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Sentient Waveguides: Perceiving the Cosmic Hologram

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Why are certain individuals prone to see UFOs, while others are not?

People from all around the world, from all walks of life, of all colours and creeds and sexual orientations and education levels, and from all recorded ages in history, have reported UFOs.  Why do some have one vivid UFO sighting, while others experience repeated encounters, sometimes even meeting with, presumably, extraterrestrial or interdimensional occupants over long periods of time?

I’ve seen dozens of UFOs, many of which I can be certain do not match any conventional explanation.  A few friends have had their first-ever dramatic sightings of UFOs in my presence.  And I’ve encountered, at any hour of the day, a number of sentient and communicative, yet astonishingly unconventional, entities.

Naturally, I wonder why?

A scenario worth considering is that the sensing of a UFO is closely linked to its spectrum, i.e., its signature, and the percipient’s ability to sense that specific vibration.  Just as some whistles are made so that a deer or a canine can hear and respond while humans don’t hear the waves, so too UFOs emit certain “para-frequencies” of colour or sound, for instance, to be recognised and analysed only by those tuned to perceive…

…with the brain as a waveguide.

If what we’ve just pondered is correct, another question factors in: What allows one to be capable of perceiving a frequency that others don’t?  Could the percipient be intentionally prepared, perhaps by the UFO occupants’ interference via a deliberate genetic manipulation or by simple evolution (I intuit that the function of non-coding DNA may apply here, in either case) to register frequencies that most of Earth’s human population does not?

(A cascade of ideas is now set in motion…)

On a related note, farm animals have been known to riot on the night before a crop circle is found.  Are the animals agitated by, or otherwise responding to, the frequency created by the circle maker(s), be they plasma, material, or something else?  And why do birds detour around some crop circles and not others?  I suspect some formations give off a signature that the birds avoid due to their reliance on electromagnetic fields for navigation…


Aquifer of Consciousness

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Dreams are a form of subjective reality.

Your reality and mine are unique.  Although we’re likely to agree on most objective facts, our subjective realities may be infinitely divergent.  Regardless of personal philosophy – apart from, say, believing we live in an entirely pre-programmed universe, which is within the realm of possibility (i.e., show me it’s not) – we would probably agree that reality is malleable.

So how are we to know the true nature of reality?  We know reality through our consciousness.  While I may personally entertain the idea that everything – from the smallest particles to the largest coalescence – has the capacity for consciousness, here I’ll reflect on human consciousness primarily.  And to refine the concept further, I’ll define basic consciousness as “awareness of the here and now.”

Our individual reality is comprised of both objective “fact” (e.g., the sun appears in the east each morning) and subjective experience (e.g., I have interacted with extraterrestrials).  Subjective experience gives us “awareness of the here and now,” and in this way there is no pervasive objective reality in the realm of individual consciousness.

Differences in the perception of reality are based on our exact perspective from our position in space.  Our awareness is more sharply focused by our unique quantum arrangement – a filtering system for experience.  Each conscious being maintains a virtual aquifer of consciousness, which is its primary source of insight, intuition, and knowledge.  Like limestone through which water passes, our consciousness is recycling everything it encounters, discarding the extraneous and keeping that which makes sense.