Crop Circle Totems – Newest Formations of 2009

I can’t resist commenting on the two most recent UK crop circles – very fine additions to the 2009 season …

First, the huge (~600′) Jellyfish pattern that appeared a few days ago, and now the Dragonfly that showed up just today.  They’re quite impressive, I must say.   Since I haven’t been able to visit these two personally, I’m not going to speculate too deeply on their origin … but I can’t help making note of the synchronicities.  The JELLYFISH and the DRAGONFLY are the only creatures displayed prominently in my home.

My very dear friend Ada Garcia came over tonight to help me out by taking some photos that resonate with the two most recent big circles in the UK (none here in the US yet this season).  Here’s a photo of one of only two animals “framed” and on display in my house (other than family feline companions Minouche and Tiger-Saatchi):

Ah … the Jellyfish.  I bought this beautiful, fluid photograph by Ann Renee Chavez several years ago here in Denver.  Don’t ask me why – it just caught my eye and I couldn’t resist.  It hangs on the wall directly above my computer.  I love the colours, which this photo exactly reproduces.

And just today the Dragonfly formation appeared.  So, here’s a photo of a dragonfly I found just outside my front door about 10 years ago, now lovingly preserved and one of my treasures (I’d photoshop out the small hole in the plastic covering, but you get the picture).  Based on where I found it, I believe I was meant to rescue the dragonfly, which was moving just a little bit as a bunch of ants were beginning to make it their supper.  I shooed the ants away and brought the dragonfly in the house to let it die in peace and dignity, then kept its body for its beauty and grace.  Dragonfly is one of my totems, and I describe more about my relationship with this beautiful creature in my prior post “The Cosmos Neither Declares Nor Conceals.”

Speaking of totems, my two stand-out totem animals are Dragonfly and Hummingbird … both representing freedom of movement, quick as light, ability to hover, move sideways, fly in all directions basically … which, come to think of it, sort of describes the Jellyfish as well – floating this way and that, going with the flow … MORE on the symbolic meanings of these two when I have permission to post aerials and when I’m awake (getting up at 5 AM takes its toll …)

I’m just sayin’ …


PS – Here is the dragonfly mentioned in my note in response to Mike’s (see comments.)

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6 Responses to “Crop Circle Totems – Newest Formations of 2009”

  1. Whitley Strieber has a weekly chat session, and this morning, a member of the forum brought up the recent DRAGONFLY crop circle. And Whitley replied that it was very precise, and if human hoaxers created it, we are at new level of precision, and it may be very difficult to figure out if future circles are genuine. Then I chimed in, after commenting (the day before) with Stace about the DRAGONFLY formation.

    Comment to Whitley: About the recent crop circle, The DRAGONFLY shows up over and over when witnesses describe seeing the motion of the drones.

    YOW! You are so right!

    Linda used to call them dragonfly drones, even.

    Note to Whitley: Here is a very curious blog posting about the DRAGONFLY and the JELLY-FISH crop circles. THis is from a crop circle researcher. Here’s the link:

    Traditionally, the dragonfly is the guide helping travelers make their way to other realms/dimensions.

    Thanks for this!

  2. Stace says:

    Wow, Mike – thanks for sharing that! It just occurred to me the only time I’ve closely interacted with a dragonfly at my current residence was one early morning a few years back, just as I was getting ready to go get on the road to visit a writing instructor from 20 years prior with whom I’d re-established contact and with whom I was falling in love.

    “T” had just done what he called a “medicine card” reading for me, and he’d independently confirmed Dragonfly was one of my totems. I was sitting in a chair on the front porch on the cel phone with him – about to drive 500 miles to see him for the first time in many years – and I looked up, and in between the rafters of the porch roof was a dragonfly just sitting there! In fact until now I’d forgotten I even took a photo of it from my phone and I’ll see if I can find and add it to the bottom of this article. Remarkably, in all the years I’ve lived here I can’t think of another time I’ve seen a dragonfly around this house. (The dragonfly that I saved from the ants was found at my last home.)

    Anyway, with all that said, “Madd_Matt’s” input is quite relevant. The journey back to “T” led to an eventual marriage engagement that ended in heartache. Maybe Dragonfly was with me all along to protect me from wrong choices….

  3. Moontrap says:

    I haven’t seen any so far this year, except in glyphs.

  4. Moontrap says:

    Darn the picture didn’t show. A nice one I took of a basking Dragonfly last year.

    direct link;

  5. Stace says:

    I followed the link to your basking dragonfly photo, Moontrap. I find our photographs synchronistic in two special ways: 1) same or similar type of dragonfly, with subtle coral washes on the wings, and 2) same sort of white-painted wood background. Beautiful photo, by the way.

  6. moon bunny says:

    i can’t help but wonder what the darker spot on each wing is?? i just know it’s something evolved and functional. but what??

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