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Pre-Sensing the Tragedy in Japan

Monday, April 25th, 2011

What I experienced a couple of days before the mega-earthquake in Japan was a confluence of precognitive, remote, and deeply empathic sensing so troubling that I’ve had difficulty processing and writing about it.  As the disaster continues to radiate from the quake’s ground zero, however, I need to share what happened:

On the evening of 8 March I was surprised by a vague sense of uneasiness followed by a sudden urge to open my bookmarked link to a list of 2011’s Large and Deadly Earthquakes.  A mag 7.3 had struck just moments before in Japan.  I broke into tears as images filled my mind:  cries of panic in the midst of falling debris and dust; buildings crashing down everywhere; flood waters sweeping people away.

I sought more information.  I told myself that perhaps I’d simply overreacted to the news of the 7.3.  I was somewhat consoled when I learned no casualties had been reported.

Unfortunately, that sense of relief was to be short-lived.

On Friday the 11th, I woke to a changed world:  the massive Japanese earthquake and tsunami were all over the media.  History had been altered in a big way, yet the extent of the devastation eluded perspective.  The cascading visions I’d had a couple days prior were now manifest.

The cataclysm had instantly swallowed up 28,000 human lives in Japan; weeks later, the fallout is proving to be worse than first imagined.  Radiation from Fukushima’s crippled nuclear reactors has poisoned air, food, and water supplies around the world.  At the same time, the Pacific Northwest and Yellowstone remind us of our planet’s light slumber.  Even Canada and Australia, two countries which rarely experience earthquakes, have logged notable temblors in the past couple of weeks.

Earth’s denizens are only a few pages into this new chapter of history.  Unfortunately, it seems my terrifying visions may have only hinted at the insidious threat triggered with the Japan megaquake.


Interacting with the Subtle Energies of Crop Circles

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

(Note:  Visual media links are provided after the article.)

My friend Simeon Hein recently posted a video on YouTube as part of an interview series titled “Crop Circles, Remote Viewing, and UFO Disclosure.”  In this segment he shows a page from his book Opening Minds on which is printed a series of drawings from my 1997 crop circle field notes.  The example he uses is additional validation of my belief that we can interact with subtle energies associated with crop circles.

With such an elusive and essentially personal phenomenon, I can only share my perceptions as I explicate my own experience.  I feel my ideas are of value to the ongoing study of consciousness and crop circles.  In that spirit, Simeon’s video spurred me to tell the story of what happened to me in the Upham Goddess formation, which highlights a subjective feature of the phenomenon experienced by almost everyone who interacts with them on more than a superficial level.

Few people had been able to visit the Upham Goddess, so called due to shape as well as its remote location and lack of good roads beyond the land owner’s home.   I’d like to add my further interpretation of the symbol.  The Goddess is very near a slight indention in the field, visible only from the air, which I’m told is the remnant of a World War II bomb explosion.  In its position near the crater, I see this formation as the Goddess Mother recognising, with healing energy, the artificial chaos men create and leave behind.

As I was meditating in one of the small circles marking the end of the outline of the Goddess I began viewing “eyelid movies,” i.e., what we see on the inside of our closed eyes during trance or meditation.  First I saw a vivid swirling pattern, and then I saw two arcs pointing outward with a dot in the middle.

In Simeon’s video, he mentions that I drew the Goddess formation and a couple of weeks later it showed up.  Actually, I was meditating in the Goddess formation when I visualised the other shapes I drew, which then appeared in a formation found a few days later – the morning I left Heathrow on my way back to the United States.

Simeon calls this an instance of “precognitive remote viewing.” I feel a more radical point is that when we are infused with crop circle energy, whether physically or psychically, in this dimension or in another, we can become transceivers capable of intimate interactions with subtle realms and realities.  Perhaps we enter portals of access to non-linear, holographic mind.  In any case, it appears that a consciousness connection links some people with the circles and  their creative force, allowing and even encouraging extraordinary inter-intelligence communication.


Eventually I’ll figure out how to get video, photos, and diagrams posted directly onto my site, but for now you’ll have to follow the links to see what I’m describing:

1)  Simeon Hein’s CCTV interview, part 4: (I recommend the entire series, but the part especially relevant to this story appears between the 7- and 8-minute marks.)
2)  The “Upham Goddess” formation:
3)  The crop circle resembling what I viewed during meditation in the “Goddess:”