Singing the Body Electric – Human Force Fields and The Streetlight Effect

I’ve thought about the streetlight effect quite a lot, because the phenomenon of knocking out streetlights happens around me quite a bit.  These events are also episodic to a degree, typically clustered around times when I perceive my quantum vibration to be intensely high.

Based on how I feel energetically, I can generally predict whether or not streetlights will go out when I’m near them on a given night.  If I’m driving home from an intriguing lecture or have just been involved in a fractalising conversation, or if I’m just thinking, thinking, thinking and making new connections – that’s when I’m more likely to affect streetlights.  So it would appear that the streetlight effect is related to increased cognitive synaptic activity.

Simply feeling more energised may well be a sign that we’re primed for increased subtle electric interactions.  The mechanism by which this happens is a mystery, but I intuit that our unique vibrational frequency and sensitivity factor in.  When I’m surrounded by negatively-charged ions, for instance, I get a mental surge which is likely electrical in nature – and which may also explain my fascination with stormchasing:  I’m hungry for the storm’s negative ions.

Another possibility is that spontaneous increases in neurotransmitters like serotonin and DMT may play key roles in working with quantum energetic fluctuations.  Terence and Dennis McKenna, in The Invisible Landscape, note that when we’re saturated with certain tryptamines (presumably whether via enhanced endogenous production or an outside source), the resulting electron spin resonance (ESR) of the metabolising tryptamines within our bodies may be “amplified to audible levels,” at which point the sound “…can actually become visible – as if the vibrational wave patterns were shifting into the visible spectrum (italics mine).”  Perhaps this speaks to halos depicted around angels and other figures as far back as prehistoric cave paintings.

A phenomenon that may be related to all of this is BOLs – balls of light – and here’s a story to preface why.

One day in the mid-1990s, a time when I was highly energised in general, I was totally enchanted by love for my cat; she was purring so loudly and seemed to be in trance, like me.  I was filled with so much love for her at that moment, words can’t describe.  Suddenly a bumblebee type of BOL (so described due to its size, its general energetic feel, and even the sound I perceived) came flying at me from across the room – !  I saw it from the corner of my eye and then looked right at it, instinctively ducking as it flew past me, moving my head slightly right.

I actually felt the buzzing energy graze my left eyebrow.  Simultaneously I jumped up from the sofa, tossing little Minou’ halfway across the room.  Thinking the BOL must have hit the wall behind me and be bumbling around on the floor behind the sofa, I instantly looked for it, but it was gone – or at least it had become invisible.

I’ve always thought the BOL just described was attracted to the force field generated by the strong loving feelings between my cat and me at that moment. Maybe these BOLs are outward manifestations of our own electricity once we’ve attained a certain highly-energised state by one of the methods I’ve described above.

Maybe they’re completely independent beings or disembodied intelligence that manifest on their own when conditions are right.  If either case if true, even part of the time, BOLs (visible light or plasma in a “bundled” form of EM) and BOEs (balls of energy in the non-visible part of the EM spectrum) may be drawn into and/or released by our own electromagnetic field.

By extension, whether BOL or BOE, “packets” of excited energy may interact with a streetlight’s sensor or other functional mechanisms, disrupting the lamp’s anticipated operating conditions.

That may sound complicated, but it really boils down this:  I theorise that our energy, when vibrating at a high enough state, can produce gravitational effects and “surplus” electromagnetic radiation, whether in the visible spectrum or not, and that this conceivably leads to such phenomena such as BOLs, the streetlight effect, and even synchronicity, as I’ve detailed previously.


Title Reference:  “I Sing the Body Electric;” Walt Whitman.

As often happens, a recent blog posting at Mike Clelland’s site, Hidden Experience, inspired me to write this one.  You can read his article here.

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6 Responses to “Singing the Body Electric – Human Force Fields and The Streetlight Effect”

  1. Stace – I love the fact that you included your cat in the essay!

    My gut feeling seems to tell me there’s an added element – something more playful. I get the street light thing very rarely, enough that it’s happened, but so rare that I can dismiss it outright (almost).

    It feels like a form of communication, like I’m being sent a gentle nudge of reasurance. No way to back that up, just a feeling.


  2. Stace says:

    I like the “playful” aspect you mentioned. I sense playfulness more often in synchronicities…but now that I think about it, there have been times when I’ve been driving and thought or said that there may be a UFO nearby, and a light will blink out as though in confirmation. EMFs could be related.

    To take the playfulness a little further, what about the possibility that our consciousness is reincorporating into new forms that then seem to interact with ourselves – kind in a self-perpetuated loop! Or that our energised consciousness is attracting other similarly energised thoughtforms or intelligence, perhaps expressed on the EM spectrum….and that they are listening and responding to us in their own way…

  3. To me, it seems like there are a handful of inter-dimensional tricksters behind the “curtain” having a good laugh. I can almost hear them giggling, “C’mon, lets do that streetlight thing, that’ll mess with ’em for sure!”

  4. James Beal says:


    Wonderful web site! Lots of info on most subjects you list…..I’m a retired aero-space engineer who started collecting info on and contacting “Indigo” adults and children in late 1970’s. Check out my website for extensive info on electromagnetic field effects (EMFs) …the healing and hazardous aspects….and women’s sensitivity tp both EMFs and chemicals. Also might check google for some of my articles on consciousness…..collecting info in the area of consciousness and EMFs since late 1940’s….association and some research at Rhine’s Research Center. Much involved with Monroe Institute and IONS orgs since 1968
    Looking forward to extensive communication with you and your audience.

    “Infinitoned in time and space, with spirit-kin we find our place.”

    May the Source be with you and yours in this extraordinary time!

    Heart Hugs to All<3 <3

    Jim Beal
    EMF Interface Consulting

  5. jimmy says:

    d.o.b 02/03/1978 please , if you can ,tell me if there was some significance in the galaxy around my d.o.birth and also about human force fields, and why do i posses such furios anger , and what is the purpose of having what i have.

  6. Stace says:

    Jimmy, I’m not an astrologer but you can look up some basic information that may be helpful in answering your question at Aside from that you may want to explore your anger issues with a qualified behavioural analyst or psychologist. Good luck to you.

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