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Inviting Confirmation: Extreme Synchronicity and Crop Circles

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

I’ve always been drawn to the tiny dipper in the night sky, the Pleiades.  Somehow they’ve always felt like “home.”  Through binoculars, the cluster of stars resembles a grand city of of light floating in deep space.  A profound connection exists between the Pleiades and crop circles.

In the spring of 1995 I was suddenly and inexplicably saturated with everything Pleiadean.  I found the compelling book Atlantis and the Seven Stars by J Countryman, and I listened over and over to a song which happened to be playing “at random” as I walked into a friend’s house one afternoon; Pleiadean Communication, by A Positive Life, is aptly named – (you can listen here).

That spring I’d also discovered and eagerly absorbed Circular Evidence, the classic field guide to crop circle research by Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado.  Even though I’d immersed myself in mysteries of all sorts throughout my life, nearly thirty years passed before I discovered crop circles – something everyone else had apparently heard of.  The mention of crop circles elicited the ubiquitous, “Oh, those were made by two guys from the pub who used ropes and boards to fool everybody.”

But that didn’t set well with me, because by then I’d already had my own close encounter with the circle makers.  On the 16th of June, 1995, I had asked for a crop circle close enough for me to visit – and one appeared at that moment, in Inman, Kansas.  In the following short video I describe some of the mystical communication I’ve experienced when tuned to frequency of the non-human circle makers, whoever they may be:

In the video I share radical evidence supporting the theory that non-human intelligence has played an active, intentional role in at least some of the crop circles, starting with my first.  I wished for a crop circle at around 10.30 PM on the 16th of June 1995, and at that same time a farmer tilling a field over 100 miles away from me witnessed a long, straight row of dim lights hovering over a central Kansas wheat field and kicking up dust.  The farmer, Chad, told me that the hair on his arms stood on end as he watched for about 10 minutes.  When he looked back at the end of a row the lights had disappeared, leaving him confused and a bit spooked.  A few days later the Inman crop circle was found in the exact spot where the lights had hovered.

My friend Mike experienced a very similar event with the crop circle which appeared near Teton, Idaho in 2002, and in fact, that’s where I met him – in the Teton formation.  We’d both expressed a desire for a crop circle appear close by, and in our ways we’d received confirmation that our wishes were immediately heard and answered.

For what it’s worth, Mike and I are both UFO experiencers.

What does all this mean?  Perhaps alongside the crop artists working the fields of England these days, a distinctly non-human intelligence infuses some of the circles, speaking in riddle and synchronicity, from another dimension.  If any doubts linger about the reality of non-human crop circle makers, so be it – but surely the fact that a crop circle answered my wish for one, precisely on a significant alignment, is food for thought.  How this all unfolded is seemingly against all odds – if very remotely possible.

For instance, you could choose 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the lottery and have the same odds of winning as if you chose 4, 18, 21, 25, and 36.  But overall, five consecutive numbers would be less likely to comprise the winning numbers than five random numbers, since the lottery can be played with many hundreds of thousands of combinations of random numbers, and relatively few sequential ones.  You can apply this concept to drawing lines on a map of a state consisting of 82,000 square miles.

My point is that the exact alignment of three meaningful points on the map was a straight flush to trump all others.  On top of that, the odds of a crop circle forming at the moment I wished for it – with a witness – is confirmation, beyond a reasonable doubt, of telepathic communication.  I’ve published the diagram at right in a few other posts here, but I’ll do it again to illustrate the playful nature of the circle makers as they created an original crop circle in the form of a stylised tractor, mirroring the one the witness was using to till the field just a few hundred yards away…

And what, might you ask, do the Pleiades have to do with crop circles?  The Pleiades are part of the Taurus constellation, and crescents reminiscent of bull’s horns appeared regularly in mid-1990s crop circles – a time when, I intuit, more of the formations were not the product of human crop artistry.

With deep gratitude to my friends, the non-human circle makers:  thank you for being part of my life and for allowing me to share this story.  And to all the human crop artists out there, thank you as well for the beautiful forms in the fields.  Many of your designs are quite lovely – and, I like to think, inspired by a higher power.

All of us have a long way to go yet – and we are nearly there …


Note that in the video there are a couple of flashes that Kelle identifies in her comment to this post.  The one at precisely 3 minutes is particularly vivid!  I can’t explain the flashes of light.

