Cosmic Key: The Double Helix (redux)

I’ve made significant updates to Cosmic Key: The Double Helix as Modern Archetype.

One particularly critical update corrects the distance from the center of the galaxy to its edge – a mistake I had somehow missed in the initial version.

I also added one more visual to help illustrate my commentary.

You can read the updated article here.

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  1. stephen says:

    Hi Stace,
    I have just been in email contact with jeffrey wilson about my 16 year interest in cropFormations and discovered your info and video in the process of checking out ICCRA. I appreciate all your work and devotion to sharing your thoughts and ideas. Currently I am living in Connecticut but it was in Sonoma, California (1974)and Ft. Collins, Colorado(1995) where I had “ufo” experiences; the former significantly more stunning than the latter! So I just wanted to connect with you here to let you know of another “kindred” in all the areas to which you are bringing awareness.
    flute player

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