Perceptual Blindness and the UFO Phenomenon

This photo was taken a few years ago, judging by the sweater – and I have no memory of who took it, or where.

There’s a story about Magellan’s ships coming across the ocean toward a new shore, and none of the natives on land could see them.  The tall European ships simply didn’t exist in the natives’ reality.  But the tribe’s shaman, in a state of expanded awareness, sensed the encroaching strangers – and soon everyone else in the village saw them too.

The story of the natives who couldn’t see the ships seems, to me, very much like an old urban legend, most of which are based on a kernel of truth.  From my perspective, substituting modern mankind and extraterrestrial airships for the natives and sailing ships gives modern significance to the story of people blinded by their limited scope of reality – an example of “perceptual blindness,” as it’s sometimes called.

I’ve seen many inexplicable aerial objects and apparent non-human vehicles, like the flat black rectangle on the scale of several football fields gently gliding horizontally (and admittedly at a fairly high altitude) over my neighbourhood against a clear blue sky, and the room- or house-sized wingless metallic sphere seen from my doctor’s sixth-floor window, moving with clear intent directly into a gusty February breeze.   In fact I’ve seen more UFOs than I can count on both hands and both feet.  But why me, and not the guy next door?  Perhaps I’ve seen them because on some level I’ve always known that they exist, I fully accept their reality, and subconsciously I expect to see them when they’re around.

Do I, and others who frequently see UFOs, have some kind of enhanced-spectrum vision as opposed to perceptual blindness when it comes to seeing these things?  By virtue of our direct experiential knowledge of UFOs, perhaps the craft are (in a manner of speaking) an extension of ourselves – in which case, a nearby UFO grabbing our attention may be as natural as responding when we hear our name spoken in a crowded room.

Your average Joe standing next to me may not perceive a UFO that I see clearly, merely because the arrangement of his ocular cones and rods – tuned by his expectations – doesn’t allow him to see it.  And for the implacable skeptic – well, an extraterrestrial vehicle simply isn’t in their realm of possibility, thus I wouldn’t expect them to see a UFO in any case.

Knowledge stimulates a certain response within us.  I believe that that to which we are tuned – that which we accept and expect – interacts with us in ways that transcend the mundane.  More and more people around the world are beginning to accept the reality of extraterrestrial and/or interdimensional vehicles, and more and more admit believing the craft exist.  As seems to be the case with everything else in our reality, the shift is happening faster all the time.

What I’m suggesting is that, when it comes to UFOs, we’re nearing the proverbial 100th Monkey, so be careful what you expect.  You just might see it.


Addendum:  If the idea I just wrote about has any truth to it, maybe it also explains how I can stand for 5 minutes in front of the open refrigerator looking for something that’s staring me in the face – that is, the denser the vibration, the less I focus on it, whereas the higher the vibration, the more attracted I am.  Hmmm.  That could actually explain a lot …

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8 Responses to “Perceptual Blindness and the UFO Phenomenon”

  1. James says:

    Since following your blog, off and on, which I stumbled across on a search for some related idea, one of the things that has struck me is the frequency of your sightings. I know from the literature this isn’t such an unusual thing.

    The interactions with this phenomenon (phenomena?) seem to cover quite a wide spectrum: from the person who witnesses something odd once in his entire life, to people that have had a handful of sightings, to people that seem to routinely see these things, to people that seem to interact on an even deeper level than simply sightings- well and even beyond depending on what you believe.

    John Keel in all his investigations of Mothman, for instance, no matter how close he seemed to get, never did observe the thing himself. I don’t really know what to make of this spectrum of interactions. I think on one level what you say is true; expectation is a big factor. Another thing I have always wondered about: a lot of people never even ordinarily look up at the sky. A simple thing, to some degree linked to expectation, but also separate.

    Maybe there is yet another factor. Does it have to do with ‘them’… or is the other factor situational, environmental, I hesitate to use the word random because I think that covers too much territory. The spectrum does exist. The other side of this spectrum is how the interaction is received. It may be sometimes the witness to the one event, the only one in his life, will take more from that interaction, or sighting, than the person to whom such things become routine.

    Of course from that standpoint frequency isn’t even an important consideration. The inner meaning of the interaction, whether sighting or something deeper, whether one or many, is the only thing of significance.

    But then does frequency betoken anything? I suspect it does but what I don’t know. Indeed it may be you have a link of some kind to this phenomenon that allows this witnessing to take place. What is the nature of that link? I don’t know.

    And how often have I stood in front of the refrigerator not seeing what is front of my very eyes? Too often.

  2. Stace says:

    Thank you, James – your thoughts are a pleasure to consider!

    Ah, contact at a deeper level. Yes, I think contact is accelerating now on many, many levels, due to a convenient cosmic interface….we are vulnerable here in the Sun’s shrinking heliosphere – precisely what’s needed for galactic cosmic rays to bust in and shake things up a bit. In a good way, I think.

    All we can do is speculate…with the emphasis on *all.*

  3. Wildrote says:

    One of my favorite things about doing work with lichen is that I get to introduce people to something that they have probably been around most of their lives but didn’t have the conceptual framework to see.

    These pictures help to demonstrate what I mean:,_Tresco.jpg

    When the from doesn’t fit any previously held expectation the mind tends not to register it.

    While I’m here, I have a new post up that deals with the quote you liked, also with your topic here.

  4. Your explanations are so tidy with their linear vocabulary. Like: “because the arrangement of his ocular cones and rods – tuned by his expectations – doesn’t allow him to see it.”

