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Crop Circles Echo Interdimensional Visitor’s Ancient Message

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015
Ancient Imagery Arrives in Crop Circles of 2015. Clearbury Ring. Image: Nyako Nakar

Ancient Imagery Arrives in Crop Circles of 2015. Clearbury Ring. Image: Nyako Nakar

All summer I’ve been reliving the night some twenty years ago when I was stirred from sleep by an indescribably beautiful voice speaking an ancient, sacral language.  Instantly I sat up, wide awake, face to face with a being I can only describe as a goddess.

That she was present was crystal clear, though I couldn’t see her through the pitch black.  She enunciated her words precisely, in a distinct syntax, as though I should understand everything she said.  Indeed I felt I should try.  I stared through the dark toward her, focussing on her message – which was a bit of a challenge since I was also fully aware I was in the presence of an apparently interdimensional being of timeless power and grace.

Her intonation went on for some seconds until her message came to a close and she was gone.  With only the sound of my breath in the dark, I replayed what had just happened and tried to hold on to her words even as they began to scatter like so many birds.  By the time I’d found the lamp and then a pen all I had were the last three syllables she spoke.

I wrote them UR.BAE.HEE.

It’s hard to describe how I felt at that moment, having just met an otherworldly being – not in a dream or a hypnagogic state, but while I was entirely conscious and awake.  Clearly it was my charge to understand what she said, but I had little to work with – especially without having seen her.

An explication of all the clues I’ve found encoded in just the syllables ur bae hee might take volumes, but what’s most important right now is that after two decades I’ve finally translated them.  After scouring complicated lexicons for hours upon hours, I now know the goddess spoke Sumerian, and that I heard her say the words Ur bahiy.  She had closed her message with a reference to the brilliant, shining city of Ur.

Though I still don’t know for sure who she was, I have to wonder what her association might be with the Sumerian goddess Inanna who was lavishly memorialised at Ur,  or with the possible demigoddess Puabi, whose remains were unearthed at Ur in the last century having lain undisturbed in the Royal Tombs for 4600 years.

Whoever she was, the crop circles of 2015 are speaking the same language.

Canaanite pectoral, from Uluburun, Turkey shipwreck, circa 1400 BC

Canaanite pectoral, from Uluburun, Turkey shipwreck, circa 1400 BC

UPCOMING:  From the star-and-ray designs at Newton Barrow and Clearbury Ring to the winged disk at Hampton Lucy and the goddess imagery at Hoo Mill, the 2015 crop circles affirm that the ancients are back, and you can bet they have much more to say.