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8 March 2009:  Answer to “Jamie” regarding night-terror vision:

Like I mentioned to Stephen, I’ve not been formally trained in dream analysis, nor do I know whether or not you were experiencing a dream or an actual, “real-time” event.  I can’t explain what you experienced with what was a frightening or even demonic presence in your room as a teenager – I can only offer my advice, as I’ve offered to many others over many years.

If your bedroom door was indeed open and had been locked when you went to bed, then this event is more confusing to me because clearly, physical manipulation of objects may not have been necessary to convince you of the veracity of your experience – therefore, perhaps the door was left open to PROVE to you that your experience was real (i.e., physical), and not “imagined.”

Now, as for what you experienced….I know you felt frightened by the “being” (or apparition) that appeared at your bedside.  At the same time I don’t get any indication from you that you were harmed in any way, other than being very frightened.  I believe what you saw was most likely an interdimensional being, and probably not an extraterrestrial.  It may have been “ugly” or terrifying for you to see, partly because it was intruding in your space and it was not what you would expect to see in your bedroom (or anywhere, for that matter).

With that said, I would advise that you try to “re-vision” (aka, “revise”) what you experienced.  If the door hadn’t been open in the morning, I’d be more comfortable suggesting that there’s a possibility you were experiencing a hypnogogic vision – but in any case, I think that explanation is used far too frequently (a la “Occam’s Razor”) to explain any “paranormal” occurrences, especially those that occur when we are sleeping.  When sleeping, I believe we do have OBEs connected with the occasional, spontaneous release of endogenous DMT, and I believe “the veil is thinner” between this dimension and others, so my best guess is that you were seeing a very real, albeit interdimensional being, that looked very scary and intimidating but may not have been trying to scare you at all.  Interdimensionals may be apparition-like, i.e., non-physical even if appearing to be physically present, or they may actually enter into this dimension in a real, physical sense.

You’d have to do more research on your own about DMT as it occurs naturally in the body.  The best resource I can suggest to you is Rick Strassman’s book DMT: The Spirit Molecule.  Basically, we produce DMT and we can also take DMT as a so-called “hallucinogen,” but Strassman and others make a very good case about DMT being a portal to other, very real dimensions.

I’ve also heard rumours that certain malevolent beings feed off human fear.  If you choose to see the event through those “glasses,” the being was making you afraid and literally ingesting your fear so that it could live.  Personally, I don’t particularly believe in that explanation – but if you want to use it as a tool, though, revise the experience in your memory to take away your fear and thus, disempower the “scary being.”  I don’t mean to undermine your experience, but I do believe we can (virtually) change our past by changing our memories of the past.  It’s either that, or erase the memories completely.  If you can’t forget it, why not change it?

If you felt terror, that’s understandable.  From your brief outline of other events in your life, I would guess that you have an ability to see interdimensionals, be they in the form of non-human beings, UFOs, or whatever.  Perhaps you are more likely to experience them during times of vulnerability – e.g., while sleeping or during that specific brain-wave state you were in when you awoke and saw the being by your bedside.  You may have more of these types of experiences, so condition yourself now to accept them and try not to prepare yourself for “fear.”  That may be very difficult on your own, even if I make it sound easy to do.   So if you can’t do it on your own, then perhaps you’ll choose to see a professional – and if that happens, don’t berate yourself.  We could all use some help sometimes.

Back to “re-visioning” the experience.  You may always feel a sense of terror or trauma when thinking about what you saw…but that doesn’t mean that the being mean’t you harm.  Perhaps it did, and it succeeded by causing you lasting anxiety over the experience.  But by “revising” your interpretation of the event, which you have every right to do, you can perhaps ease some of your anxiety.  Why not go into a meditative state, with a clear head, and relive the moment – but change your response.  Look into those crimson-coloured eyes and see if there was any love or admiration or even simple curiosity there.   At the time you may have only felt terror and fear, but that could have been an automatic response based on conditioning.  Re-vision the experience, if you can, to make it an acceptable event, and then you may find some peace in knowing that, in this case anyway, in essence, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

I hope that helps…..

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