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Forest Hill Crop Circle: Spiralling Waves of Pleiadean Communication?

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

The Forest Hill crop circle mirrors my pondering lately on a possible waveguide function in crop circle communication, and the roles electromagnetism and gravity may play in wave attraction.  The spinner provides a dizzying look at a waveform spiralling in toward the waveguide (the spinner effect is seen at around 30 seconds into the video below, which I found on YouTube):

The psytrance track Pleidean Communication was absolutely central to my first circles experience 19 years ago, and is featured on A Positive Life’s album Synaesthetic, on the Waveform Records label.  I’ve been listening to the entire album quite a lot recently while immersed in my work, and I can’t help but notice the similarity between the album cover and the Forest Hill crop circle:

Considering the Pleiadean influence on my work and its heavy presence in the flat-map alignments, could Forest Hill depict waves from the Pleiades being pulled toward us?   Is this crop circle thereby confirming a Pleiadean influence entrained with and acting through our consciousness?