Omniscient Interdimensional Causality in Extraordinary Experience

Many of my posts here at Inter-Intelligence Communications relate to synchronicity, and of course to crop circles as well.  Many of us drawn into the mysteries of the crop circles share a propensity toward noticing synchronicities – not just little, notable coincidences that happen here and there, but BIG ones, the kind that make you stand back and say, “How could that be?

So I’ve wondered a lot, studied Jung’s works a bit, and have concluded that the “why” part of the equation is easier to explain – though still up for discussion. To me, in agreement with Jung, these “wake-up calls” seem to be guideposts or signs that we’re on the right path (or in the case of the trickster phenomenon, an attempt to throw us off course – an example of which I’ll describe in an upcoming article). Yet I haven’t found any convincing explanations for how synchronicities and similar unexplained phenomena come about, though ideas like the collective unconscious, morphic fields, and akashic records are reasonable to ponder.

Some of the most incredible and inexplicable of my experiences happened around the time that I was first drawn in to interactions with the crop circles and their makers back in 1995 – definitely a time when I was highly energised and distinctly felt infused by an “other,” complementary intelligence. Fourteen years later, I’ve come up with a theory that’s fun to contemplate, if not especially scientific.

If you’d like to read on, an open mind will come in handy, as will the following definitions of a few key terms as they will be used here:

1) Interdimensional refers to an intelligence of unknown nature, whether physical (in the common use of the word) or extramundane, which may from time to time coexist with humans. The interdimensional may be seen or unseen, and may be present with or without a human awareness of its presence.

2)  Omniscient means knowing much, much more than most modern humans, but not necessarily everything, i.e., the word isn’t used in the traditional religious sense as an adjective describing “God.”  What is required for my theory is simply an acceptance that omniscience refers to a knowingness far beyond the general human ability to comprehend.

3)  Vibration (or “frequency”) is used to describe what I visualise as a morphing toroid loop representing the continual action of various energies and processes – such as light, electromagnetic, and biochemical – affecting cellular structure and DNA, and the subsequent action of the changed material on those energies and processes in turn, and so on, ad infinitum.

Putting into words some of the anticipated cascading developments and implications of these ideas has been a fun, if arduous, process.  Still, the theory itself is pretty basic and straightforward at this point.  I hope to continue to explore and refine it over time as new insights spring forth.  As always, feedback is welcome.


Extraordinary phenomena such as synchronicity and deja vu are generally accepted as real events.  I’d bet that most by-the-book scientists have experienced the odd sensation known as deja vu, though most of them would show little public interest in pondering how or why they occur.  Just the same, many theories have been devised in an attempt to explain these phenomena, but none have been proven, nor do I expect will mine.  But there must be some explanation….

Major synchronicities seem to happen, or be recognised at least, by certain people more than others.  Simply put, I think there’s a correlation between the vibration (or “frequency”) of those individuals and their proclivity to experience what is commonly known as “paranormal” or “supernatural” phenomena.  The higher one’s vibration, i.e., the more active one’s biophysical and bioenergetic fields, the more energetic the morphing toroid previously described.

If we accept that energy can be captured, utilised, transformed, and released by humans, perhaps we can also accept that, in keeping with Jung’s observation that synchronicity tends to happen more frequently during periods of great intensity in one’s life, other extraordinary activity may also wax and wane in accordance to life events. (In past writings I’ve wondered if some unknown gravitational effect is involved, but I won’t go into all the details here.)

When our vibration is stimulated, as some individuals seem to perpetually exhibit, we may not even be aware of the cause.  For instance, falling in love or experiencing a life-altering epiphany may lead to biochemical changes experienced primarily “under the radar.”  I’ve noticed that when my vibration “feels” positively charged, streetlights blink out one after the other as I drive under them, which again hints at a possible gravitational effect involving, perhaps, a heightened electromagnetic frequency.

On the other hand, intentional physical practices like Qigong and Holotropic Breathwork can alter one’s bioenergetic state.  And entheogens such as DMT or psilocybin are known to radically alter our biochemistry with mystical results.  Some researchers have speculated that interdimensional portals may be opened by these methods; in other words, that certain activities or substances may be utilised specifically to become aware of and/or influenced by extraordinary realms of reality – and, in my view, to excite our vibration.