My report on the Inman crop circle was originally published in the former UK publication The Circular.

Take a look at Mike’s numerous posts about synchronicity at his site Hidden Experience.

Doug Bower – Crop Circle Trickster At Large

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

The time has come for me to tell my trickster tale.  I’ve been holding on to this one because, while I can see what the trickster represented, it’s been more difficult putting into words why I believe he appeared to me – and in the form he took:  Doug Bower.

During my late twenties I was undergoing huge transformations in my life, none more important than my ongoing romance with crop circles which began in 1995.  A preface to this trickster tale, my prior post entitled “Pleiadean Communication and Crop Circles,” describes how – apparently by design – I was prepared for and ushered into the study and experience of crop circles.

Synchronicity goes hand in hand with the crop circle experience, at least for me and several of my croppie buddies.  And in my view, many of the shapes themselves are archetypal in a way, resonating within many of us as an undeciphered but deeply meaningful language.

With all these Jungian concepts floating around, it’s no surprise that the trickster would show up somewhere in the mix.  I don’t quite understand the trickster phenomenon, but people all around the world for all of time have reported it, so I take what I experienced in late summer of 1995 seriously.  Again, what it means, and why it happened…I can only speculate.

I was standing in line at the supermarket in Emporia, Kansas, probably lost in thought.  The crop circles had pretty much come in and swept me up in their magic earlier that year, and they were about all I could think about.  The synchronicities, the beauty and the fun – I just couldn’t seem to get enough.  But of course grocery shopping must go on.

A tap on my shoulder made me turn around.  First I saw a hand holding out a piece of paper:  my shopping list, which I’d apparently dropped.  I took it, saying “thanks” before getting a look at this good samaritan behind me. When I finally did look up to meet his eyes – no exaggeration here – I nearly fainted.  I can only imagine the look on my face as I realised that there behind me was Doug Bower himself – or someone or something who looked exactly like him, complete with a knowing smirk and twinkling eyes.

For a few timeless seconds this trickster engaged me in an unspoken dialogue.  Like the meanings coded in the crop circles themselves, the trickster’s actions and words must be deciphered by each experiencer.  I know this much:  I didn’t get any negative vibe from him.  What I sensed was that he knew what I was up to, and that he appreciated my excitement and dedication to the crop circles – a phenomenon with which, by now, everyone associated him.

He knew I recognised him as well, which certainly seemed to please him –  moreso, I’d guess, since prior to the Inman crop circle months before I’d never even heard of him!  Everyone I talked with seemed to know all about the “two old fellows from the pub” who claimed to be the source of all the hubbub – whereas I’d barely heard of crop circles, let alone Doug and Dave, until early 1995, when I read Circular Evidence and then wished for and received the Inman crop circle.  (My unbiased wonder about the subject, untainted by misinformation, made me wonder if that’s why I was gifted with the Inman formation … but that’s another story.)

He and I didn’t exchange words, but I’ll never forget the smile in his eyes as he handed me my shopping list.  Here was Doug Bower, trickster at large, appearing in a small-town Kansas supermarket on a hot summer afternoon.  Who would’ve thought?  Confronting me was the trickster himself, better known for teasing or attempting to throw one off track, instead appearing to offer me a bit of recognition and encouragement, and adding yet another layer of magic to the mystery.

But perhaps I misread the entire event.  In handing me my dropped slip of paper, was his gesture simply a peace offering in disguise?  There’s something to think about….


My gracious thanks to whoever took the photo of Doug.  I pulled it off the internet, but there was no information attached about the photographer.  And thank you, Colin, for your curious yet not so surprising addition to the story!

Pleiadean Communication and Crop Circles

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

In the early- to mid-1990s I was going through an increase in anomalous encounters with what I consider non-human intelligence.  Interaction occurred primarily during the middle of the night, but I sensed interaction as well while I was listening to certain trance music through headphones – particularly “Pleiadean Communication” by A Positive Life.  In early June of 1995 I listened to it perhaps a hundred times, or more.

At the same time, numerous synchronicities involving the Pleiades came at me, and I distinctly felt that whatever was “visiting” me was Pleiadean in nature.  As the song infused me, something in me seemed to “click into place.”  I felt something special happening, but I didn’t know exactly what it was, or what it meant…but I was soon to find out.

