Windmill Hill Crop Circle ~ 25 May 2009

Here’s a synaesthetic beauty:

In barley, at Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, 25 May 2009.

A meditative state comes over me while gazing at the undulating form, as though I’m visualising a lullaby. My mind moves into a synchronised state as I observe the balanced flow of energy of the lines, circles, and swirls.

To me, this is a fine, delicate, inspired communication of high order.


Diagram credit Chris Bird, as posted on Peter Sorensen’s homepage

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5 Responses to “Windmill Hill Crop Circle ~ 25 May 2009”

  1. Wildrote says:

    Synaesthetic is definitely the word for that. It really does send me into a meditative state is I stare at it.

  2. moon bunny says:

    it’s musical! it has rhythm! it makes my energy sways deeply from within.

  3. Hello Stace,

    I have to say I agree. Having looked at these designs, drawn them and measured and photographed them for more than a third of my life, this one speaks to me. Exquisite, moving, rythmic, connecting and yes, I hear music in the wind. Best wishes, Colin

  4. Wildrote says:

    On a whim I sent this design to a friend of mine. Upon seeing it she “felt compelled” to create two more geometric designs using it as a base. I have the designs up in the newest post on my site. They are quite compelling to me, though she’s used the power of the original to create something very different.

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