Why I Don’t Use Spellcheck

If you didn’t know before, you do now:  I tend to use British spellings.  I always have and likely always will.  I don’t know why, but I do.  So when you see “realise,” understand that’s natural for me.

And when I use a term like “brane cosmology,” I’m referring to something quite specific.  I suppose someone, somewhere, has used the term “brain cosmology,” but it wasn’t me.

To answer the question, why don’t I use the “spellcheck” feature?  Spellcheck only annoys me, and I try to avoid annoyances.  However, I do edit things when I find an accidental misspelling in my work.

Spellcheck doesn’t know the word brane, nor does it recognise etymalchemy, and so it’s of limited use to me.

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