Mystical Healing Experience in a Crop Circle

Healing Energy in the 1997 Bishops Cannings Crop Circle

The small group I was assisting on a crop circle tour in 1997 was about to leave Marlborough after dinner at the Ivy House.  We planned a brief stop at the new Bishops Cannings Star formation on the way to a sunset visit to Stonehenge, but I had taken ill rather suddenly, feeling worse by the moment, and a doctor on our trip advised me to go to the hospital instead – almost to the point of insisting.  I didn’t want to spoil the evening, so I tried to be strong as we made the short drive to Bishops Cannings, surreptitiously wiping tears from my cheeks.

Besides feeling sick and exhausted, I wasn’t enthusiastic about visiting the Star because it seemed too angular, and I assumed it was a hoax.  At the moment I wasn’t sure anything could compare to the the isolated and well-protected Danebury Ring formation, a simple design composed of circles and semi-circles which dowsed extremely well and even showed a 10-degree compass anomaly at its centre.  And as I recall it was just that morning that I’d walked with great anticipation into the brand-new “Spirograph” design at Alton Priors, only to find I couldn’t dowse any energy there at all.  So the 10-minute walk out into the field at Bishops Cannings seemed like miles and miles.  I was almost crawling by the time I reached the crop circle, holding the pain as best I could, truly about to faint.

But an indescribable magic occurred the moment I stepped into the formation.  Every bit of pain I’d been feeling earlier dissipated like steam from a teakettle.  Within moments my energy level not only recovered, but I can say without hesitation that I’ve never in my life, before or since, felt better than when I was in that circle.  And to think I was nearly to agree to a hospital visit.  But walking through this treasure – this gift – all I felt was excitement, bliss, and a numinous energy!

Numerous intricate, hidden ground details filled me with wonder like I’d never felt before.  Photos would be much more useful to describe the many confirmations left by the circle makers, like the bridge consisting of a single stem of wheat lain down crosswise underneath the flow of the crop, blocking another single upright stem.  The precision of this detail astonished me as I knelt down and looked very closely near the ground.  Continuing on through each component of the large formation, at one turn I was overwhelmed to see a delicately-flowing swirl of wheat framing a snail shell embedded in the soil.  Gratitude and awe coursed through me.

I fairly floated through the circle, examining every square inch, basking in the intensely pleasant energy of the circle glowing golden in the lowering sun.  I felt no pain or discomfort whatsoever.  Almost in a trance, I was simply lost in time before faintly acknowledging that I was the last one left in the circle.  I heard someone yelling my name across the field, hands cupped around his mouth, “Stace!”  I looked up but couldn’t bring myself to leave. “C’mon, we’ve got to get on the road!”

I couldn’t hold up the group from a private entrance to Stonehenge, so I regrettably acknowledged I’d have to leave the palpable energy in that most magical of all crop circles.  Finally I forced myself to step out into the standing crop to start the walk back to the van, knowing I wouldn’t be coming back to this one.  That realisation broke my heart because being in that formation was like being on top of the world.  Again, it’s hard to express just how powerful the Bishops Cannings Star was… words can do it justice.

As I made my way back to rejoin the group, with each drawn-out moment I could feel the weight of my prior illness coming back down on me.  The aching weakness was returning, and quickly.  Halfway to the van I was trudging through the wheat, and once again tears stung my eyes as a crippling pain made me slow down as though walking through water.  By the time I was back to the vehicle with the group, I was like a battery that had moments ago been freshly and fully charged and was now completely drained.

The drive to Stonehenge wasn’t far, but seemed like hours as I lay down on the seat and cried, again clutching at the pain in my abdomen.   My discomfort eased a bit once we arrived at the ancient sacred site, but not to the point where I was pain free as I’d been in the Star.  I enjoyed visiting Stonehenge, but if I had it to do all over again, I probably would have asked the group to go ahead without me and pick me up later.  I think I could have spent eternity in that Star and been happy…..


(Published today in honour of my daughter’s 21st birthday.  I love you, Sky!)

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  1. March 21st is the fist day of spring, and your daughter is 21, and the star is certainly a symbol of the Sky – and your experience in the Star/Sky design was magical. I love stories like this. I hope you are feeling better…


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