Solar Low = Consciousness High?

Perhaps you’ve seen the recent video of a dog in Santiago, Chile running out across a busy freeway to pull another dog, who’d just been hit and killed in traffic, out of the path of further damage. I can’t help but wonder what is going on in that dog’s consciousness as it dodges speeding cars and trucks, risking its own survival to spare the dignity of a comrade’s lost life. Are the dog’s actions indicative of intelligent reasoning, of empathy? Instinct hardly seems a viable explanation.

Nearly every day now we hear another news piece reporting on [non-human] animal intelligence: a parrot who warns that a toddler has choked and stopped breathing, a dolphin pod that protects a swimmer being targeted by circling sharks, another dolphin who successfully communicates with two beached whales to get them back out to sea after many failed attempts by humans, elephants and magpies who recognise their own mirror reflections…

Consciousness and intelligence, in general, seem to be developing at a rapid rate. Possibly the public’s increasing interest in the subject is prompting a discussion about what has long been known by certain factions and withheld from us. In any case, we’ve seen for a long while that animals evidence extraordinarily intelligent behaviours from time to time, but lately it seems we are witnessing among them an exponential increase of self awareness and newly-observed, undeniably-intelligent acts.

Is DNA being “fine-tuned” in conjunction with the extended, extreme solar minimum?

A similar increase in consciousness is apparent in many human beings. I think if we look back in history, we’ll find a correlation between extreme solar lows and the sparking of human intellect and consciousness development. For instance, the last half of the 17th century through the early 18th century, a period of intensely-low sunspot activity called the Maunder Minimum, corresponded with the well-known Scientific Revolution. And the Dalton Minimum during the early 1800s brought with it some remarkable advances, including namesake John Dalton’s atomic theory – which has, in turn, led to modern-day study of quantum physics.

While the earlier beginnings of atomic theory were significantly expanded by Democritus more than a millennium before Dalton’s lifetime, the subject had never been explicated to the same degree as it was in the early 19th century. This is not to say that atomic theory hadn’t been developed in the extreme distant past – on Earth or elsewhere. In fact, evidence exists (if mostly anecdotal) that advanced civilisations existed on Earth in far-prehistoric times. But formally assigning the beginning of any “new” discovery is fairly arbitrarily linked not to evidence but to proof, which is exceedingly difficult when it comes to prehistory. My point here, however, is that Dalton brought atomic theory to the fore within a timeframe of pronounced acceleration of scientific growth and discovery – and during a remarkably low solar minimum.

Bear in mind that “standard” solar minimums (in relationship to the correlating solar maximums) occur roughly every 11 years. Extremes, on the other hand, happen much more rarely – and by all accounts we’re in the midst of an extreme solar minimum now. Naturally, questions about the impact of solar activity with the development of consciousness are relevant at this time, especially when considered against the backdrop of our radical relationship with cosmic matter (“We are all made of stars,” as Moby wrote).  There seems to be a correlation between our awareness, whether named consciousness or intelligence or otherwise, and incoming interstellar radiation, which is likely infringing our solar system to some degree due to the Sun’s persistently-low sunspot activity and accompanying low solar wind, which has been linked to our shrinking heliosphere, particularly during our current solar cycle.

With the exponential advancement in science and technology and consciousness itself over the last several thousand years, should we not consider that a wave of interstellar particles may be bombarding Earth and contributing to the apparent increase in true mass consciousness by saturating not only the human race, but also other animals and perhaps on some level plants and even quantum particles as well? Could this wave be carrying us headlong into a future we can only begin to imagine, but which may have been predicted during far-previous solar low cycles? (Note: upcoming posts will deal with those clues and/or predictions possibly encoded in ancient megalithic sites.)

I propose no answers, but only questions, from this speculation. I can barely begin to comprehend the questions, let alone formulate the answers…..but like stones dropped in still water, these musings may eventually reach the outer banks of our awareness, leading us even deeper within the mystery – and, ironically, ever closer to the answers encrypted there.


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5 Responses to “Solar Low = Consciousness High?”

  1. Certainly lends credence to the theory of a collective unconscious but not in the way that Jung meant it. His theory wasn’t necessarily of a universal collective unconscious but perhaps that’s what we are seeing here and the solar minimum is somehow allowing greater access to some kind of universal collective unconscious that is permeating our unconscious or subconscious with bits and pieces of advanced technologies and scientific achievements from advanced societies from all corners of the galaxy or the universe for that matter. I’m not sure if thats the case, why the scientific achievements aren’t even more extreme other than perhaps the universal subconscious or unconscious is more spiritual than intellectual. And maybe it takes the conscious mind to sort through all that information that the subconscious has collected and make sense of it. Also makes me wonder what this solar minimum has to do with the solar maximum of 2012 and the solar systems alignment with the plane of the galaxy. It seems like it should all be connected somehow. Maybe thats what we should be looking for, the connections and in finding those connections then perhaps the answers will become readily apparent.

  2. Stace says:

    Thanks for stimulating some new synapses, Steve! I was thinking about the method by which incoming interstellar particles might be assisting in possible leaps in intellectual and consciousness development. So if that is indeed happening, maybe the incoming particles are somehow carrying the info in to us. Maybe another source of intelligence in the Cosmos may be arriving here, in quantum form perhaps…. like a “message in a bottle” that’s finally found its way to some far shore….

  3. I like that metaphor. A message in a bottle! Maybe if you write a book, that could be the title. It certainly could apply to more than just this discussion. It would also apply to the crop circles and other aspects of the ufo phenomenon. Glad to be of assistance, wish I could have come up with that metaphor! I bet there is something to that hypothesis that information is coming in now because the shrinking heliosphere is allowing more cosmic energy into the solar system. I don’t know much about quantum theory but like computers, maybe the information is coming in packets. Like quantum packets maybe and the brain is acting like a computer with wifi and downloading the information and sorting through it trying to make sense of it all.

  4. The heliosphere around the Sun is rather weak and at the same time we are in this new area of high cosmic energy in the LISM. In time, everything should evolve into something better, sad thing is that I see a BIG breakdown in humans feeling of themselves and the people around them. It is much worse today than it were about just 10 years ago on every plane. Change to the better doesn´t come like “fairy magic”, you must be willing to change to the better with your own mind. That is the “boring truth”. The change begins with you and how you live together with other humans (and animals).

  5. Good point…if you don’t make a conscious decision to change for the better than any change that comes will be of the result of an outside influence and therefore that change is based solely on the individuals environment, good or bad.

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