that happens, or if the LHC’s restart is delayed yet again….and if so, why.

For now, as the heliosphere surely continues to shrink, the potential for extreme effects on consciousness – human and otherwise – could be cloaked and spun like another Roswell, and most “remote-controlled” humans (i.e., those wrapped up in the mass media cocoon) would be none the wiser.  But at this critical time, the “2012 era” in which we’re now very much immersed, our DNA is being sorted out.  Biologists have only very recently been able to calculate the rate of DNA mutations in humans; could this scientific advance, in and of itself, be related to the DNA mutations themselves?

Although in the popular media the emphasis is on potential dangers of genetic mutations, I suspect rather that some of them are coding for enhancements (e.g., light, fractal patterns, symmetrical waves, multi-resonance states) which may have the greatest impact on organisms already functioning at a high vibration.  If that’s true, then the human beings receiving the greatest benefits of the current evolutionary acceleration are those who are already emitting higher EM vibrations (waves), which entrain them to other entities, both human and non-human, biological and non-biological, that are vibrating at the same frequency, thus creating resonance.

Those who decades ago sensed the coming of the “new age,” now the 2012 era, and withstood ridicule from relatively-static or even devolving individuals are now realising the prophecy of positive evolutionary changes in the consciousness of all matter – not just in humans, but in animal, plant, and even mineral matter.  On the other hand, tendencies toward anger, distortion, and entropy tend to be amplified during geomagnetic storms, which easily target unstable frequencies.

A few days after a large coronal hole in the Sun that unleashes a strong solar wind aimed toward Earth, the resulting geomagnetic storm on Earth is also going to affect each person’s unique electromagnetic field.  Anyone can observe this phenomenon.  Simply track solar wind events and resulting planetary geomagnetic storms, and note the effects on human (or otherwise) behaviour and emotions.


Comet Hale-Bopp’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?”

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Exploring a link between the Giza Plateau, Comet Hale-Bopp, the current solar minimum, and 2012 …

In the fall of 1996, my friend Ron Russell and I were together one evening when we first heard about Comet Hale-Bopp.  Detailed coordinates allowed us to locate the “new” comet in the sky with just binoculars.   As I recall we followed the directions precisely by first locating a certain notable star through the binocs, then we looked a few degrees to the left of it and up by a certain number of degrees.  There it was!  Unmistakable – and beautiful.

What a sight: a bright nucleus shedding a misty dust field behind it.  I can’t say how I knew this right away, but I straightaway noticed a spot of light in the tail that seemed distinctly unnatural, and pointed it out to Ron.

Over the next few nights we continued to follow the comet as it coursed past the star background, the object in the tail as obvious as a clingy puppy.  I’m no astronomer, but I knew that something was excitingly “wrong” about the light following Hale-Bopp.  Night after night we watched the two lights riding side-by-side through space.   (Note, this was BEFORE the late Chuck Shramek released his photo of Hale-Bopp and the companion object.  Ron and I were, we later found out, among many other, lucky discoverers of the “hitchhiker.”)

The official explanation for the anomaly is critical evidence of a coverup, although it worked fabulously by the next spring when Hale-Bopp fever took over the US.  According to NASA, which, as I’ve noted before, is surely the acronym for Not A Safe Assumption (i.e., that we’re getting the truth), initial reports of the companion object were explained away by a magnitude 8 star in the background which was missed by flawed computer star-plotting software.

That explanation may have been plausible if the “star” had only been seen on one night.  But stars don’t change position.  And the companion stayed with the comet night after night as it traversed the star background.  The comet’s tag-along was noticeable from Earth.  It wasn’t a star hitched to Hale-Bopp.

During the winter months, the comet disappeared from view as its orbit took it around the far side of the sun.  When the comet came out from behind the sun, surely whatever was in the tail would be even more noticeable.  What would happen then?!

Time would tell.  Only when Hale-Bopp was ready to emerge did popular reports about the upcoming great comet hit major media – convenient, since whatever was in the tail the fall previous had detached or otherwise become invisible during transit behind the Sun!

Meanwhile, the Heaven’s Gate “UFO Cult” suffered a perfectly-orchestrated and well-publicised demise, effectively detracting the media (and thus, public attention) away from the real story – not only for the moment, but for all of time.  Official photographs of Hale-Bopp accidentally posted months earlier at the JPL website were suddenly wiped clean of the inexplicable “star.”  And under threat of ridicule, many witnesses to the companion object retreated, noting with silent incredulity the covers of major science and astronomy magazines, which showed the blazing comet as it approached its closest pass by our planet in Spring of 2007, unencumbered by any supernatural hitchhikers.

Based on my observations, I believe that Hale-Bopp may have been a convenient form of gravitational transport for some artificial object.  Whatever the case, I can’t ignore the pronounced solar cycle effects that coincide with the comet’s companion’s mysterious disappearance.   Autumm 1996 was the lowest point of the last solar minimum.  We are also now lodged in the abyss of an extended solar minimum, one which should have ended by now.  Instead,  2008-2009 is shaping up to be one of the most sunspot-free stretches in almost 100 years – rivaling only 1913.  The effects on our environment and on our consciousness remain to be seen as we continue our approach to 2012…

…which, by the way, I think we’re close enough to by now to bring up an important new topic, and that is the precession of the equinoxes that occurs roughly every 26,000 years – just under that.  If we take JPL’s ephemeris for Hale-Bopp’s prior transits through our immediate solar system (I specify prior transits, since the next anticipated one seems to have been dramatically revised due to the comet’s gravitational interaction with the super-massive Jupiter during this pass), we will go back in time by 4206 years to determine Hale-Bopp’s prior passes.

Now, this is important:  if Graham Hancock and others are correct about the pyramids pointing to an epoch about 12,500 to 12,600 years ago (and I consider the latter to be a more accurate figure, based on the research of Goro Adachi, which more precisely narrows down Graham Hancock’s calculation), then on a whim, why not take 12,600 divided by 4200…..hmmmm…..we get precisely THREE.

Could this possibly mean that the Giza Plateau is commemorating the mysterious comet we’ve just been considering….?!?!

I believe the current solar minimum is related to consciousness expansion.  An upcoming article delves into possible positive effects on our DNA as a result of a current influx of galactic cosmic radiation.


To complement this post, you might want to bring up the following link, which will allow you to visualise the “11-year” sunspot cycle (which, at this point has apparently been extended to a 12.5 year cycle – and counting….).  You may also find it handy to accompany a reading of my prior post “Solar Low = Consciousness High?” regarding a possible correlation between our shrinking heliosphere and apparent advances in both human and non-human consciousness.


(Two dates to check with regard to this particular post:  1 October 1996, representing the approximate date I first learned about Comet Hale-Bopp and started tracking the companion object in its tail, and 19 April 2009 – today.  Notice anything?)