Humans have used various consciousness-altering techniques for at least thousands of years.  Nearly-identical, detailed cave paintings dating back circa 40,000 years have been inexplicably found on various continents.  Were certain techniques used to produce higher vibratory states, at which point a distinct frequency was achieved allowing omniscient, interdimensional beings to “tune in” and even inhabit the seeker or shaman, effectively providing “supernatural” guidance, knowledge, and insight independent of other contemporary seekers in far-distant lands?

Those who experience extraordinary reality today don’t necessarily identify as shamans or even seekers; in fact, just about everyone has experienced deja vu, which I feel can also be explained by in omniscient interdimensional “intrusion,” if you will.  I’ve talked with many people about their sense of deja vu, and most seem to believe during a deja vu, they’re living out something they’d previously dreamed.  But few of those people take a step further back and question how they managed to have a precognitive dream, which necessarily implies a supernatural cause – ESP.

I suggest that during deja vu, our vibration is actually acting as a magnet for omniscient interdimensionals to somehow interface with us on some kind of intellectual, cellular, or even quantum level, allowing us a momentary look into the future.  Likewise, to activate a synchronicity, an omniscient interdimensional may temporarily inhabit us, effectively guiding us to the exact location and circumstance that we will later call a “one in a billion chance.”  Are these experiences mere chance, though?  Or is the Cosmos speaking to us via omniscient interdimensionals that we may not directly sense, but that may nonetheless directly affect our actions and perceptions?


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7 Responses to “Omniscient Interdimensional Causality in Extraordinary Experience”

  1. Hi Stace,
    Great article! Your site came through a Google alert for synchronicity and what a delight it is to find it! My husband and I are writing a book on synchronicity and started the blog as a means of collecting more stories. We hope you’ll drop by and if you have any synchronicities you would like to share, we’ll post them.

    Trish MacGregor

  2. Stace says:

    Thanks! I have several articles here tagged under “synchronicity,” and while some of the posts are long, I think you’d enjoy them. If you want more of a taste of my own experiences, I’d recommend you start with “The Cosmos Neither Declares Nor Conceals.” My friend Mike also shares his personal synchronicities at his site, I look forward to checking out your site in more detail – and I love the domain name “ofscarabs,” by the way…

  3. An evocative article, Stace, good job. I think you are absolutely correct that persons undergoing the synchronicity in some way magetize the experience to themselves. Chance plays no part. Intelligent purpose is thus implied, the omniscent interdimensional presence of which you write. I am reminded of the physicist Erwin Schrodinger, who said, “The total number of minds in the universe is one.”

    Yours Truly,
    Wesley Hallock

  4. Simeon Hein says:

    Wow! Fascinating stuff Stace.

  5. Hi Stace…That was an interesting article. Have you ever heard how all the atoms in in our universe are vibrating at the same frequency or resonance, if thats the proper term. That if you were some how able to cause the atoms of a solid object to vibrate at a different frequency than the frequency of the atoms in your body, then the solid object would pass through your hand or vice versa, much like a ghost. We experience mass because our atoms are vibrating at the same frequency. Now imagine if you were somehow able to alter the frequency. Then all the reports of ghost or perhaps stories of alien visitors walking through walls isn’t so far fetched. Perhaps access to a higher dimension is as simple as small variations in your akashic field which allow your individual atoms to vibrate at a slightly higher or lower frequency. Perhap deja vu is also a moment when one is exposed to higher or lower emf thus providing a momentary quantum fluctuation. Cosmologist theorize in string theory that the universe is made up of these quantum strings vibrating at different frequencies. What would happen if you were to momentarily pass through one of these strings? Kinda makes you think that the ground your standing isn’t as solid as you think it is.

  6. brett sloat says:

    i started having inderdementional experiences back in the mid ’90s. at first it scared me but once i realized what was happening my fear waned. now these happenings are very common. sometimes to the point where im not in the mood and they get on my i find they happen alot during solar storm activity. about deje vu, these experiences always seem bery recent to me so it came to me one day that being we are spiritual and physical creaturesmaybe we exist in two different dementions very close togethe. maybe our phusical experience lags a few seconds behind our physical reality i dont know just a thougjt. i can find agreeable evidence in quantum mechanics so my hypothesis is viable. anyway i could right a book on my contemplations and experiences with this issue however i will spareyou at this time. thank you.

  7. brett sloat says:

    i need to make a correction about the spiritual and physical experience. i meant that maybe our physical reality lags behind in time from our actual experience due to existing i two dementions the spirit and the body. again i dont know things just pop in my mind sometimes i wish more people were talking about this

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