“Isn’t it Ironic…?”

Just yesterday I posted my thoughts about the meager 2009 season “this side of the pond,” and then today I receive word of a gorgeous formation just reported in Alberta, Canada.

If it weren’t 1156 miles (around 18 hours driving) each way, I’d consider making the trip this weekend.  But it looks like I’ll have to appreciate this Canadian crop circle from afar….

The Stettler crop circle is resonant with the Teton, Idaho formation of 2002 and the two Wilbur, Washington formations of 2007 and 2009.   I’d say they’re in the same family of circles…


NOTE: Articles about the Teton and Wilbur formations, as well as other US and international crop circles, can be found here by using this site’s search box.

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23 Responses to ““Isn’t it Ironic…?””

  1. Hi Stace…I’m rather surprised that you didn’t jump in the car and head out to investigate this one. With some of the stories you’ve told me of marathon road trips to see formations, I figured this one was just a hop, skip and a jump!!! I can’t blame you, I could do that road trip one way but to turn around and come back a day or two later would be brutal.

  2. Chet says:

    I am a mere hour and a half away. Set and ready to go!
    Please, Please please give me some accurate location if you have it!!!

  3. Darrell says:

    I hope to go there myself with my 2 kids this weekend. Its not too often we get a chance to see first hand alien evidence.

  4. Stace says:

    Of course before making the trip to the circle, one should contact the landowner for kindly acquaintance and to ensure you’ve permission to go into the field. Plan ahead: take notepaper and pen, binoculars, cameras, tape measure, compass. Step gently on the wheat. Notice how your energy feels as you make your way around the pattern. Do you feel the energy flow? Can you dowse it with dowsing rods?

    For more info, go to http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/local/Wheat_field_has_farmer_harvesting_in_circles_58051472.html

  5. Chet says:

    I can’t find the specific location so I don’t think I will go, it was first spotted Aug 25, so it has likely been trampled by now anyway. 🙁
    Also found this is a mere 30km from a major intersection in the world energy grid!

  6. harmony says:

    had a friend stop there today. still in good condition

  7. wint says:

    thats my neighbor its northwest of stettler

  8. Angela Smith says:

    It is amazing the response the crop circle on the land my husband and I rent has gotten. The traffic to the circle has been non stop. When our Custom Sprayer found the circle we thought it was phenomenal and I posted the pictures his wife took on my facebook page. However, no one really went in to see the circles until we combined around it. We did not disclose the location. We did not think to do research on the internet to find people who would be interested. We didn’t really want anyone trampling our wheat before we got the crop off. It isn’t too badly trampled yet and we will leave it for a little longer next week sometime before we combine it. There is trails between the circles that were not there originally. Even in the arial photos there is trails because we made them after combining. Hind Sight is 20 20 and we should have had pictures taken from the air as soon as they were found while dessicating. Research should maybe have been done but after all this is a very busy time of year for us. I myself thought it was maybe some kids or geometry fan but after much looking around and finding no tracks. The wheat is laid over not broken and the canola stubble underneath was not disturbed. It would be interesting to know how it got there. You can not miss finding it. It is West of Stettler on Hwy 12. You will probably see some vehicles their and there is quite a trail from Stewartyn Road into the field. Not everyone has asked for permission but not everyone knows who to ask. It is neat how every story is different and not one has been totally correct.

  9. Chet says:

    Saw it today it looks real. Thank you to the farmer for not cutting it out. Might be best to call an investigator to take measurements and radiation readings, so one day we might get to the bottom of this. 🙂

  10. Rob M. says:

    Hi guys and gals. I also live in Stettler and was able to examine the circles last Sunday(the 6th). One of my best friends who is personal friends with the Smith’s (Hi Ang lol) told me about them because he knows of my interest in these types of things. I was in a plane 3 hours later and taking pictures, before the crop was removed from the field. I took about 145 pictures in total from both the ground and the air. I also have some other info about them so if anyone is interested in seeing them, please let me know. I can be contacted at albertasasquatch@hotmail.com, thanks. Also just to echo Ang’s above statement, it is absolutely crazy the amount of attention these have created. There is people standing in that field at all hours.


