About Me, And Why I’ve Created This Site

Since 1995, I’ve visited several US crop circles in 4 states and several amazing circles in England alongside such researchers as Colin Andrews, Paul Vigay, Richard Andrews, Ron Russell, and Busty Taylor.  My research and experiences have been published in The Circular, Circular Times, and the Colorado MUFON Journal.   One of my experiences involving a precognitive remote view of a crop circle is related in Simeon Hein’s book Opening Minds.  I’ve amassed so many UFO sightings I’ve lost count, including two separate incidents viewed from jet windows, and many multiple-witness sightings.  Many of these sightings have been captured on videotape, and I intend to post them along with some crop circle footage at my YouTube channel soon.  My radio interviews include Coast to Coast AM when I was a guest regarding the Langdon, ND formations of 2000.  I’ve also been featured in The Learning Channel’s 2001 documentary “Crop Circles: In Search of a Sign,” ABC’s 2009 Primetime series “The Outsiders,” and the Encore/Starz interviews accompanying their 2008 Sci-Fi movie weekend.  Additionally, I investigated two wild horse mutilations in southern Colorado in 2008, and a cattle mutilation, also in southern Colorado, in 2009.  I was a CSETI working group leader in 1995/1996 and an active MUFON Field Investigator for several years, until recently.  I am also a member of ICCRA, the Independent Crop Circle Researchers’ Association.

I’ve had a general preoccupation with mysteries for as long as I can remember.  Many of my most persistent and fascinating memories involve inexplicable events from early childhood, like OBEs, sudden vivid scars, and recurrent “dreams” of visiting weird places and being shown unusual lifeforms and apparent genetic experiments.  Over the years I had encounters that I recognise now as being shamanic teaching experiences, including several that appear to be contacts with the ancient gods of human myth.  Then in my mid-20s I experienced an increase in related visual, temporal encounters as well as purely-psychic ones.  These experiences were accompanied by numerous profound synchronicities and, strange though it sounds, reciprocal communications with other intelligences, culminating in a crop circle that came to me in June of 1995.

In upcoming posts I’ll describe some of my speculations on the unknown, including interactions with other species, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, from our dimensional reality and from others.  I’ll share some of my ideas about how those communications may be occurring and even how to encourage contact.  Expect a variety of personal recollections as well as extremely speculative musings from the fringe, because that’s where some of the greatest treasures are found.

That said, when it comes to my research, I’m much more interested in evidence than in proof….and if those of you reading this share that interest, I hope you’ll find my posts both informative and entertaining.  Much of what I have to tell is anecdotal; for instance I’ll be describing some of the best of my dozens of UFO sightings.  Some have multiple witnesses, but I’ll also talk about those I witnessed alone by “being in the right place at the right time.”   And many of my communications with an apparently interdimensional consciousness, what I call the “Other Intelligence” working with humans through crop circles, will be shared with supporting evidence.

Just remember,  I don’t claim to be a scientist and don’t wish to be one, but I do draw on a lot of basic tenets of science when I put them into my own seemingly far out, off-the-wall, or otherwise eccentric theories and thought experiments.   Sometimes what I say may be confusing or interwoven in ways that are quite abstract, but I do my best to express difficult concepts in a way that is understandable and meaningful.  While I may not always get the science exactly right, I welcome any feedback in that regard in order to add to my understanding for in the bigger scheme of things what’s more important to me is thinking about possibilities and stimulating discovery.

Stace Tussel

Most of all, I want to have fun sharing this site as it grows and evolves.  I want to reiterate that I am not technically inclined, so I’m grateful for my friend Simeon and others who provide “tech support” as needed, to find new and better ways of organising and presenting my material.  If I succeed in that, then anyone who chooses to check it out will also have fun.  So, in the spirit of adventure, I begin this journey called “Inter-Intelligence Communications…..”

copyright Stace Tussel – Denver, Colorado – 3 December 2008

PS – Special thanks to Dustin Slade for his re-creation of my banner!  Love the double helix!  Now let’s find a way to make it the real banner…. March, 2009

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