On Friday evening, the 16th of June, my friend Sonja and I drove from Emporia, Kansas, where we were both attending college, to Topeka, to visit with a friend of hers that I’d never met before.  I believe his name was Michael.  He handed me a book called the Keys of Enoch (Enoch being a major pseudopigraphal work) and showed me some photos of southern England’s recent crop circles.

I’d only recently “discovered” crop circles, via the classic Circular Evidence by Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado, so I was interested in these designs which had apparently been evolving in complexity throughout the early 1990s.  But unlike the circles in the book, which were relatively simple in nature while showing anomalous details that seemed to eliminate humans as a factor in their creation, the circles Sonja’s friend showed me depicted undeniably intelligent designs. My impression of these complex circles was that they weren’t the real deal; surely the fancy ones were fakes.  But I kept that to myself.

As Michael handed me a full-colour calendar back from a prior year, with twelve beautiful photos including 1991’s famous Barbury Castle formation, I thought (with a touch of natural skepticism, I suppose):  “Show me one of these in Kansas, and then I’ll believe.”  Now, this is very important:  The time was about 10.30 on Friday night, 16 June 1995, and I was sitting in a stranger’s house on the west side of Topeka, Kansas, holding a calendar back, literally asking for a crop circle to investigate.  This, too, I kept to myself – or so I thought.

The next few days passed quickly.  My younger brother got married Saturday and my older brother and his family were visiting from Ohio.  So on Thursday morning, the 22nd of June – almost a week after I’d wished for a Kansas crop circle – we were all sitting around my mother’s dining room table in a small town in south-central Kansas.  Mom was looking at the Hutchinson News, and she read aloud, “Here, Stace – Crop Circle Mars Inman Wheat Field.”

There on the front page was a photo of a farmer standing in a brand new crop circle formation little more than an hour away from my mother’s house.  I wouldn’t normally have been at Mom’s house on a Thursday – what luck!  Within minutes I had phoned Mr Regier for permission to enter his field and directions to the site, packed the car with Dad’s tape measure and a camera, and said some quick good-bys.

Ironically, in the excitement of the moment, I had completely forgotten my request the Friday previous for a crop circle of my own to investigate.  More about confirmation later….

Because the crop circle had only been found on the 20th and reported in the news on the 22nd, my daughter and I were two of only a few people to have stepped into the formation. I felt a sense of elation and wonder that beautiful Thursday morning as I photographed and took measurements of the gleaming golden crop lay.  The ground details were beautiful.  I knew what to look for after having pored over Circular Evidence with such interest. I carefully inspected the entire formation, which stretched about 120 feet (about 36.5 metres) from east to west.  My daughter and I carefully measured each facet’s dimension, and I photographed and documented details like gap-seeking, isolated standing stalks, and underlying swirls.

The diagram I produced from measurements was painstakingly created from careful ground measurements; no aerial photo has ever been found. The crop circle shape resembles an old tractor:  a large circle to the east was connected by a thin path to a smaller circle to the west, which had another thin path leading directly north out of the smaller circle before jutting east, almost like an exhaust pipe.

The samples I collected of the affected and control wheat were sent to Michigan. WC Levengood,, confirmed that the sprouted wheat from the control samples grew normally, whereas the wheat from various points within the formation grew significantly more rapidly and evenly.

As I continued my investigation over the next several days, I interviewed a farmer named Chad who witnessed astonishing light phenomena that “made the hair on [his] arms stand on end.”  (Note: piezoelectric effect, perhaps?)  He was tilling a field on the warm, muggy night of June 16th, and at around 10.30, he suddenly saw a stationary row of several lights “like car headlights on dim” above the field across the road to his north, “stirring up dust.”  The strange lights “spooked” him, he said.  He turned the tractor around at the end of a row, looked back, and the lights were gone.  And four days later, on the 20th of June, Mr Regier found the crop circle in the exact spot Chad had seen the lights.

Was the timing mere coincidence?  I didn’t think so; 10.30 PM on the 16th of June was so specific that I had to take it personally. And something about the song “Pleiadean Communication” kept coming back to me….as though by listening to what I feel may have been channeled music I had entered a true trance state which had allowed an interface between myself and the circle makers.  That my request had apparently been answered immediately was notable.  But who knows – maybe I needed just a little more evidence….