  11. Belinda M says:

    Hello friends, I also made a journey to see this place today. Drove all the way from Drumheller to trespass….lol

    Thank you so much Angela for not putting up barriers and for leaving it for us to see…not something that anyone can see often. I swear I walked lightly and made no mess. 😉

    I took photos and videos and talked to some other people there who have had interest in these things. One couple said they had their cattle messed with long ago…heads and anus removed…quite disturbing. I left her my name and number and I hope to hear from her again.

    Another man with some crop experience explained to me that the entire thing was formed about a foot above the ground originally…too bad that people are treating it like a joke…bringing kids to play in it and just kicking it all over.

    I was able to draw a pattern of the formation and mark down the direction and found something quite interesting. I will be posting what i have in facebook soon also. So please look me up or email me, we can all compare info and photos.


    Did anyone notice that the bulk of these comments are on septembe 11th?

    I can’t help but think that date – and it’s intense implications – is relevant. Not sure what it means but it makes me think.

    I’ll also add that the public reaction is just as relevant. The remarks about all the attention, and the people coming just to stand in it. The Teton Circles of 2002 had the same effect on people. And I suspect the Wilbur WA was tha same.

    There is a deep unsatisfied HUNGER in people right now. This is in contrast to the overt dismissal of these events by the corporate press. I suspect the local papers wrote fairly even-keeled articles (as did the idaho papers in 2002).

    PLEASE – I wanna hear any follow up info, no matter how minor the details may seem.

    huge thanks to all who posted

  13. Belinda M says:

    “Their daughter-in-law, Angela Smith, is not buying any theories about alien visitors. She believes clever humans have devised the method, based in part on a what she learned from a Discovery Channel program that attempts to explain how the circles could be made.”

    Can you tell us your side of the story. 🙂

  14. Steve says:

    Anyone notice the crop circle logo on Google Canada’s home page just launched moments ago…




  15. Stace says:

    In answer to Belinda – here’s my side of the story!

    Yes, humans are involved in making SOME of the crop circles – in which case, my preferred term is “crop art.” I even have some friends who have gotten involved in making them, and there’s quite an elaborate technique involved, as you can tell with many of the big, detailed formations in England. Many of the people making these formations claim to be in contact or inspired by a higher consciousness. Whether or not they are inspired by the same higher consciousness that I encountered in many of my crop circle experiences, I cannot say – but the true, non-human circle makers work through psychic connections with certain people, and they love to use synchronicities and other enigmas as their “calling cards” (in addition to the crop circles themselves, of course!).

    There is quite a bit of contradictory information on the internet. Some people say that all crop circles are “hoaxed” or made by people; others say that the big, intricate formations could never be made by humans. I really must say that anyone saying “100% this” or “100% that” is probably quite ill-informed of the subject. Most scientists who claim that crop circles are purely the work of humans have never closely looked at the scientific research, let alone stepped into a formation. And most people who can’t believe humans have a hand in the phenomenon of crop art are also denying evidence to the contrary.

    All I can say is that from my experience, numerous psychic contacts and synchronicities have occurred between myself and some unknown intelligence – a playful, telepathic, and very advanced intelligence. I’m not alone in having witnessed UFOs in the vicinity of crop circles, and you can read about one of these experiences in my article on this website about the Teton, Idaho formation (type Teton in the search box). You can also read more about my synchronicities by reading other articles here.

    Most of the crop circle researchers I know that have expressed a genuine interest in communicating with the non-human circle makers have received personal confirmations from the circle makers that they are out there, they are listening and participating with us when they can, and that there seems to be an indication that there’s some higher purpose. One of my croppie friends said crop circles are like “toys put down on the carpet for an infant to explore and discover.” That’s how we learn, right? I believe we don’t need to be spoon-fed information, because it may be DISinformation or MISinformation – we learn best through immersion.

