Not for the Faint of Heart

WHY I CREATED A NEW PAGE – “Not for the Faint of Heart”

I’m so exhausted right now I can barely type…..but I was on a fascinating research trip yesterday, and the story can’t wait.  Because this isn’t a “fun” topic like, say, basking in the energy of crop circles or calling in UFOs – I really wanted to stay away from this topic on my Inter-Intelligence Communications website, so I just created the page “Not for the Faint of Heart” (link provided on the right side of the screen under “Pages”).  It’s a related phenomenon, and it’s serious stuff – and, yes, it can be gruesome as well….thus, the separate page.

We do get possible UFO landing trace evidence in some of these cases, such as the following, which I’d say is some of the best evidence supporting the theory that these events are interconnected with the ET/UFO phenomenon:

copyright Dustin Slade

copyright Dustin Slade

The photo above doesn’t do the scene justice.  These thick branches were snapped at about two feet off the ground and splayed out radially for several feet in an area of tall and thick bushes just a hundred yards or so uphill from a case investigated during the summer of 2008 on Cottonwood Pass in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Sometimes called UADs for “Unexplained Animal Deaths,” these cases are more accurately known simply as animal mutilations for reasons I’ll describe in the accompanying article on the page mentioned above.  Take a look at the following brief news reports about the Weston, Colorado case I just investigated, and then, if you want to read my firsthand account of this one – as well as my prior experiences with investigating mutilations, and more importantly, how and why I believe they’re related to inter-intelligence communications – check out the page “Not for the Faint of Heart.”

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2 Responses to “Not for the Faint of Heart”

  1. Oh the life of a field investigator–I think just the cow’s SMELL would be enough to keep lesser mortals away, yes? But seriously–the real question in my mind is, what are your thoughts regarding the numerous testimonies by former members of US military black ops teams who, by virtue of having participated in them, assert that these mutilations are not ET in origin, but are instead quite human, secret government programs conducted to instill fear? Was there any mention of helicopters being seen or heard on this particular case, as have been on other mutilation cases? Other writers refer often to Project Bluebeam, involving a supposed alien invasion. Might the unexpected national media interest in this case, after years of ignoring many similar cases, be related to advancing Bluebeam to full activation?

  2. Stace says:

    You pose some questions that don’t allow for one-paragraph answers. I’ll preface my response with an acknowledgement of the generally-accepted “reality” that 1) there is truth, and 2) there are lies. Lies are generally believed to be perpetrated to those with bad intent – though clearly that’s not always the case. But your question is in regard to the former, I gather….

    Identifying as an experientialist, while I share what I believe based on what I “know” by experience, by the same token I wouldn’t want others to have blind faith that things they’ve not experienced are true. Thus, when I describe an apparent psychic connection with non-human beings, I’m only stating my experience. If it corroborates my listener’s suspicions about reality or their own experiences, then it will feel real to them. If not, they may never listen to me again.

    Why do I tell my truth? Because it’s infinitely more interesting (and important) than my “day job.” Bigger reason? Who knows?

    About Blue Beam – can’t comment, because don’t have “experience” with Blue Beamers. But to think that small factions of humanity desire to fool the billions isn’t far-fetched. The concept is sort of an archetype by now – “sort of” being the key words. I can’t think of better terminology at this point. We’re on Earth, we are Earthlings, we speak Earthling language.

    Are black-ops responsible for all UFOs or crop circles or mutilations? Based on my experience, no, not by a long shot – and I’ve got volumes of trusted (i.e., experiential) evidence to back up that belief. Responsible for some of them? Probably, in an attempt (successful, by many accounts) to fool the pharmacuetically- and disinformationally-numbed public. Personally, I’m not waiting for any faked invasion, nor does it seem (to me) to serve us well to focus on that lopsided topic. I think it’s quite possible that “the plan” may have been set in motion at one time, but thwarted due to new and irrepressible revelations…and yes, rumours were started for other reasons….and those reasons are simply going the way of the Packard. A beautiful idea, sucked into the black hole of time….

    Thank you, Wesley, for reading and thinking and asking and inviting.

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