Subtle Communication in Crop Circle Photo?

While we await the first crop circle of the season in the US, here’s a little puzzle.  Look closely at the photo above, which I shot in the Spanish Fork, Utah crop circle in 2004.

Have I taken a picture of a stray hair for the first and only time in my life, or have I photographed a little bundle of energy buzzing through the crop circle?

The circle makers are quite adept at communicating with psychic riddles and synchronicities, so it makes sense to consider intentionality in this photo.  The way the anomaly is hidden in plain sight seems marvelously arranged.


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6 Responses to “Subtle Communication in Crop Circle Photo?”

  1. The orb and camera phenomenon is, it seems, elusive on purpose. The oddities that show up in various photos can be easily dismissed. But, still, they are odd.

    Here’s a funny story:

    I was at a cabin used as staff housing for a job in alaska. It was full of people, and we were all relaxing during the off-hours. I was on a couch with two young women, and one of them (Miss A) said: “I get orbs all the time in my photos.”

    The other one (Miss B) said: “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

    I stepped in and handed them my camera. Miss A would take a picture of a co worker on his lap top across the coffee table, and it would have lots of orbs. Then, Miss B would take a picture – using the same camera, of the same fellow, and nothing.

    This went on, back and forth fro 15 minutes.

    And ALL of Miss A’s photos had orbs, and NONE of Miss B’s had anything.

    Eventually, I picked up a cushion from the couch, and pounded it above the coffee table. We took pictures and they were awash in orbs, millions of ’em. These were obviously little dust particles reflected in the flash.

    I didn’t save any of the photos, never downloaded them, we just looked at them on the back of the camera.

    Okay, I am gunna try and define a *feeling* I had during this session. It felt like we were being shown something playful, and if we were gunna examine it TOO closely, it was going to disappear. I can’t back that up, it was just a gut feeling.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Mike C,
    You should have saved those pictures Mike, they can be dowsed to look for special forces you can find in all manner of Orbs, many with different colours to them.Often its the dust on the wind in a flash picture, or thistle spores blown on the wind over a field where perhaps a crop circle has formed, BUT other times the Bol has this powerful energy almost like a spirit form that you just cannot explain away.For every Bol picture I have ever seen, about one in ten have this special signature/influence to dowsing, and this sets them apart from all others friend. You might have thought on the day Miss A pictures were just dust floating around after you disturbed the cushion, but my bet you had the real thing there in front of you, pity you never saved those photos, any chance Miss A has any more we can see ?

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Stace,
    Your photo does have something powerful passing through the picture left to right in my opinion to dowsing, if you blank the picture just leaving the HAIR, you have this powerful influence thats spirit like to me.But when you blank the HAIR out and leave the rest, you find it contains much less influence, feeling more of a Ley energy and different to me Stace. I dont know what the hair is, feels spirit like,its possible to dowse the object for a name/knowledge of what it is, provided you approach the situation in the right frame of mind with no thought of gain.Try this another time when Im not so tired Stace, its well past my bedtime, but you have something powerful and wonderful I believe there,well done.

  4. I wasn’t sure which post to reply to but I just saw the two crop circles that appeared in Italy in June and I was astonished with the detail of the designs. They appear to be far too intricate and large to be man made and they both seem to be trying to tell a similar message. I’m not sure why there aren’t government code breakers devoted to deciphering these messages but I’ve got a theory. Two theories actually. One is the extraterrestrial theory and that they are trying to give us a message in the most simplest form of communication…symbols. The second theory is that we are sending these messages to ourselves from the future. Perhaps a some sort of cataclysm wipes out most of mankind except a small population. This remote population begins to repopulate the earth but with nothing to build off, the languages change and resemble nothing like what we know today. Eventually technology catches up and surpasses current technology. With no way of communicating through written forms, they choose symbolism to send us messages or warnings. Perhaps the only time travel that is possible is subatomic particles, packets of photons or microwave energy or something as basic as that and they have figured out a way to use that to send messages. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thought of this, I actually think there are a lot of people who have considered this, and Stace, you included. There is one other possibility, interdimensional communication. But that opens up a whole other can of worms. Sorry to just run on and on but I saw these two designs and I was immediately struck by their design that somebody is trying to tell us something and we should pay attention.

  5. Stace says:

    Italian design in general has always enamoured me, and the country’s crop circles from 2010 and this year are indeed exceptionally beautiful. I can’t speak to their origin, whether human-made or not, but in any case they’re lovely to see, and they’ve inspired me to work on refining a new observation about which I many eventually write. In any case, intuitive critical thinking, and the ability to simultaneously absorb the tiniest details while maintaining awareness of the gestalt, are helpful when considering any mystery.

    “…that somebody is trying to tell us something and we should pay attention…” is so true. But the messages of individual circles, regardless of their origin, apparently aren’t directed at everyone, but rather they’re aimed at those who are tuned to their “channel.” Since the nature of our reality is affected by our consciousness, I don’t feel there’s a singular, universal meaning to any of this. For me, the meaning resides in knowing that a non-human intelligence is engaging in some form of communication with some of us. Along those lines, I encourage you to note how your thoughts and interpretations branch off and sprout supporting (or perhaps contradictory) ideas.

  6. Perhaps the interpretation of the designs is the sole focus of the makers. Not necessarily to send a message but to open our minds and explore new and unique ideas in our search to understand the mystery. Perhaps it’s not about the message at all, maybe it’s all about our journey of discovery.

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