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Crop Circles 2015: More Evidence of Interdimensional Co-Creation

Monday, November 16th, 2015

My friend the blue jay

My friend the blue jay

The morning after my cat died in April of 2014, I was sitting on a blanket in the a corner of the back yard feeling quite blue.  After some time I looked up and noticed a robin, a squirrel and a blue jay nearby, watching me in silence. The jay seemed especially tuned to my sorrow, as though it knew what was meant by the fresh dirt patch where a candle had burned all night.

While the neighbourhood was home to many jays, I believe this one in particular sought me out after that first encounter.  He began showing up whenever I was outside, perhaps prompted by the sound of the screen door shutting.  I always greeted him with a smile and a few words about how beautiful he was.  Sometimes he’d offer soft clicks or purrs while he waited for a piece of walnut from my pocket.  If I was inside the house and he wanted to interact, he’d fly about in the tree near the kitchen window and look in to get my attention.

Then early on the 3rd of July this year I went outside to refresh the birdbath before leaving on a road trip and was stopped in my tracks by something out of place in the dawn’s half light.  I inched closer, afraid it might be the remains of a blue jay fledgling that had been hanging around, unable to fly.  But when I got up to it I could see it was an adult jay lying on its back, head upward and wings outspread, long tailfeathers fanned out below.  It had very recently suffered a mortal wound to the chest.

Crop circle near Brandenburg, Germany.  August 2015

Crop circle near Brandenburg, Germany. August 2015

And so it appeared that my friend the jay had lived and died as jays do. The image of his body on the grass was burned into my mind and each day I cried for his loss – and I’m not known for being weepy.  A month passed and I was still in a deep depression when the whimsical crop circle at Brandenburg, Germany (left) appeared like a sympathy card from the universe.  The bird in flight instantly made me smile.   Though it didn’t erase the pain, this circle reminded me of the natural cycle of life and urged me to work on healing so I could move on with my own.

Not long after Brandenburg, another crop circle appeared, speaking even more directly to my painful experience and once again nudging me along in the direction of resolution.  Hampton Lucy (below) was created by the linking of different consciousnesses in co-creative interdimensional communication as described by 2014’s circles and summed up at Ammersee.   At Hampton Lucy, a painful image was plucked from my mind and transformed into a majestic, radiant, healing crop circle.

Image: Air Experiences

Image: Air Experiences

As with other messages directly from an Other Intelligence communicating with us through crop circles, multiple resonances abound at Hampton Lucy.  For one, I first saw the Hampton Lucy circle while in the house in Plevna that is the “P” in the TIP Line, and more precisely in the same room wherein the goddess had appeared with her ancient incantation (and which is associated with the Clearbury Ring formation).  The shape originated in my mind’s eye – which is the pineal waveguide – as well as in the mind’s eye of whoever or whatever put the circle in the field.

Hampton Lucy even cleverly revealed the jay’s killer:  the neighbourhood owl that caught the jay unawares.  Notably, the jay’s heart is the owl’s pineal, emphasising the importance of the heart+brain system that provides the electromagnetic juice for waveguide-driven consciousness.


Mega-Synchronicity Spans Several Millennia

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

The 2015 crop circles were slow to talk, though the early-season circles at Newton Barrow and Luxenborough were intriguing.  The resonant opposing arc designs hinted at an emerging theme – but after 2014’s lively discussion of the mechanics and implications of our co-creative role in interdimensional communication, I wasn’t feeling at all clear about this summer’s direction.

It wasn’t until mid-July that I saw what was, for me at least, the real season opener at Clearbury Ring (left, bottom).  This was the real deal, no doubt about it conversation starter.  I couldn’t wait to get going with it – but wait I would, for my schedule for the rest of the day was packed.

Later that afternoon I popped into the library at closing time to return some books.  With no time to browse I was about to leave emptyhanded when Beneath the Seven Seas caught my eye. The cover depicted underwater archaeology, a fascination of mine, and its title reminded me of Atlantis and the Seven Stars which has been informing my work since the beginning.  Perfect!  I rushed to check it out.

Perfect indeed.  The image I saw when I opened the book at home that evening answered my earlier ponderings about the crop circle at Clearbury Ring:  on the frontispiece was a photo of a 3400-year old gold pectoral, its two arcs positioned alongside four rays, complete with a ring of studs around a small central circle – exactly as at Clearbury.

Soon vast amounts of communication began to unfold in a series of related synchronicities, like a download, confirming the direction my work had taken over the past year.  Before long I had another key realisation: the opposing crescents around a small central circle exactly mirrored the shape that appeared to me during a crop circle meditation in 1997 and materialised in a subsequent crop circle at Oliver’s Castle.

That I visualised the crescents while in the Goddess crop circle is part of the synchronicity:  The Upham Goddess was located at the edge of a WWII bomb crater, and many of us who visited it and felt a protective energy radiating from it.  Perhaps the symbols I received there represent a shield, just like the ancient pectoral – and the Clearbury circle.

Clearbury Ring draws our attention to a time thousands of years ago – the time of the gods and goddesses and the real historical roots of mythology which we’re rediscovering today.  Physically absent and forgotten by most, perhaps the gods who had so much influence thousands of years ago have found a way to communicate through the crop circles – just as we approach the ability to comprehend such phenomena in the age of post-LHC physics.

We were even shown how it happens with the circles of 2014.

Seen together, these individual high-magnitude synchronicities comprise a megasynchronicity that continues to unfold as a living dialogue.  Answers often bring questions.  Why did I see the crescent shape so vividly that day in 1997, and how did it become the basis for the Oliver’s Castle formation that showed up in response?  Where did those who assembled the grand formation at Clearbury Ring this year get their design?  And what inspired the same design on the 3400-year old pectoral that fell into my hands with perfect timing?

Once again:  interdimensional communication arrives through crop circle synchronicities.  The harder we listen, the louder they speak.