    An open mind combined with brave immersion in a new and exciting experience is going to reveal many layers of reality that you might never know about otherwise….so if you’re keen on getting more involved in this beautiful and precious mystery, keep your mind open and KNOW that the cosmos is alive with intelligence!

    Best wishes to all who have expressed interest in this – know that there’s a reason for your interest, so “follow your bliss!”

  16. * Anonymous * says:

    I think these are so cool. I know it sounds crazy but i really do believe in aliens, ive seen and heard of too much evidence that i definately think there is some other life form among us. I know my family has a story about something to do with aliens, its all just too interesting and strange.

  17. Charlie says:

    They look like practice circles to me. No real design here. I believe all crop circles are man made because they are always designed with human math, geometry and such. I don’t know if there are aliens or not. Never saw one and until I do it is up in the air. I’m sure we will be seeing more of these in the area as the artists get better at making them.

  18. AnonymousGuy says:

    Why would believing in aliens sound crazy? Have you looked up at night? We are but a small part of this universe. I think it is crazy not to believe in aliens.

  19. Hi Charlie, I appreciate your point of view and since there are many crop formations that have been discovered that were identified as being man made, you opinion is not without merit. However on that note, not having been at that formation, I can not say that the formation in question can be identified as human made or otherwise. I am open minded enough to know that if a non human intelligence was trying to make contact with out knowledge of our language, they would use the universal language of math. Math is a language of truths which can be proven. It is a universal language in the sense that what is true in math here is true in math throughout the universe. Geometry especially is a language that could be used because not only is it based on theorems and proofs, but it is the basic understanding of these principals that advanced math is based on. One of the key tenets that main stream scientists all agree upon is that any advanced civilization that is somehow able to overcome the obstacles of interstellar travel would most certainly have an understanding of math and physics, far more advanced than our own. So what better way to communicate than by using geometric shapes which are universal in nature. Theorem: definition: important mathematical statements which can be proven by postulates, definitions, and/or previously proved theorems. I don’t know if I was able to accurately convey why I believe that an advanced civilization would communicate in the language of math, but I hope that I at least gave you some food for thought.

  20. Charlie says:

    Hi Steve, Thank you for your rational and informative reply. Quite refreshing to say the least. I understand math as a universal language. It’s the symbols or the messages within those symbols that I guess I had a problem with. But looking at it now, if another race was trying to communicate with us then I suppose they would try to use a language that we could understand. As an example, I am now trying to learn german so that when I go to Germany I will know how to ask for a beer without getting laughed at. Most of the crop circles are very beautiful and amazing but really mean nothing as far as communication. At least the Arecibo message had some sort of message in it. I would like to see symbols that represent what they look like or their chemical makeup or even where they are from or why they are coming here. Still, I have a great deal of respect for the beings (human or otherwise) that can create such beautiful crop art.

  21. Charlie says:

    Oh and I do know that they speak english in Germany too but I would like to respect their native language and it wouldn’t hurt me to learn something new 😉 Sorry for the double post.

  22. Hey Charlie,
    I totally agree with you about the beauty and symbolism in the crop formations, no matter who the crop circle artists are, human or otherwise. There are some that are absolutely astounding to say the least and yet some of these are likely man made. Who knows, maybe all of them are man made but if that’s the case, what a beautiful attribute of the human condition to want to create such beautiful works of art for all to see and receive no compensation in return.

    As for knowing how to ask for a beer in German…well of course, who would want to take the chance of not being able to ask for a beer in Germany! Speaking of works of art, the Germans have perfected the art of brewing beer! Please drink a stein of beer, or two, for me while you are there! I’d love to have that opportunity!

  23. Gary B. says:

    Hi: I am a Crop Circle researcher from BC. I have an opportunity to do some new research on formations this summer via satellite and would love to hear from any one who has any information on these (or other) Canadian formations. Thank you,
    Gary email me at jungandcropcircles@gmail.com My website is JungAndCropCircles.net Thank you!

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