To cement my knowledge that inter-intelligence communication had occurred between myself and the circle makers, a full year later in the summer of 1996 an even wilder synchronicity was revealed.  On a whim, I decided to take out a map of Kansas (82,282 square miles of land) and put a point on the map where I had originally wished for a crop circle and another where I had initially learned about the Inman formation.  With a ruler, I drew a straight line between the two points – a geographical distance of about 160 miles.  There, on the line, six miles east of Inman and a mile north on paved county roads, then a quarter mile back west on a dirt road, was the precise spot of the Inman formation.

So not only did the crop circle appear at the moment I wished for it, but it took the stylised form of the tractor on which rode the only known witness to its creation….and it appeared directly on an extraordinarily significant axis.  All of this without a word spoken – only a private wish calling out from deep within me.  Webster couldn’t do better at defining “communication.”  At that moment I beamed one of the biggest smiles of my life, I’m sure.

I feel sure the circle makers were smiling too…


NOTE:  My field report and diagram were published in the Summer 1996 issue of The Circular, a UK periodical now out of print.

Breaking News: Colin Andrews Finally Blows the Whistle!

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Colin Andrews played an important role in my learning about crop circles when I read his book Circular Evidence 15 years ago.  In Wiltshire and Hampshire during the summer of 1997, I spent time doing field research with Colin and with pilot and researcher Busty Taylor, was taught how to dowse the circles by the late Richard Andrews, and rubbed elbows with other researchers at Alton-Barnes’ famous “Barge Inn.”  Many of those friends and acquaintances have bravely stood by the fact that even though many circles are human-made, the genuine phenomenon has never gone away.

Some of my old friends, “croppies” as they were called, have in recent years downplayed or even completely denied the non-human role in crop circles, focussing instead on the fantastic “crop art” being made by groups of human “crop artists” – many of whom are, in odd twists of fate, friends of mine.  I have nothing against “crop art,” but I do take issue with the quick conclusion that because impressive crop art is being plastered all over websites and calendars around the world, that’s representative of crop circles in general.  “Just because some dollar bills are counterfeit doesn’t mean that all dollar bills are counterfeit.

Colin Andrews, myself, and others, even in the face of ridicule, have remained outspokenly convinced that the genuine phenomenon existed, and still exists, even as “crop art” became the talk of the town.  Now Colin has come forth with an absolutely brilliant compilation of evidence that shows that not only were the British Ministry of Defence and the Royal Family extremely interested in the original phenomenon, but that over the years, denials were perpetrated by false “UFO spokespersons” as part of the coverup, which is now revealed in impressive detail here:

If you have any interest at all in the genuine phenomenon, I urge you to read Colin’s expose’.  (It’s not a quick nor easy read – so allow yourself some time.)  I’m elated that he has finally come forth with this compilation that supports those of us that know, beyond a doubt, that not all crop circles are made by people out to fool us!  Thank you, Colin, for taking a stand!  He is right in the preface he attached when he e-mailed news of this post today:  “This is the most important article I’ve ever written and was not easy for me to do.  Mainly because of confidentialities Ive (sic) held over the years but I had to make a statement before history gets re-written again. There is going to be some media and no doubt some backlash too: Bottom line is that the magic is getting lost in the noise.”  The backlash to which he refers is that disharmony that will be once again feverishly stirred up between the “real” camp and the “human-made” camp.  We could forego all that if we’d just accept that crop circles and crop art are related only in their general facades.

For anyone out there wanting to get into a real crop circle, you will need to find your methods of determining the real ones from the imposters – which isn’t difficult to do.  On the other hand, if you simply want to go into “crop art” for the charm it has to offer, you’ll find many examples to enjoy.  Just remember that there’s no point in denying that they are two radically different phenomena.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to realise and remember that the “real deal” is obviously created by non-human intelligence, without direct human intervention on the ground but often with a clear psychic (telepathic) component.  The implications are staggering – and in this day, that statement really needs no explanation…

NOTE:  Colin Andrews’ article is strictly copyrighted, so if you want to share the information, please respect that and share the link to his site, giving proper credit where credit is due!     STACE TUSSEL