First US Crop Circle of 2009 near Wilbur, Washington

Crop Circle Found in Rural Washington State

A crop circle was found on 23 July near Wilbur, Washington, the site of a 2007 formation.  I’m working on a preliminary diagram based on an aerial view:

The geometry is lovely, ripe with distinct ratios and relationships.  Based on the photo alone, for instance, we can see the placement and sizes of the rings are correlated with one another in what appears to be an algorithmic progression.

Also, the flattened circle near the second-largest ring is the same apparent size as the standing crop inside that ring.  When a line is drawn through the centre of the ring/circle grouping, it leads to the edge of the field and the beginning of a path reportedly flattened by the farmer in a bid to keep visitors from stomping through the crop.

The significantly mottled appearance of the field is likely due to water table and runoff stains, and may yield additional clues to why the formation appeared here.

For those accustomed to seeing tramlines in photos of UK formations, notice none are apparent in this field.  Crop dusting (aerial spraying of fields) is commonly used in the United States.

Additional details and diagram(s) forthcoming.

Special thanks to the Independent Crop Circle Researchers’ Association ( and Jeff and Delsey Wilson.


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6 Responses to “First US Crop Circle of 2009 near Wilbur, Washington”

  1. I have a funny photo, framed on my wall, from the main street in Wilbur Washington. It’s right near my desk as I type this. Its a cute sign for a hamburger store.

  2. Wildrote says:

    It’s comparatively simple, but I found it oddly compelling.

    Some part of me wants to see the solid disk/circle as the sun rising over the the hollow circles, which made be think of several snapshots of the Earth in orbit. If that were an accurate interpretation (a big if) it would lead to the question “what is the time scale?”

    To accurately measure time you need a reference point fixed within your reference frame. In space it becomes apparent that, even within a fixed frame of reference, most entities exist within dynamic relationships that are hard to use a reference point without first knowing your own location. However, in this case we do know of two cyclic relationships that could fix our location within space and time. These are the perigee and apogee of the Earth. One end of the bottom “line” of the triangle is perigee, the other apogee, depending on if you project the Earth in front of or behind the sun in this model. For example, if you back project to the Earth, the right end of the line become perigee, as it has arched back around the sun and is nearer to the viewer again. In this model we have to remove the influence of the Earth’s orbit from the view, just focus on distance from the sun.

    Forgetting what the hollow circle ratios might mean for a moment, there is still the question of what the third point of triangulation represents or is fixed to. Not to mention that in a 3D environment, like space, the ocean or just if you happen to fly, you need to have four points to define your location. We are just used to living on the surface of an essentially flat 2D environment where you can get away with using 3 points to define location.

    Stace, I’m very glad you pointed out the mottling on the field. I would have completely ignored it if you hadn’t. Once you see it you realize that there is a remarkable clear patch following exactly the line made by the disk and hollow circle. In my own work I would likely interpret this as some strengthened relationship between these two bodies during that time period. Perhaps a period of communication and exchange of energies.

    Well, I got all that out of my system. It’s just speculation on my part.

    Oh, Mike, I almost forgot, what is the cute sign of?

  3. Stace says:

    Chris, you’ve done a fabulous job of speculating on the Wilbur formation. You bring up some reasonable points – original, insightful, and interesting to consider.

    I’ve been averse to interpreting crop circles astronomically, but that’s primarily because I tend to think the modern phenomenon (in that “it” has, in many ways, evolved from what “it” was in the beginning) has been rather pigeonholed in terms of astronomical or astrological significance. The circles appearing 15 and 20 years ago seemed more like symbols for abstract concepts rather than predictive mechanisms based on time in general, and 2012 specifically in many cases, as we are finding in recent years (coinciding with the frenzied increase in direct human involvement on the ground).

    I noted the same thing with the mottled field – the alignment of the ring and circle in it, that is, if not so much the implication of gravity or whatnot. I spent many minutes in playful reverie finding faces and shapes in the mottling as well. Do you see the dolphin head? The mermaid? The bearded sage? I’ve found so many different faces in the crop that I’ve lost count! Funny.

    And Mike – what do you think of the similarity between the two Wilbur formations and the Teton formation? I can’t help but note the synchronicities involving you, the Teton circle, and the Wilbur circles. You have a remarkable connection with both locations: your wishing for a nearby circle and it showing up at Teton, and the hamburger stand photo from the small town of Wilbur (in a frame, no less!), the formations being similar in many respects…

  4. Wildrote says:

    Thanks Stace,

    I think I probably had all the interesting ideas from the Milk Hill formation floating around in my mind.

    I’ll let know when (if) I can spot the dolphin head.

  5. The sign is for hamburgers. It’s a main street joint called BILLY’S BURGERS. It’s cute. I think the sign may be gone now, the photo is over 10 years old.

    And – Stace, I don’t see the TETON circle in this pattern. But I would be curious to know the sizes. I see more of a russian egg (the egg within and egg within an egg, etc) I wanna know itf they all fit within each other by size.

  6. Tom Sanger says:

    I see nowhere on this site of how to contact you, Stace, via email. I REALLY need to talk with you about the crop circle near Wilbur and its significance to me. I just wrote an email to the crop circle organization site you are affilliated with and would like to forward it to you. I’m just completely stunned that this has occurred and have been waiting for it for good reason as you’ll find out for 20 years. This involves a lot of other points on the map in highly significant ways and also involves a mountain in Wash. state called the Pleiades. Yes, there really is a mountain with that name and that’s where I and others had experiences from 1988 through 1999. People who have gone up there with me have broken down crying saying that they have arrived home. The Discovery Channel did a documentary of myself and friends travelling to the Pleiades in 1999 culminating with our UFO nightwatch at Mt. Shuksan near the Pleiades on 9/9/99. Yup, I SERIOUSLY need to talk with you about…well…everything. A lot went on in those 11 years and now due to this crop circle event it looks like its time to allow more to occur again. You or anyone else here can email me at

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