    My take is decidedly more paranormal. It feels (to me) like the playful “tricksters” are doing their curious thing, just for YOU. Don’t ask me how, but they being dramatic. It’s a special performance – paranormal theater for Stace.

    That said, I feel confident saying we are BOTH wrong, but it’s good to speculate.

    I am also reminded of the story from the middle ages when Galilao asked the Vatican authorities to try gazing into his telescope, and they refused to even look.

  5. Jason Brookes says:

    Thanks for the post – interesting.

    If you can handle the cheesy new age tone, this channeled piece (by a geology engineer called James Tyberron) contains one of the more enlightening explanations of the UFO phenomenon and how it manifests.. (scroll further down).

    It’s through Archangel Metatron (who’s clearly been around a while) and who I find gives incredibly detailed accounts of how our human reality perception functions as well as fascinating descriptions of the prior civilizations that have occupied the earth at various times. I generally approach channeled material with caution as there’s definitely some disinformation out there. However, this source really seems to go deep and I’m fairly convinced it’s an accurate picture of what’s going on. As Terence McKenna once said “Reality is not stranger than you suppose, it is stranger than you *can* suppose”.

  6. Stace says:

    I love hearing these responses! A couple of things come to mind as I review these comments….

    First, to Jason. I appreciate the link. I am somewhat astonished – not completely, because we must have some shared interests – but still amazed that you should bring up Metatron. As you may know there is a connection between Enoch and Metatron, though the exact nature of the link is unknown. When I wished for a crop circle to appear in Kansas, and it did – immediately – I had only moments before been introduced to The Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak. I have since done more research on the matter since Enoch clearly stands out in association with my crop circle initiation (if you wish, you can learn more about it in my article Pleiadean Communication and Crop Circles). I have more recently done some reading of the Pseudepigraphal works, and I came across a passage in Enoch that corresponds to a dramatic UFO sighting I experienced shortly after the Inman crop circle appeared. That account can be read as posted at, although I must add this disclaimer today: While I state the date of the sighting was 30 June 1995 (mere days after the Inman formation appeared) recently I did some research on the date and found that there was no full moon rising on 30 June 1995 – but there WAS a full moon rising on 30 June 1996 – which I don’t believe to be the right year. June 30th I’m sure of. In any case, I saw a moon-sized “PORTAL” that appeared close to the full moon, which I thereby used to judge the apparent size of the UFO. Enoch Chapter 72, verse 37, reads “As he rises, so he sets and decreases not, and rests not, but runs day and night, and his light is sevenfold brighter than that of the moon; but as regards size they are both equal.” So, no article on my explication of the meaning of that – I haven’t yet completed it – but it’s an example of a striking synchronicity nonetheless.

    As an experientialist, I am extremely cautious (as you mention you are as well – a wise choice I believe) with channelled material, but have found that some resonates within me. The moon-sized “portal” that shone so brightly it may well have been “seven times” brighter than the moon was in my direct experience. Yet the fellow driving next to me, in a minivan with his family as I recall, didn’t appear to notice it…..perceptual blindness, then, or he had no affinity with the trickster to which Mike Clelland refers in his comment?

    Mike, I really appreciate your comment. For one thing, it’s nice to know you’re around again – as mentioned, I wondered if you were off-planet for awhile! – and of course, maybe the “playful tricksters” you mention are just that. I put forth the idea of perceptual blindness as a possible explanation because I seem always to be seeking the prettiest shells washed up like treasures on the shore of the sea of science (forgive the alliteration, it wasn’t intentional), but another part of me speculates that I see different vibrational frequencies – just like some people can see auras. Who knows. All speculation.

    I’m working on a post right now that deals with ET-related quantum entrainment and its possible curtailment (or enhancement, for that matter) via particle beams or microwaves….(and Jason, this relates directly to Terence McKenna’s thoughts, as I’ve just returned intently to this speculation after re-reading a passage in “The Invisible Landscape,” a true treasure….as you’re surely aware). So, with any luck, another post touching on that will follow quite soon….and I’ll try to be as concise as possible.

  7. James says:

    I didn’t know very much about Terence McKenna. From this post and the responders I have come across a number of interesting links. A quote from Mr. McKenna… “We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extraterrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us.” I know that strange viewpoint would jive with Keel and Vallee among others.

    What would be the nature of this symbiosis? Not knowing much about Terence except his involvement with psychedelics and ‘allies’ in general still this strikes me as a profound statement about the phenomenon. I wish I had something equally profound to add. I don’t.

    The ‘hidden experience’ blog of Mike Clelland I have spent some time perusing… Wild Rote is equally interesting but quite different. I do think things happen to us in our ordinary lives that are- to put it simply- miraculous but the miraculous nature of what is right in front of our eyes mostly escapes us.

    When we are confronted by the strange and wonderful or the bizarre often we hide from it, taking refuge in something comfortable instead of taking the next step. We don’t always know the next step, but I think often we have an inkling of what to do, but still don’t want to go there. Of course the easiest way to protect yourself is to pretend none of this is real.

  8. hurtak says:

    […] The Keys of Enoch by Dr. J.J Hurtak Ph.D., Ph.D. And, Mr. Rumsfeld’s company’s collusion with …Perceptual Blindness and the UFO Phenomenon | Inter …Why do some of us tend to have very clear and vivid UFO sightings, while others couldn’t care less […]

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